Thursday, April 30, 2009

car or licence?

jus gt my licence 2day..
so wat?
i cant drive..haiz..
it doesnt mean i cant drive well..
bt i gt no car 2 drive..
hw 2 say leh..
erm..i hav my licence..
i hav my car as well..
bt my big bro drive my car..
tats y i cant drive.. big bro hav his car as well..
jus..ok ..its like tis..
my car drive by my big bro..
my big bro's car drive by my mom..
my mom's car drive by my dad..
so..if i rili wana drive..
i hav 2 wait 4 my lil bro..which is oni 11 yo tis year 2 hav his car..
which oso means i hav 2 wait 4 abt 6 years..
my dad went 2 buy himself a car.. mom hav 2 drive her own car bac..
n so is my big bro..
n oso is myself..
well..tis 2 possibilities hav 1 ting in common..
which is..
i hav 2 wait..haiz..

Monday, April 27, 2009


i jus take my drivin test 2day..
n i was d 1st one among d others..
i was so sked..
last nite i sleep at 9.30..
n i wake up at 3 in d mornin..
den i try 2 gt in sleep again..
din rili work..
jus stare at d ceilin..
turn n turn on d bed..
i din even gt in2 tis condition when im goin 4 my spm..
bt nvm..
at least i stil manage 2 pass..
i was havin sum prob wif d signal stuff..
din use d break okay-ly..
n oso din use d correct gear accordin 2 d speed..haha..
gt once 1 wana use gear5..
bt i make it in2 3..
n d officer is like..
huh?ah moi..guna gear4 la..
anyway..thx 2 d officer..he's kiut~
he even chat wif me when v're waitin 4 d traffic light..
bt he remain silence when i drive..
hmmm..sked i cant concentrate?
thx 2 those hu hav givin me support..
vy vy la..n those hu drop d commen at my facebook..
p/s: i din hav any handbreak prob wif d new car..
n gt tis gal..duno is she nervous or wat..
she din stop at d hill..jus fly over it..
n all of us is like..WHOA~
n her test ended jus like tat..poor gal..
n my uncle laugh like..==
he say tis is his 1st time c tis happenin..
so am i..haha..

Saturday, April 25, 2009


2day gt a vv big event happened..
is d ultimate 5S8 of year 2008's form teacher bday~
miss cheong's bday~
long live miss cheong~
long live S8~
whee~ =P
last nite din manage 2 post..
i was jus too tired..
washin d bathroom..
i jus use a cloth n brush it..
tired dao..
thx god d bathroom is not as big as d livin room..
nw d bathroom jus so clean..
ohya..pls brg a sunglasses along..
c'z inside d bathroom shines..
jus like d sunlight shine on a diamond..
n oso nid 2 d sport shoes along..
in case d floor is slippery..
thx 2 connie~
a vv gd bathroom cleaner~ XP

Thursday, April 23, 2009


i was scolded..
by one of my best fren..
she scolded me c'z of a vv simple ting..
c'z i'm havin crab as my dinner..
n she wan it as well..
leng lui..
ask ur mom cook 4 u la..
ok lo..
i wont mind u cum 2 my house n hav sum..
i luv crabs~
2day i eat dao my mouth sooooo tired..
bt it jus taste so delicious..
thx god i hav a mommy tat cn cook well..
long live mama~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

d uses of a shampoo

my bro's car is dirty..
or i shud say it use 2 b dirty..
my mom ask me 2 wash it..
wat cn i do..
i jus wash it..
n yuck..
it is vv dirty..
d dirt is jus 'stick' there..
i hav 2 use d car wash 2 clean it..
n i jus cant find it..
when i ask my mom..
she tel me..
'u c tat sunsilk geh shampoo mou?'
'use tat la'
i was like huh?......
after i use it 2 clean d car..
it smell even better then my shampoo..
d car not oni shine..
it even smells gd..

