Sunday, March 17, 2013


You guys wonder what I'm typing there? 
I don't know either! Haha! 
I'm back! Like finally. Hehe. 
It's been almost a year I've not update this poor little bloggie.
To be honest. Any friends out there still reading this? ? Hehe.
I'm going to have my final in two weeks time. But er. So far so good. Caude its special semester only. Only two subjects. 

Kay lah.
Gonna write till here.
Will update again. 
Trust me! ;)

Friday, November 02, 2012



Thursday, September 06, 2012


Three down! Two to go!!
Shall work as hard as I can before the end of my foundation year!!
Shall make Physics and Calculus strike!

But just before I work that hard.
A nap please? :P

Btw, somehow, I secured an A- for the no-idea-what-its-for-subject, MTAF!
Gonna shot more A!
ROFL. Joking jer. YTN won't allow one larh. :P

And btw btw, it's his birthday this Sunday.
But I won't be able to celebrate with him. :'(
Sad to the max. :'(

Friday, August 17, 2012

Guys? Hehehehe.

It's been some time. It was so like so so so long time ago.
Ain't gonna say I'm sorry this time, cause er. I have said so kinda many times yet er. Not much changes?
Have no idea how long I have been ignoring this little poor bloggie but hey, I'm still here.
So far so good with my life.
Now I have someone in my life. Dare not dream too much. But er, will hope that someone is the one.
It's been two months plus to have him, still adapting with it. :P
Noob him.
And regarding my studies. Hmph. So far so oops.
As usual. It's not consistent. It's not satisfying. But I'm still slacking.
Duhh. That's one the biggest problem when you know your problem but you didn't even try to solve your problems. Aikz! Problematic me.
How about my new toys? Kay, some classmates said so.
Debate is the new thing.
And it is still a new thing.
It's been a year! And nothing improve!
I'm just can't balance them well. Am i?
Nar. Care what. Just do it larh. Ngam? ><

Btw. It's HARI RAYA tomorrow peeps!
Happy holiday and happy raya to all of you!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Do you ever wonder why it's like taking forever for Malaysia to reform? Or why is it so many corruption cases out there but no one get caught? 

Alright. Maybe that's not corruption. Called it bribery. Yea, I know it makes no difference too. But that just keep on happening in our country, Malaysia. How pathetic.

I would not say that people tends to change the government now, but some of them did try to. From 308 till now, the situation sees to be quite encouraging. But er, as you know, or as some of the Malaysians know, how dirty is our government right now. And in order to keep themselves dirty, they might even get dirtier for the next general election.

Back to the track. Why is it so hard for Malaysia's economic to reform?
My answer, would be part of it is that the government would like to take good care of their brothers, aka, cronies. Now, if you have no idea what is crony. Google search the following might come in handy. You can try Taib Mahmud, Syed Mokhtar, Ananda Krishnan, Tajudin Ramli, Yeoh Tiong Lay, Vincent Tan. If you still can't get it, just try crony capitalism. All of the names that I mentioned above, have some similarities. They are all rich, top billionaires in Malaysia, they somehow, are related with our Prime Minister (Ignoring our ex-PM or current PM), or they themselves involve in politics, they get most of the millions or billions-worth project without open tender. 

Now, what's wrong with Taib Mahmud? He is the current Chief Minister of Sarawak. He is also the state Finance Minister and Resource Planning and Environment Minister. You might think that's still fine, no wrong with having another two part time jobs right? I can be my club's president, treasurer and perhaps programmer too. But. As a Chief Minister, he reserves his right to revoke timber license with no legal challenge is possible against him. So either you like it or not, to be loyal and satisfy him (through whatever way that you think it's suitable) or timber just no-no. Plus, Sarawak's government lost RM16 billion 'economic rent' for the sake of taking care the cronies's pocket. According to some reports from Mongabay and Malaysiakini, Sarawak has lost 90% of the forest. Mongabay actually provided some satellite's images. Of course Taib has denied that. He said there's still 70% forest remain intact. Maybe Taib own some satellites too. Who know?

After Taib, it's Independence Power Plant (IPP). As we all know, Malaysia's electricity are manage by Tenaga Nasional. But do you know that TNB had signed contracts with at least 15 IPP when TNB themselves can generates electricity for our country? According to the report, IPP generated 60% of the electricity while TNB is 40%. If you think that it's fine since we really need IPP to help TNB in generating power, you are so wrong. In the year of 2011, Malaysia has the world highest electricity wastage of 52.7%. It's 5 times of the standard wastage. Our government said this amount is important as back-up plan. Even advance countries such as Japan or even US. They only exceed their usage by 5-6% which is acceptable. Don't you tell me that out of nowhere suddenly Malaysia could be SO advanced arr. Not forgetting, our government actually pay  RM22 billion each year for this wastage. See how's your tax goes to? I just could not understand why Universiti Tenaga Nasional actually made their students pay for the electricity bills since we have so so so much power leftover. And I'm one of them paying. = =

And why would I say the economics would not be able to reform? With the taxpayer's money stuck with the   cronies, how on earth can we reform? By what for us to reform? 

To change or not to change? It's in your hand.
LOL. I'm not promoting any parties here. You see, I'm still a student. :D

Not MC!!

To be honest, my mood is so damn terrific down.
I'm like what the fuck with City and yea.
What's wrong with QPR??
Couldn't think of any reasons better than City bought it!!
Never expect that from EPL. SERIOUSLY.
And I never expect that I got that fucking beh syok because of this.
Gimme some times to calm down please.

This is definitely not a good day for me to start my holiday!