Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Breath, Connie, BREATH

School reopen soon..
Real soon..
No more slacking, Connie..
No more take-it-easy..
No more tomorrow for me..
No more..
I'm officially a so-called upper six next year..
In just few days time..
I'm gotta wake up from the kiddo's dream right now..

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Ehee.. Hello, people.. =P
Hmmm.. I'm not back in Ipoh yet..
Well.. I'm still in Singapore at this moment..
Both mommy and I shopped real loads during this week..
I've spend so so so much, til' I've no idea how much did I really spend..
Ehee.. All thanks to my daddy mommy.. Whee~~ XP
Okay.. At the other side..
Hmmmm.. I have NOT really STUDY for this whole holiday..
GOD, please, bless me.. Sigh..
No idea how to face the teachers for this brand new semester..
Shall made myself to do the revision real quick..
Keep my fingers crossed bout that..
Or else I might get myself into a hot hot bowl of soup..
No matter what..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009



The Blog That You're Visiting,
Is Temporary Out Of Service.
Please Be Patience For The Return Of the Bloggie's Owner,
If Not Mistaken, She'll Be Back At 28th Of December.
Thanks For Your Precious Time For Dropping By.

Blog Yang Anda Layari Sekarang,
Tidak Dapat Di-Update Buat Masa Ini.
Sila Bersabar Sehingga Tuan Punya Bloggie Ini Balik.
Jikalau Tiada Sebarang Masalah,
Cik Akan Balik Pada Hari 28 Bulan Disember.
Terima Kasih Atas Kerjasama Anda.



I'll be with daddy by tomorrow..
It's been a year since the last visit to Johor..
Well.. The part where I can't wait for it is that..
My elder brother will be joining us in Singapore..
I can't even remember when is the last time that five of us went to travel together..
It doesn't really matter that we only went to Singapore..
But what it's really matter is..
The whole family went to somewhere together..
Can't wait for tomorrow~ =3

Thursday, December 10, 2009

- Ehee -

Just to post something short and sweeeet~
Hmmm..I'll not be in Ipoh next week..
Of course.. That's not my main point..
And the most important part is that..
I can SKIP my Maths extra classsss~
I didn't mean to skip it purposely as what the Pn. Ng said..
Really.. I feel kinda bad for it..
Sigh.. How can I miss those classes?
Sigh.. Well..
I can't make the teachers or mentors to change their time just for me, rite?

Sigh.. Therefore..
I have made up my mind..

p/s: I'm not evil..
Really.. I'm not..

Friday, December 04, 2009


Holidays is here..
Slacker is here..
What else?
He'll be back in two weeks time..
And yes..
Santa will be visiting me very very soon too..

I shall get myself a huge socks before he came..
Maybe this one?

Awwww.. Isn't it cute?
Can't imagine what's Santa reaction when he saw this..

Tuesday, December 01, 2009




Sunday, November 29, 2009



To be continue....

Friday, November 27, 2009

- SHOO -

I miss school days..
It doesn't matter is it Ave Maria or Sam Tet..
Well at least I won't got this stupid headache when schooling..
I hate it..
I hate it..
And yeah..
I really hate it!!


Thursday, November 26, 2009


If you guys did have that chance to read Ha Xin Yi's bloggie..
Where she post about rats..
And yeah..
Her rats migrate to my house d..
I didn't scream like her..
BUT.. My mom did..
Sigh.. Where's the gentleman to help her eh?
It's time to have kitty, I guess..
Just a simple and short post today...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

♥ D.A.D.D.Y ♥

Happy birthday to Mr. Ng..
I'm happy that it's your birthday today..
And sorry that I can't be with you today.. -.-
I know I'm not a good daughter after all..
Spending your hard earned money like water.. =.=
I shall tighten my spending..
And TRY my best for NOT asking any amount of money from you..
Mmm.. =D
And ohya..
I'm still not that worst case after all..
That devilish Ng Kenny..
Didn't even remember that today is D.A.D.D.Y's birthday..
Haiz.. Kids nowadays..
Yesterday, I asked him.. Well tomorrow is what day eh?
He told me that..
Tomorrow is holiday.. ==ll
I asked him again.. Beside that?
He told me another one..
Tomorrow is the day where he'll buy a GUNDAM model..
Sigh.. Have a gundam-maniac as son aren't easy eh?
Hmmm.. Never mind.. Never mind..
At least he got a cute and smart lil girl.. XP
I believes that's more than enough..
Dear daddy.. ♥ ya..
Muaxie.. =D

Sunday, November 22, 2009

- Breathless -

Few minutes before I sat in front the computer..
I was actually screaming here and there..
Cause of the Li Ning China Master Super Series..
It was THAT match..
M'sia verses Korea..
OMG.. I just can't make myself okay..
That match was really not worth it..
Kien Keat played til' kinda...Aggressive?
He did make some mistake though..
And he actually make me lost me mind as well..
I have no idea how I feel at this moment..
All I can say is..

