Sunday, May 31, 2009


as you can see..
I'm very very full now..
just now i just went out with my mom, lil brother and my popo to have dinner with my 3rd uncle and aunt..
every time they came back from Penang..
I'll be so full..really..
and i did enjoy myself..
what i hardly enjoy is..
my aunt or uncle..
likes to chat with me..
all about the education stuff..
i think both min whui and ivy will know which aunt and uncle I'm referring to..
ya..the headmistress aunt..
sometimes he or she..or sometimes BOTH..
will just keep on ask me and ask me and ask me..
why you can't score for that paper?
it's very easy you know..
never stick to the revision should have help your mom..
go and help your mom to do the housework la..
don't too stick to the good arr..
it's good to focus at cocurriculum..
but i hear from your mom that you're always going for girl guide's activities..
you should study also..
you're now a form6 student rite?
what subjects did u take? (i answer 4)
huh?just 4 subjects?last time we take 5 you know?
did u take bio?don't take bio la..
waste your time at memorizing all those scientific names only arr..

i can't take it la..
i just DON'T like to listen to all this..
i am a good listener..
but not listen to all of this..
it's more to killing..
thanks god..
they live at Penang..

Friday, May 29, 2009

where am i~

today i just wanna post something simple..
and's full wif imagination.. XP

start with yee leng..
she sits in front of me..
besides yee leng is sze jie..
sze jie's right hand side is kar wai..
kar wai sits with kai ning..
zhi yang is next to kai ning..
and the other kar wai sits beside zhi yang..
yew foong sits at yee leng's left hand side..but kinda far away..
behind him is joanne..
joanne's partner is the assistant class rep- xin jun..
behind xin jun is hang chung..
eng sing sits with him..
behind eng sing is jun ee..
jun ee's partner is keng soon..
khai hong sits behind me..
he's beside chee wei..
behind khai hong is the board master- yee mun..
yee mun is alone at this moment..
later when pei wah came back from N.S...
they two will sit together..
den my right hand side is mei yan..
she sits with our class rep- si mun..
behind si mun is the duty master- kah soon..
his partner is another assistant class rep- chun kit
beside si mun is pooi kuan..
and pooi kuan sits with wing jing..

and thats our class plan..
try to imagine it if u haven come to my class before.. XP
kinda hard to believe that i manage to remember my new classmate in just 2 weeks time..
unbelievable right?
actually i got the name list lo~
ahahahaha.. XP

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

officially, DEAD

no doubt..
I'm dead..
i might look okay at the outside..
but inside of me..
it's dead..*sigh*
what can i do?
i can't be alone la..
especially in the class..*sigh*
no one is there for me..
no one can be there for me..*sigh*
if can..
i would like her to stay than giving the treasurer post to me..
i would prefer that much much more..
some how..
i know she have to go for her future..
i can't stop her..
or she wouldn't stop by me either..*sigh*
today is her last day..
and today is my last day to survive in the class too..
i didn't mean that L6F3 is not good..
i didn't mean that i don't have friends there..
it's just..*sigh*
different from the 5S8..
everyone will be there for you when you need them..
everyone care for you..
feels like crying..
but i know it wouldn't help much..
i miss yin ler..
why i can't see her in my class d..
i miss whui..
she's not beside me anymore..
i miss ivy..
can't chat lame things when she's front of me..
i miss cindy..
i miss chew..
i miss chu yee..
i miss mai mai..
i miss yilin..
i miss you all..
each and everyone of you..
wonder have you all ever missing me..
wonder did you ever notice that I'm not in your class..
have you?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


well we got two free periods..
all of us is just busy chatting..
some is doing d homework..
while this few fellows is planning to play badminton at this Thursday..
they do have that sporty spirits inside of them..
I'm not kidding..
d girls' gang wanna play with d boys' gang..
n d boys' gang actually got only around two three people..
d girls jao geng lo..
got at least four people is going..
but of cos..
i don't have that kind of spirits in me..
so I'm not going to join them.. XP
everything ended when Pn. Yap come in for lesson..
as's BORED..and she's making the mistakes and corrected by us..*sigh*
peik zhi didn't come to school today..
left me alone there..
i can't survive without someone there with me..
chat with me..
during the maths lesson..
i really wanted to fish..
but everyone around me just do their own works..
i just hang myself til the school bell rings..
thanks god the bell did ring before i hang til die d..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mr. Tan

i didn't feel like writing the blog today..
until..huey meing asked me something..
poi yee told me something..
fine..I'll post it so you guys wouldn't ask anymore..
as you can see..
Mr. Tan..
he is my Pengajian Am's teacher..
he is a way too special teacher..
how to say leh..
there is some rumors said that he is..
ham sap..2 those that don't understands..
it means erm..
mayb can say that he is kinda pervert?
the guys in our class did tell us (the girls) something too..
it's like how is the teacher gonna treat the girls..
he'll find his way to touch your hands..
and poi yee also got told me..
try not to let him to have that chance to go near you..
cuase he like to 'cao sui'..
peikzhi also said that he called her dear dear in the server room.. =_=
and after peik zhi left to sunway..
I'll be all alone..
no one is there to safe me..
cause Mr. Tan said that he want us to stick to our own place..
what to do..
my class only got 25 students.. (after peikzhi and Michelle left)
and for sure..
there'll be one student to be alone..
and that happens to be me..*sigh*
thanks to the boys too..
at least they do talk to us..
warned us..
which is different from ivy's class..
shit lo..write jor so much..
lets pray that Mr. Tan wouldn't read my blog..