Monday, April 20, 2009

d ultimate 5S8 of 2008

i look thru d skul magazine tis noon..
i miss 5S8..
i miss yin hui n huey meing..
d way they2 talk 2 us..n v make fun of them..haha..
i miss julia..michelle..chu yee..kar kin..peik zhi..
rushin us 2 hand in d hmwk..
i miss whui..
when she sit bside me..
doin all those funny faces..i miss tat..
i miss ivy..
sit next 2 d door..
sumtimes she's jus like gonna blow away by d strong wind..
i miss yin..
i used 2 ask her hmwk tat i duno..
she did do sum funny faces wif whui sumtimes..i miss tat as well..
i miss chu yee..
v used 2 go 2 tuition 2gether evry wedn..
c'z of add math did gt better..thx ya~
i miss chew..
she sit nex 2 me in d chemist lesson..
i miss mai mai..
hw long i din hear she laugh d..haha..
i miss meing..
long time din bully her d.. =P
i miss sook yan..
she looks kinda gloomy n like == tis most of d time.. XP
i miss kho li..
d time v chat all those lame tings..
i miss yilin..
all those guiding stuff..n scoldin miss h*a 2gether..haha..
i miss jo ann..
she's my 2 days sejarah teacher..
thx 2 miss teng~haha..
i miss ji ching..
our miss lee..n d head prefect..*whoa*
i miss chooi lin..
long time din hear mai mai scold her d..hahax..
i miss xieli..
used 2 cal her long long n white white's xieli.. =P
i miss ting fang..
used 2 say soli soli..sumtimes i din even un y she nid 2 say so..
i miss serene..
gosh..long long time din c her or teasin her..
i miss xinyi..
our hapi time when v're form2..
i miss kitty..
i miss lam..
complicated as well..XP
i miss pp..
her bags..water bottle..all nike..haiz..*envy*
i miss cindy..
used 2 chat lame tings..
exchange our lunch box..arhh..miss tat..
i miss amelia..
she's jus so white..white dao..
i miss kar mun..
kinda syok 2 chat wif her..
i miss fang sien..
yea..she's my fang sien mei~
i miss eugenie..
gosh..her energetic punch..tat1 i wont wana miss.. XP
i miss nicole..
nc~our pink lady..
i miss yee leng..
v used 2 camp 2gether..
i miss wai chee..
huuu..our clever gal in class..
i miss hor kar..
v used 2 share sum cold jokes..
n d head of pps..
i miss sarah.. form2 eng do improve c'z of her..
i miss poi yee..
v used 2 tease pp sumtimes..hahax..
i miss zhi shin..
v used 2 tuition 2gether when v r form1..
i miss emily..
our class tallest 'buildin'..hahaha..soli~
n guess wat?
i manage 2 rmb each n evry1 of u~
gud job 2 connie~
i miss u guys!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


my tummy din feel well 2day..
it's jus vv pain..
rili pain..
it was like fire in it..
burnin vigorously..
i try 2 sms ivy..
she seems busy..
den i jus hug all my pillows n bolster..
rollin on d bed..
its pain-ing from 3.45 til 5.30 which is nw..
i din feel like goin 2 d toilet..
it's not gastric..i hav sum papaya as my lunch..
it's not d menstruation prob oso..
its jus..
pain like tat..
it jus gt a lil bit better after i hav a cup of sunkist..
sweet dao..
bt at least it gt better..

Saturday, April 18, 2009


i went 2 d MC gatherin..
wif kuan yee..june n yilin..
too bad woon cant go..
too bad ivy cant go..
too bad mai cant go..
d whole gatherin..
soree 2 say so..
bt i'll oni giv 4 marks out of 10..
durin d whole gatherin inside d hall..
which is abt 6 hours..
there is oni 2 parts 4 d scout guide 2 dance..
sum presenter even cant finish their presentation in time..
it's jus bored..
n i feel sleepy..
my 1st time 2 yawn so many times at d gatherin.. *soree*
bt anyway..
our skul did manage 2 win sum trophy..
best commander.. yi shen..
best dance.. sue shyan..tsui yue..hong ing..
best singing.. vivien..tsui yue..
best scarf design.. *haha..i duno gt hu..soli*
iron guide.. kai leng..
n most importantly~
most discipline..muahahaha..
hw many years v din gt it..
d other awards such as:
best marchin: poi lam
best commander(troop): smi
best cookin: smi *wow*
best sketch: acs
best advertisemen: smi
best banner design: smi
iron scout: smi
signature hunt: smi
most supportive: siang yang open troop
overall champ: SMI
i rili duno y they gt it act..soree 2 say so..
n 2 d galz..jus 4gt abt it..
at least v did brg bac sum trophy..
n oso..
i was rili touched by d acs guide..n others tat hav supportin us..
rili..c them shoutin n supportin us tat i rili din tink of..