*hope you guys won't got offended..
just forgive the lost-her-mind's connie..

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hair Fall Spree

Let me start this brand new post with this..
What the heck!!!

Well.. I'm not well nor feeling okay at this moment..
It's one month time d..
And my hair.. My precious hair..
Just can't get itself STICK to my head..
Last month.. Where all the heavy stuff crushes at the same time..
Has actually, cause me to have some real hair fall problem..
Please don't ask me the brand of the shampoo I'm using at this moment..
I feel like whacking it whenever I wash my hair.. =(
Even at this very moment..
My poor hair is all over the desk.. -.-

Is there any GUM or GLUE that are that adhesive to help me?
So that I can GLUE them back to their home sweet home?
I mean, back to MY head.. Sobs.. =''(

Saturday, November 14, 2009

- Kids nowadays -

To those that are hyper-sweat-er..
Please, read at your own risk..
Okay,  this is the story..
I was reading a kindergarden's kiddos' exams paper..
To be more specific..
It's the Bahasa Malaysia..
There's actually a part where the kiddos have to fill in the blank, with a correct answer..
The words available for the kiddo are:
Zoo, Helikopter, Askar, Doktor, Kebun, Hospital..
Here is the questions..
1.) __________ menangkap ikan.. Obviously, the answer is nelayan..
I saw a kiddo wrote HOSPITAL.. = =!

2.) Banyak haiwan di __________. The answer is zoo, of course.
And again, some wrote HELIKOPTER, and the other some wrote NELAYAN..
==!! A fly-able zoo? WOW..

3.) Cita-cita saya hendak menjadi ___________. The answer should be askar..
And OMG.. The kiddo wrote HELIKOPTER and KEBUN also.. ==!!!
The side-effect of Transformer, the movie.. Tsk tsk..

4.) Doktor bekerja di ___________. Correct answer should be hospital..
This question is kinda easy actually.. As most of the kiddo got it right..
Except this kids, he or she wrote KEBUN.. ==!!!!

5.) __________ bergerak di udara. Answer is helikopter..
I saw some sweat-a-lot answer like ZOO, ASKAR and DOKTOR.. ==!!!!!
I guess all of us have to get ourselves a pair of wings when we're sick..

6.) Petani bekerja di ___________.  Answer is kebun..
Sigh.. I saw ZOO, ASKAR, and HELIKOPTER.. ==!!!!!!

Kinda.. Speechless actually..
Maybe the test is really that hard for them..
Perhaps helicopter is kiddo's favorite answer..
As you can see it almost everywhere..
But God.. Looking at those mistakes they made is so much fun..
I know it's isn't good to laugh at the kiddo..I did control myself..
I did.. =D

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The purse FINALLY got hole d..
Ngek ngek ngek..
It's time for a brand new purse.. =P
No idea when can I get it..
But.. Erm..
I think the present purse is still okay..
At least I haven't lost any amount of money YET..
My tummy mouth?
I ate durians THREE times in a week..What the heck!!
In case you have no idea what DURIAN is..
That's it..

My endurance towards durians is..
Erm.. Zero?
The temptation is so..
Duhhhh.. It's seducing me!!!
It's not my fault after all .. Rite? =|

Holiday shall be with me in how many days huh?
10 days!!!
Hip hip hooray~
Somehow.. There's always a BUT..
I got to attend the extra class..
The consequences for failing my Physics and maths..
Sam Tet got loads of holiday..
Erm.. I mean the school days.. =|


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Well.. I went through the book that my form5-mates wrote me..
I miss you guys very very much arr..
No idea how is you guys lately..
Those sweet, lame, memorable stuff..
All of them.. Just can't stop flashing in my mind..
The National Day..
All of us make the class up-side-down after Miss Tham scold us..
If I'm not mistaken.. We even decorated the so-called balcony.. =.=
Somehow, we still got the 1st runner up wei.. =D
The F4 in our class..
Jo Ann, Michelle, Julia and Ji Ching..
Whenever there's singing competition.. The F4 will be there for sure..
The bangsal..
All of us just sat there and have our breakfast..
And I still remember that I'm the fork-er that play with the fork..
Once in a while, you might can see the Eugenei, Nicole, Xieli with Ting Fang..
Having The Rocky as breakfast.. =X
And the SPM day..
Kinda hard to believe that some of us that really pray before enter the centre..
While some of them, I mean Cindy..
Pretending that we're actually going to transform to something like..
Power Rangers.. =P
They even joke that Miss Wong will hold a banner just to guide us in the Physics paper..
And the Barbecue night at Hor Kar's house..
Is there any next time arr?
I wish we can held something like this again..
Can arr?
It's so much more to be written..
But I chose to keep it for the future..
When you guys have actually forgot me..
I can tell all this stories to you guys again..
*I hope this could NEVER happen..

Sunday, November 08, 2009

- Olivenz -

Went to the celebration party last night..
At Olivenz there..
With all the committees, emcee of the sixth form night and those volunteers..
But Jou Min didn't come, if I'm not mistaken..
Pn. Lau and Pn. Chee came too.. =D
Most of us did arrive around 7p.m..
The teachers arrived at 7.20p.m..
And Jacqueline.. She came after most of us finished our dishes..
Well I guess most of us did enjoy ourselves..
Everyone is happy..
After finished the meals..
Flashing lights was here and there..
And Yi Lin, Mai Mai and me..
Actually missed the photo taking with all the committees..
Isshh.. =|

Thursday, November 05, 2009

- WTH -

Pissed off..
Losing my mind..

What the heck!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

-same old, same old-

Me, the one that didn't have much changes I guess..
Inside of me..
I'm still being conquer the slackness..
How could I ever get rid of you?
How could I ever runaway from you?
For now? And forever?
How huh? =X

Saturday, October 31, 2009

- Duhhh -

Today is suppose to be another whee-ed day..
Somehow, it is ruined.. By me, myself.. =|
Mommy planned to buy me a new purse..
Mine was kinda big in size.. Not really that convenient..
Went to look for a new one at Body Glove..
She said all the designs are not okay.. And the size are more or less the same..
Tropicana Life?
Wild Channel?
She even brought me to the Polo's..
No way.. So mature meh?
In the end.. I choose nothing.. =|
Went to choose for pants after this..
Nothing suit me as well.. =|
My fiet thigh.. Huge ass.. Short legs..
I've such a weird figure.. =__=
Can't even get myself a suitable pants..
I'm such a freak.. =|

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Just chatted with xinyi JIE JIE a while while today.. =)
I guess we both share something in common..
Something in such a common that..
I don't feel like writing it out.. At here.. =P
That's OUR secret.. =X
Miss those that know everything about me ler..
Damn you! Ng Ai Vei..
Lost contact with you for ages d lorh!
You got that busy arr? Hng! Hng!
I got so so so much to tell you arr.. =(
And that Cheong Mun Yin arr..
Isshhh.. Not even updating your blog regularly..
No idea how are you over there d lorh..
Sobs.. Can you please update your blog frequently? =(
How I wish I can be as happy as the Form5 periods..
Did you guys still remember this?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

-Karaoke Session-

Went to sing K with the classmate today..
The girls: Pooi Kuan, Wing Jing, Sze Jie, Yee Mun, Mei Yan, Si Mun and I..
The boys: Kah Seng, Keng Soon, Kah Soon, Chee Wei and Chun Kit..
It was not very fun nor very bored..
Erm.. Better than okay gua.. =P
I was kinda out of tracks or songs to sing actually..
As most of them prefer Cantonese songs or Chinese songs..
And I was more towards the English.. = \
I just sat there.. Sing whenever I can..
Til' someone came with this idea..
The boys try to force Chun Kit to the other side where Si Mun was..
And the girls pushes Si Mun to Chun Kit there..
Since they have this rumors already..
We just gave them a hand.. =PPP
Aha.. It might not be that interesting to you..
But for me.. It is.. =D
There's rumors everywhere.. 
LEFT ME ALONE, please.. =(
Where is that Ng Ai Vei?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

- Randomly -

Sixth Form Night is finally over..
Exam is over..
Colloquium's report is over..
What else?
Gastric and the 肠胃炎 should be over very very soon too..
I never knew a small lil gastric can cause so much troubles..
As I was really kinda used to it when I was in AMC..
So hungry til' full jor.. = |
Well.. Form Six ain't that bad after all..
If you've join a real busy and active club..
You can actually slim down by skipping meals..
Of course.. This is really very unhealthy for our body larh..
I guess it's time for me to clean up my room after this whole busy week..
Vacuum the floor and mop it.. = |
Ohya.. Went for a movie with some friends today..
The girls: Mai, Pooi Kuan, Wing Jing, Sze Jie, Yee Mun and me..
The boys: Joon Hong, Kah Soon, Chun Kit, Kah Seng and Keng Soon..
The movie is Pandorum if I'm not mistaken.. And it's actually thriller-type..

And the boys are real jokers..
Laughing here and there while me and Mai looking for cover.. =___=
Just to advise you guys..
Never went for a movie just because you feel like watching one..
Or else that 8 bucks is really wasted.. Just like mine.. = |

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I have my very first time to bake cookies today..
There's a cashew nuts on the top of the cookies..
It's actually a cashew nut cookies also lorh..
It's fun to play with those dough and the flour.. =)
Well.. Si Mun, Chee Wei and me..
Three of us..
First time.. To see Chee Wei doing those cookies..
A tough guy, but.. He can baked lorh..
The way he play with the dough.. Haha..
Then, Si Mun also.. She even take some photo with the dough she play with..