Friday, April 17, 2009


she left d!!
n i cant even talk 2 her b4 she left..
i use 2 brg my hp along..
bt y 2day i 4gt..
i miss tat chance..
jus like tat..
her big n sumtimes innocent eyes..
her smile..
i cant c them for months..
d way she stare at me..
d way she laugh..
d way she throw d bowlin ball..

to the world..
she is jus one person..
but for me..
she is evryting..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

bloody me..

i was kinda late 2 wake up 2day..
mayb i shud say it was either i cant sleep..
or i cant sleep well last nite..
staring at d ceiling..
talk 2 myself..
or mayb it shud consider as tinking stg..
lying on d bed..
from 10:45 til 12..
keep on rollin on d bed..
early in d morning was raining again..
it rain til i wake up..
when i turn on d water tap..
sum red fluid was on d white sink..
i din shout in frightenin..
i jus looking at it..
stg is flowin out from my nose..
it bleed again..
last month..
it bleed 4 half an hour..
2day it bleed 4 abt 20 mins..
i wonder wat cause it 2 bleed again..
or it's jus wana bleed once per month?
mayb i shud wrap my nose once per month den..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


d day is gettin nearer..
hw i wish i could stop d time..
so i cn b wif her as long as possible..
i noe i shud hav let her go..
bt i am greedy..
i was greedy all d time..
i shud hav wish her all d best..
i shud hav tink more positively..
i shud hav noe tat ntg cn change d fact d..
i shud hav noe all tat..
bt i jus..
feel so..
i noe even my tears filled up my room..
she'll stil leave me..
wat else cn i do..
sum1 pls slap me til faint..or watever..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


is my 1st time..
baking cake wif my mom assist me..
i jus look at my mom..
n she'll do evryting..
except cleanin..
c'z she'll leaave it 2 me 2 wash all those OILY stuff..
bt tis time..
im d1 mixing it..
bt tis time..
again..i nid 2 wash those OILY stuff again..
20 more mins..when d sound..
jao is ready 2 eat d.. *excited*
even nw i was in front of d pc..
i smell dao d cake!!
duno hw is my 1st cake gonna taste like..

Monday, April 13, 2009

-sui yeh-

i'm bored..
rili vv bored..
she go 2 interview at s'pore..
left me alone..
sui yeh..
mai mai..
she go 2 s'pore as well..
she left me alone oso..
haix..sui yeh..
she din go anywhere..
bt she's busy plyin her games..
sui yeh..
mun yin..
suka suka appearin off9..
ltr fly 2 aust sumore..
sui yeh..
min whui..
duno hw 2 describe her..
she's sui yeh oso..
sook yan..
oways hope me 2 cal her....
seems like vv eager 2 replace whui..
wait la u..
mayb 10 years..
sui yeh..
huey meing..
din let me bully d..
sui yeh..
u all..
sui yeh.. XP

Saturday, April 11, 2009


i went out 2 jusco again..
wif whui fetch me again..
walk ard wif yin..meing..yan..joann..whui..again..
jus tis time..
v gt julia~
den v hav our brunch at mc d again..
mc value meal again..
fillet-o-fish again..
den v went 2 ply bowling~~akeke..
joann gt d highest score..
den julia..
meing n i hav d same score..
yin n whui..
n thru out all d time v were bowling..
tat yan..
she jus sit there n ply my hp's game..
try 2 beat my record wo..
bt she fail d..akeke.. XP
den v went 2 capcom station again..
yin ply d race car again..
bt tis time..
she lost d..akeke.. XP
den v jus keep on walk n walk..
til v reach there..
sushi king..
den all of d galz..
chating tis n tat..
laughing tis n tat ..
rili syok~
til my daddy cal me..
i was d earliest 2 go home..
duno wat happen 2 them..
at here..
i wish yin..
all d best 4 ur future..
n oso..
when u rili miss us..
jus cum bac.. *dun let ur daddy noe la*
aust not vv far from here oni..
my house wil oways available 4 u..