 Si Mun with the dough.. 

Si Mun and Chee Wei act cute wor.. =P

I have just risk myself from being kill by Chee Wei..
But of course..
He won't do so.. He is too nice to be that evil.. =P
The outcome is actually..
No big problem after all..
Just that..
A lil bit scorched..
Then Si Mun say it's a lil bit tasteless..
The size of the cookies is a lil bit too big..
That recipe actually ask us to make the huge dough to 100 cookies..
Where we squeeze that 100 into 38 like that.. =P
Well.. We don't really have any problem lorh..
Really.. =P

Thursday, October 15, 2009


At this moment..
Exam is over..
Somehow, that feeling isn't over yet..
I have to figure a real good solution before I got myself into trouble..
Still can't slow the brain down..
How pathetic..
The colloquium's research stuff..
The props thingy.. Still got few to go..
The sixth form night so-girlish dance practice..
The decoration for that night as well..
Didn't even have that chance to finish it one by one..
I hate to be that busy..

Day 10..
You're still in my mind..

Monday, October 12, 2009

- suffocate -

No idea what's happening..
Just that.. I hardly know how to breath by my own..
Never know that I can't be that good to handle this..
Forget about the exam..
Just some shootings will do..
And God..
I'm losing my hair like.....
Out of idea to describe it.. But I don't wanna be BALD!!!
That shinny and glittery head reminds me of that God-Mr. Tan..
I'm just 18.. A TEENager.. Where the Chinese say 18岁, pok pok chui..
And I lost more than 70 strands of hairS when bath?
Gosh.. Someone please tell me that it's NORMAL..


Air.. Is all I need right now..
All this stuff.. Really..
Cause me to feel like..
Can somebody teach me how to breath? Correctly?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

- hell.o-

Gonna GG in exam ler..
Didn't put in much effort for it..
I didn't really listen to teacher during lesson..
No mood..
No time..
No nothing..
I'm gonna be so dead..
Exam jek mar.. So what?!

miss you..that much.. =(

Friday, October 09, 2009


The day I'll never forget, I guess..
A sucker like me lost him forever..
Duhhhh.. I can't even see him for that very last time..
What a granddaughter I am.. Sucks, totally..
I miss his smile.. I miss him..
If we have send him to a doctor earlier..
He should be fine by now..
He should have see me graduate..
As what I promise him, to study real well in exam..
I promise him I'll work that hard, so that we can work hard together..
I aim for that stupid exam while he aim to get out of that freaking torturing hospital..
Am I the one that broke the promise or what..
I knew I have just study less than half an hour that day..
Never know that you'll do that to me..
Saw you lying there.. Is really..
I use to say that I wanna treat you and grandma for this and that..
And I never got that chance to do so..
And you can't meet mommy as well..
How cruel are you to do that to us, all of us..
I wish that you could be by my side right now..
I wish that tomorrow will never be here..
No idea how much can I stand..
I guess I'm not that tough after all..
Maybe I'm just another junk?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

- H.I.G.H.-

I was so damn happy today..
Kai Ning was absent today..
That female's Kar Wai sat with me..
And it's another roller coaster ride for me..
Evevrything was fine actually..
Just that Pn. Nava and Pn. Yap absent..
And Mr. Tan allow us to skip the tutorial class as well..
And that's of course.. More than enough d.. =P
I know.. As a student, a good student..
I should have say that:
Ah, what a pity.. I have miss two period of the MUET and Physics..
Somehow.. I was just another ordinary students, XP :
Way to go, Pn. Nava! We shall have our own sweet time.. Wheee~
Long live Pn. Nava~
And another 'whee' case,
Mr. Choo was in such a good mood..
He actually JOKES with us..
Arrhhh.. How long didn't he do so?
Hardly remembered when..
And Kai Ning, what a sad case for you..
Your idol jokes with us when you're not there..
Maybe it's cause by your present?
He is not-so-...? XP
And that Kar Wai drew a so-called spider pig to me..
I actually blast off.. Laughing so loud without any images left..
Where's all my image man..
Laugh til' so damn ugly..
Should have keep Kar Wai away from me..
Far far away~ =P
Somehow, I'm stil so high man~

Saturday, October 03, 2009

- Mun Yin -

To my dear Mun Yin, a.k.a. MAMAMAMA..
Happy sweet 18th birthday ya..
Can't celebrate your big day with you..
No birthday present for you too..
I'm so so so sorry..
I know I'm not a good friends nor good 'daughter'..
I miss you larh..
Miss you that much..
Can you see that?
Please please please, fixed that stupid MSN of yours.. =P
So I can chat with you, again..
That's all ler.. Muaxie.. =)

Friday, October 02, 2009


Did you see that?
The result of the poll..
Hope you'll know how an ambulance sounds like lorh..
Not like a Tarzan..
But is BI BO BI BO arr..
Just admit it that you lost larh..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

- Min Whui -

Happy birthday la..
Nothing much to say..
Just all the best for you..
Have a blast..
Finally 18 d..
Just enjoy it la..

Monday, September 28, 2009


Can the miracle take place from now on?
How I wish it can..
Will the angel listen to me whenever I'm wishing?
Will the God listen to what I pray?
Will they?
How I wish they could answer me with a yes..
A yes will do now..
I mean..
Just a yes..

Thursday, September 24, 2009


He is getting better d..
Thanks god..
How I wish he will be fine by now..
I miss you, daddy..
I miss you, laughter..
I miss you, the old you..
And the old me..
I'm just another living dead..
I guess..... =|

Monday, September 21, 2009


Ng Connie is a dumb dumb!!!!
A dumb-est ever dumb dumb!!!
Pity on the car... =(
What the heck!!! What happened to me?!?!?!
GOD, save me!!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

- Form6's Life -

I have been study in Sam Tet for about half year though..
Hmmm.. Nothing much to blog about actually..
Can't really understand why are there so much people refuse to enter Form 6..
Hey.. It's just a Form 6..
And somehow there are some people, that might include my friends, you.. =X
He or she make his or her decision..
Went into Form 6.. And.. I didn't care did he or she study in their lesson larh..
But.. The point I hardly understand is that..
Why, those kind of fella, willing to go after so much of tuition classes,
Instead of study by themselves..
After study in school from 7.30 a.m til' 3.40p.m...
Continue with the tuition class at the night, which is 2 hours long..
*Some even 3 hours! How can they survive???
Of course, I didn't mean to challenge you guys larh..
It's just a stubborn brain of mine that can't think of why..
Hmmm.. And well..
Well I think, maybe I can conclude Form6 like....
Erm.. It's actually about the study matters?
You'll actually succeed if you do put in a lot of effort in your studies..
And of course.. I'm not the one that succeed.. Sigh..
How sad..
The year-end-examination is coming very very soon..
Well it's time for me to study I guess..
I don't want my result ended up with all the red scores..
Hmmm.. Study lorh.. X_X

Friday, September 18, 2009

-Holidays, Ivy-

It's holiday!!! A finally for me.. Phew~
Finally I can have my rest, to catch up in my homework and studies too..
And there's actually another big thingy going on..
And I.. Didn't plan to tell you guys at this moment..
Ngek ngek ngek.. =P
Miss you larh.. Sigh..
Miss the every second that we spend together..
Those life was really.. Sigh..
And I have plan for you too..
Kinda sorry larh.. To decrease my heart-pain-moment..
I, have to sacrifice you lerh..
I, will not miss you anymore..
Missing you is soooo torturing..
Can't get my brain off you..
You seems to be inside the brain..
With the active mode ON..
I just hate it, hate myself..
Missing someone is soooo tiring..
I'm so so so sorry..
I guess I'm not a best friend after all..
Hmp.. =X

Monday, September 14, 2009

- Idolisation -

There's a very hardworking and dedicated teacher..
He.. Has both the look and brain..
He even has the.. Erm.. A very very good body figure..
I means he is just fit.. F-I-T..
He is my top chemistry teacher wei..
Mr. Choo.. Wheeeeeeeeee~
Those day.. When i was having difficulties in my chemistry is no longer here..
My second favorite teacher..
Will be- the gap-less, same-category-with-us..
Mr. Wang wei..
Weee wang wang~ Weee wang wang~
A I-believed-50 years-old teacher, that actually have a 18 years-old mind wei..
My third favorite teacher..
Will be..
Or I shall said..
She has to be.. Oops..
Tada~ Pn. Nava..
I just enjoyed myself in her lesson..
Stressless.. Ngek ngek..
Nar.. To K-I-D-D-Y, chuah hui ren..
This post you can read larh..
Not too violence for you..
Wheeeeeeeeeee~~~ =P

Friday, September 11, 2009

=The Show=

I'm just a little bit,
Caught in the middle;
Life is a maze,
And love is the riddle;
I don't know where to go,
Can't do it alone, I've try;
And I don't know why.

Slow it down,
Make it stop,
Or else my heart is going to pop;
Cause it's too much,
Yea, it's a lot,
To be something I'm not.

I'm a fool,
Out of love,
Cause I just can't get enough.