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Wild Wild Wet

at ard 4p.m.
so big rain..
jus like pourin a vv vv vv big pail of water..
my room..
is flooded heavily..
d rain do find their way 2 go in2 my room..
thx god my bed is not near d window..
if not..
im gonna sleep at 水床 2nite..
my big bro's room havin tis same prob act..
jus his room's window not as big as my room..
bt d 1 n oni pc in my house..
located at my bro's room..
near d window there..
when there's big big rain..
omost all d towel is coverin d pc n window..
wat 2 do..
im not afford 2 lost it..
2 those hu wanna experience d wild wild wet..
jus cum visit me durin big rain..
no entrance fee is needed..
jus brg along sum fruits wil b fine 4 me.. XP
thx ya~huuu~

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


after d drivin lesson..
i went out again..

i went 2 jusco wif yin n whui..
tis is d 1st time i was fetch by whui..
she cn drive kinda steady act..
our 1st station over there is mc d~
chat over wif yin..whui..meing..yan..joann them all..
all d gals chat 2gether..
laugh 2gether..rili hope tat d time cn stop at tat moment..
our most syok-est station..
v went 2 ply at d capcom station..
manage 2 win others in car racin..
she rili dun look like tat she cn win a car racin..
den when pair up..
yin n meing..
they2 win me n whui at d basketball match..
ya..yin win again..
geng lo..
ply those violent game..
kinda pity tat she din manage 2 win d stage3..
bt she do entertain all of us..
den b4 evry1 goin home..
v go bac 2 station1~mc d~
discuss hw r v goin 2 do a farewell 4 her..
den d trip ended when yin's mom sent me n whui 2 stadium..
it's act kinda tiring..
bt i do enjoy myself~

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


2day is my 3rd driving lesson..
evryting is fine..
until uncle tan..switch off d air-cond..
here cums d prob~
i was kinda well known 4 sweaty palm among my fren..
my palm was gettin sweatier n sweatier..
den when i was goin up d hill..
c'z of my sweat palm..
i cant pull d hand break..
when i goin up..
den die fire..cum down..
den i goin up again..
den die fire again..cum down again..
den i try AGAIN..
tis time..
i use all my tissue paper 2 wrap d hand break..
it's a success..
i manage 2 drive over tat hill..
even tat auntie say..
'mui zhai, u din eat rice arr?'
rili thx 2 d tissue paper..
thx 4 their sacrifices..
thx 2 d genius who invent it as well..

Sunday, April 05, 2009

skul life~skul life~

2day is chu yee n fang sien geh bday..
finally..they2 oso 18 d..
hapi bday la..
duno remind me abt d skul life soooo much..
remind me of miss kai ma..
she use 2 cal me connie~~
n nw i miss her callin me so..
remind me of miss kai jie..
she use 2 cal me 2 do d add math ques on d blackboard..
n nw i wish i cn do sum ques on a blackboard..
remind me of miss cheong..
4 me..
she's d best add math n math teacher ever..
rili miss her lesson..
remind me of miss hew..yea..whui favorite teacher ever..
her bm..
huuu..geng dou~
remind me of pn. chong..
our PJ lesson..
n oso d way she walk..akeke.. XP
remind me of miss tham..d est geh tham..
not much teacher manage 2 get us 2 listen 2 wat they talk..
bt she did it..
remind me of mrs ling..
her cold jokes..rili..
wat buah tangan summore..
btw..duno hw is she nw..
remind me of pn camelia..
duno hav she finish mark our essay paper anot..
remind me of so much teacher n d skul life..
of c'z i miss my fren as well..
i miss it..
miss it badly..