I'm just a little bit,
Caught in the middle;
Life is a maze,
And love is a riddle;
I don't know where to go,
Can't do alone, I've try;
And I don't know why.

I am just a little girl,
Lost in the moment;
I'm so scared,
But I don't show it;
I can't figure it out,
It's bringing me down, I know;
I've got to let it go,
And just enjoy the show.

The sun is hot,
In the sky,
Just like a giant spotlight;
The people follow the sign,
And synchronize in time;
It's a joke,
Nobody knows,
They've got a ticket to that show.

I'm just a little bit,
Caught in the middle;
Life is a maze,
And love is a riddle;
I don't know where to go,
Can't do it alone, I've try,
And I don't know why.

I am just a little girl,
Lost in the moment;
I'm so scared,
But I don't show it;
I can't figure it out,
It's bringing me down, I know;
I've got to let it go,
And just enjoy the show.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

- Darl Darl -

To my beloved Darl Darl a.k.a. Dark Dark..
Happy birthday ya..
Well.. I was still can't believe that you actually is at Taiwan now..
How I wish that you were here..
With me.. With all of us.. Just to celebrate your 18th birthday..
Since you're now at Taiwan..
Sigh.. Ask LeeHom to celebrate for you larh..
I have already paid him for all the expenses..
So, spend as much as you want..
I'm totally okay with that.. =P
Just to report the latest news to you..
I'm very very fine here..
So is Mai Mai and Yi Lin.. Mai Mai has just recover from her fever..
Erm.. Baba is fine too..
And everyone miss you..

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


How sad.. Sigh..
You guys.. Think that I am silly wor..
C'mon.. Me? Silly?
I'm so sure that my friends, you guys are actually lying lorh..
Hng.. Hng..
Never mind.. As what Hui Ren teach me..
A so called silly equation..
Silly = Cute
So I shall take this as a COMPLIMENT lorh wei..
Ngek ngek..
Never knew you guys is actually that details lorh..
To those that answered I'm not silly..
I shall take it as what you answer..
That Connie, me, isn't that silly after all.. =)
To those that answered no idea..
Well.. Maybe you really have no idea after all..
Ngek ngek..
And to those that said I'm silly..
Which also means I'm CUTE wei..
Ngek ngek..
Thanks for being so supportive ya~
O wheee~ Wheee~ =P

Sunday, September 06, 2009

- Adventurous Night -

Last night.. Phew.. Way too exciting and adventurous..
Mai Mai got sick.. It's FEVER..
And another reason for it..
It's the Bowling Club farewell wor..
She just.. Look ill.. And she IS that ill..
Then, FIVE of us.. Send her to the nearest clinic..
Erm.. Joon Hong HAVE to go with us..
Then, Min Whui is driving.. She has to go with us too.. That's for sure..
Me? Well..Mai is going to sleep at my house.. I have to go too..
Yi Lin?Erm.. We can't drop her alone by there.. She went there too..
Li Yong?No idea.. Maybe he has to go there with his reasons..
Somehow.. I just don't know larh..
And of course.. Mai SURELY have to go there too..
She's the one that need DOCTOR..
6 of us.. Squeeze into Min Whui's car..
We just squeeze all the way from Hillcity hotel to clinic..
Even though Mai is sicked.. But I just can't stop myself from laughing..
Hahaha.. =X
Just to report the latest condition of Mai..
She went home d..
BUT..the fever is still there..
Sigh.. May she recover ASAP lorh..

Friday, September 04, 2009

- Limited Tempered-

I started my day kinda perfectly..
Everything just turn upside down during the first period, the holy CHEMISTRY..
Well.. Mr. Choo shoot us way too quickly.. Hardly managed to breath though..
Hmmm.. Somehow, my mood is still at that particular level, which is H-A-P-P-Y..
Tee hee.. =)
Celebrated Pooi Kuan's birthday in class.. Well, It's all cause of my tummy..
It's just that EMPTY and I HAVE to filled it.. Gastric is a no no for us, especially student like us.. Felt so sorry.. I have to eat in class AGAIN.. Heee..
Everything actually went fine for me..
Until that devil suddenly, jumped out from nowhere but the bowling centre.. Duhhhh..
And after that hours, my mom officially announce that she lost my little brother..
Well.. It's TOTALLY okay for me..
C'mon.. A 11 years-old kid can't take care of himself meh? Huiyoh..
And, both my mom and I actually lost that diabolical fella for TWO hours..
That's the one that make me felt kinda worry..
What if people kidnapped him? He looked so round.. Just like a rich fella's kid..
BUT, instead of looking for him NON-STOP..
I suggested that.. Both Mai Mai and me.. To have our LOVELY break before the search of Devil started again..
The iced caffe mocha~~~
It melted our heart man.. Way too nice..
It was like.. INDESCRIBABLE.. Ngek ngek ngek..
Everything comes to an end when the Devil jumped out from nowhere AGAIN..
Damn.. My mom and I just can't stop scolding him..
Please la Ng Kenny..
Can't you just follow your mom arr?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

-God, save me-

Damn it!!!!
Please forgive for being so rude..
I just..Duhhhhh..
I have no idea how long can I hold myself back d..
It's not about the exam..
Not really that trouble in school..
Just.. Arrrggghhhhh..
Damn it..
Damn it..
Damn it!!!!!!!
I am just..
Feel like releasing all those negative,
Or you can consider it as not-so-positive side of me..
That's all that I can do now..
Sorry for wasting you guys' precious time for this so damn it post..

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Just feel kinda lazy lately..
In my opinion,all of the laziness is cause by it..
A holiday is when I suppose to have a short break, do some revision, do all of the left-outed-homework, and so on so on..
All that I have really done is to have that break..
I have no idea how long is this holiday actually..
A week? Or 8 days? But it sounds longer than that..
Or perhaps 9 days? No idea at all..
I'm just way too LAZY to go after that calendar to count.. XP
Even though I did go back to school for days.. Cleaning and painting the old house, too..
But when I'm home..
All I did is just online, facebook-ing, gaming, sleeping and last but not least.. Eat..
Sounds bored huh?
It is bored..
Oh wait.. I forgot that I do spend some time of mine to SEARCH for sponsorship..
Okay.. I didn't really search larh..
I just simply went to ask all my auntie uncle to 'donate' the 60 bucks for me..
Sigh.. I have no idea how is my group's peoples' result..
But for me.. A failure one..
How sad.. Sigh..
Money is all I need at this moment..
Any rich fella doesn't mind to drop some $$? For me?
LOL.. Just joking.. Tee hee.. =D

Monday, August 24, 2009


Miss you?
Yea..I've not meet you for ages i think..
Hardly receive any messages from you either..
Miss your smile..
Miss you laughter..
Miss your singing..
How are you over there?
Everything's fine?
How are you, too?
Fine, as well?
My mind have just bring me to you lately..
Somehow..Dunno why..
I did miss you, that little bit..
Okay, it might not be that little bit after all..
But at least, I did miss you wor..
Did you?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

-Paint & Paintbrush-

Sigh..I have wasted my perfect Sunday today..
Work as a 苦力 gam..
Today is Sunday and yet..
I have to help my mom to paint the old house wor..
Just cause of that stupid fella request for the whole house to be paint..
I have to sacrifice my Sunday for it..
So not worth it leh..
I suppose to sleep til' 10a.m but ended waking up at 8.30a.m..
I suppose to be online-ing for the whole day but ended up with paintbrush in my hand..
I suppose to have my hair cut but ended painting my hair..
I suppose to have my lunch with my mom but ended up skipping it..
I suppose to have the best-rest-ever but..
Working like.....
I won't complain anymore..
As my daddy coming back this Saturday..
Another sad case..
No rest for me tomorrow..
Have to go back to school wor..
Sigh..Pity Connie..

Friday, August 21, 2009


Back in track!!!
Connie is back.. =)
Tee hee..
Just happy..


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mr. Choo..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009



Sunday, August 16, 2009



Saturday, August 15, 2009


Busy, busy, busy..
The to-do-list of today is:
  • Do the research stuff.. Typing is all i have to do..
And i only got Sunday for it.. DIE ler..
  • Do my REVISION.. Next week is the EXAM and yet..
I haven't really get started with it.. DIE ler..
  • Do my homework.. Piles of homework on the study table..
And yet.. I hardly finish them.. DIE ler..
  • Find the sponsorship for the Sixth Form Night..
And again.. I have only got 1 success sponsor out of 4..
How am I going to make those people to vomit that 60 bucks huh? DIE ler..
  • Do the housework, a.k.a. housekeeping..
I haven't vacuum nor mop the floor for a week.. DIE ler..

And the important part is that.. I'm still blogging over here..
What people am I? Duhhhh..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

-Mun Yin-

Well.. Yin arr..
Just to keep you updated..
Maybe i should report some latest baba a.k.a Min Whui's news to you..
Somehow.. Someone is blocking me to do so..
So i was kinda wandering..
Should i do so?
Should i report it to you?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

-Sze Jie-

To those that have no idea what is this post all about leh..
Now you're going to know it lo.. XP
Today, is our very own so called lil girl- Sze Jie's birthday..
Finally.. She is legal 18 la..
Didn't manage to buy you a piece of cake also..*Sigh..
So still wish you all the best la.. ^^
This post is dedicated for you la..
Remain the happy-go-lucky style la.. =)

Monday, August 10, 2009


In a very very good mood today.. Can't stop myself from laughing..
Ahahahaha.. XD
Laughed til' so damn happy with Kar Wai..
Laughed til' so damn high with Yi Lin..
Laughed til' so damn not-me with Mai Mai..
Ahahahaha.. So high leh.. XP
And yea.. It's not topic-of-the day la.. ^^
I have just, somehow.. Came across with this new word..
Torturisation.. And Kar Wai asked me to define it..
Hmmmm.. Maybe I can refer it as:
-A process where you, are being torture by other people or stuff or etc etc..
And of course, that's chemical reaction will only worked out if and only if..
He or she uses the right ways or the right apparatus and the right formula..
And I have already undergo this process..
The so-called friends of mine.. Has proudly carried this experiment on me..
Both of that two fellow act like a kitty and puppy behind me..
And they just keep on.. I have no idea how to describe it la.. =X
All I can say is just, they're so torturing me!!!
By the way, my mood is yet to be spoiled by them..
Ahahahaha.. So happy ler..
O whee~ O whee~ O whee~
Whee~~~ XD

Saturday, August 08, 2009


In a good mood now.. Daddy just came back from Klang.. Tee hee..
Somehow, he'll leave to Johor by tomorrow.. How sad.. =(
Sigh.. I know I do sound kinda confusing at this moment..
Well.. I am that confusing.. For all the time, I am confusing..
Duhhh.. I think I have just spoiled my mood..
I just.. Well, I think I just like to stick to him..
He'll never scold me.. He just.. Maybe i can consider that my dad treat me like a lil princess..
I know it might sounds kinda weird..
A 18 years-old crying for her dad..
So childish..
So immature..
So not me..
Duhh.. Really hope that he can stay at Klang..
If Ipoh happened to have a suitable jobs for him.. That'll be the best..
How I wish I can spend most of my time with him..
Dinnering or lunching or even breakfasting..
I just hope to spend some time with you..
Can I?

Friday, August 07, 2009

- J.O.Y. -

Joy to the world~
My neck is back~
It's finally with me~
I am so happy~
Singing so loudly~
Because I'm missing it~
Because I'm missing it~
I'm missing it~ XD
Holala~ It's back!!!
Ahaha.. Finally, I can turn my head around d..
Whee~Whee~Whee~ =D
Just a silly post from silly me..

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


It's not a spelling mistake ler.. I am neckless at this moment..
Or maybe i should say that my neck isn't mine..
Or i lost my neck..
Or i break my neck..
Or i sprain my neck..
Sigh.. I still remember the very first time i sprained my neck..
It was two years ago.. And that happened when i went to Miri..
I was sleeping.. Deep sleep.. And it happened just like that..
I sprained it..
Two years later.. It happened to visit me again.. Even though i didn't ask it to do so..
On this Sunday, my neck started to feel/act weirdly.. Kinda pain by the side..
I thought I didn't get enough sleep a night before..
So i jumped to the bed.. And started the sheep counting..
In deep sleep-ing phase again..
An that night.. It's another nightmare for me..
The more i sleep, the pain-er it was..
Til' the next morning, which is this Monday..
I'm lying there half dead..
I can't turn nor twist nor lift my head!!!!
My head is just fixed at that particular part of my shoulder.. Damn!!!
I can't even have a right angle for me to brush my teeth..
To wear my shoes..
To copy my notes..
To eat my dinner.. Arrggghhhhh!!!!
Hate it!!! Here by, I just wanna remind all of you..
Please, Please take good care of your neck before you're going to regret..
No one is actually affordable to lost it..
I want my neck back ler.. Sobs.. X(

Sunday, August 02, 2009

-Sixth Form Farewell-

Overall.. I think it's still okay..
Hmmm.. Have to wait for S. Yi Cong to speak his out his mind first ler..
But my opinion towards my job or duty or whatever, which is the P.A. system..
I burn all 80 songs in a single CD-RW..
And the results is only 47 songs are playable..
Those WMA's songs, somehow.. Can't traced nor read by the DVD player..
How stupid am i.. Duhhh..
And I can't get the songs right for Yi Ru's performance.. Damn it..
At the moment I look at their face.. I feel like..
What the hell am I doing here.. And the CD stuff..
Cause so much trouble to those performers out there..
I'm so so sorry to you all lar..
And Alvin.. Thanks god he does help me.. Phew..
Felt kinda sorry to him, too.. =X
Yi Lin didn't went to the farewell err.. Sobs..
And that Ivy arr.. Haven back from Australia yet.. =(
Sigh.. Did i spoiled the farewell?
Did I? Sigh..

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Really tired..
All of the tiredness just getting more and more..
And more or less,i do feel that it do haunted me..
I need to sleep larh..
I'm lack of sleep..
Lack of cash..
Lack of meals..
Poor Connie~ Poor..
Sigh.. X(