Friday, May 22, 2009


to day got so many things happen around me..
case 1:
during the physics lesson..
i was copying my notes..
then when i turn to the back..
i saw my assistant class rep. - Mr. Lai..
is holding his hand with another boy- Mr. Chong..
and they two just swing their hands happily until i turn and saw them..
arrhhh~beh tahan arr..
i almost laugh die at that moment..

case 2:
i think I'm having some problem with the caffeine..
what on earth is happening to me?
i just have around 2/3 can of the Nescafe Mocha..
and then i having difficulties to breath after 2 hours..
my hands shake..
even my face, back, hands and legs..
all of them is like 'kebas' d..
and peik zhi have to roll my hands..massage my hands..
thanks god i got her at that time..
and the physics teacher..keep on teaching and i was like invisible d..
even though I'm partially lying on the table..
my face is all red as peik zhi told me..
but she just keep on teaching..until i ask her to let me go to the washroom..
at that moment she only ask: are you sick?
finally this whole things ended after 30 minutes..

case 3:
peik zhi is going to leave me soon..
and i'll be all alone~
anyone there to save me?
please transfer yourself to L6F3..
thanks for your cooperation..

p/s: at this moment, connie is still okay..*sigh*

Thursday, May 21, 2009

i am who i am..

2day..when i was in d class..
i acted like a..
i don't know how to describe it actually..
erm..someone that have lost her mind??
well..actually i just saw a lady..
gosh..she is just sooooo looks like d 'ru hua' in taiwan..
i'm sorry to say so..
also sorry for acting like it..
but i just can't hold myself back..
i just laugh and laugh and laugh..
in front of my classmates..
i just keep on 'hahaha' and 'hahaha'..
and the boys looks at me like..
huh?what's her problem?
*sigh* what can i do?
i am just that bad.. *evil laugh*
and also..
peik zhi is going 2 leave me ler..
connie will be all alone..
until someone come to save her..
any volunteer?
if got..please register yourself to ng connie~
at L6F3 class..
kay?waiting for the good news from you all lo..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

miss her?

just getting a little bit better..
my class not tat bad after all..
depends on how are you looking at it.. can considered as a good news for me after all.. =)
by the way..
i miss her ler..
long time didn't chat with her d..
yea..she's yin..
she didn't update her blog lately..
hmmm..don't know how is she leh..
i miss her also..
miss cheong..*sigh*
if sam tet can have miss cheong over there..
nice..sure very very nice..
i miss her also..
mrs. ling..anyone of you know how is she lately?
i didn't see her since CNY..
did she get better arr?huh?
i miss her too..
miss wong..gosh..*sigh*
i want her to teach me physics at sam tet too..
my physics teacher, pn. yap make a mistake every lesson..
all of us just correcting her mistake each lesson..*sigh*
i miss my guide's gang's friends too..
used 2 ponteng together..*sigh*
especially d smi gathering..
my 1st trophy at secondary school leh..
so tall somemore..
i miss my ex-classmate too..
now my class is just lack of something..
i can't tell you what is it..coz i can't get it as well.. i really regret ler..
didn't really enjoy every moment at amc..
amc is just such a nice school..
it's deserve to be a cluster school..
just too bad that it didn't have form6..
urghh..i miss S8 ler..
i miss each and everyone of you..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

unidentified ans..

there are many question..
actually i myself not sure is it really got that much problem..
but for sure..
i do have this question..
why i cant get myself suitable with the new school?
why huh?
is it cause by the teachers?
or cause by the students?
or there's no problem with both of it..
actually it's my problem to deal with the new environment?
i have use this word kinda frequently..
especially this whole week..
what's happening to me?
i just..
i think i've lost..
can someone guide me out of all this?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


i hav made sum promises 2 myself..
cant on9 too often..
cant ply too much..
study more..
take it serious on my study..
i hav 2 gt bac 2 d right track..
i must gt bac 2 d right track..
wish me gd luck..all d best..
its either now..
or never..
n i choose now..

Monday, May 11, 2009

new skul life

nw..amc is my ex-skul..
sam tet is my new skul..
act..kinda not used 2 it..
weird cn used 2 describe it..
dunno's jus weird..
d orientation..hmmm..v c a lot of teachers 2day..
well..sum amc teacher is bored..
sum how..sam tet teacher is....
more boring..
n i hav 2 find my way 2 use 2 it..haiz..
bt anyway..i stil manage 2 c sum ex-classmate..
yaya..ex-classmate..hw i wish they all stil cn b my classmate..
haiz..i miss cindy le..
hw i wish i cn hav her in my form6 life..
all sorts of lame things v use 2 hav 2gether..
lets pray tat form6 life wil b as nice as my form5 years..

Sunday, May 10, 2009


to those who is still healthy..
pls take gud care of urself..
or u'll regret..rili..
in jus 5 months..
i've been sick for 2 times..
all my old records oso cn rub off d..
2day is my day3 get sick..
fever..flu..sore throat..
d fever duno y..sumtimes it's ok sumtimes it's not..
n d flu..
jus like there's stg inside my nose n plyin ard..
after i c d doc..
i gt so many pills 2 take..
fever la..anti-biotics la..flu la..sore throat geh la..n oso d cough geh..
i oso din cough..y i nid 2 take it leh?
n i omost vomit when i take d fever geh pills..
i jus cant take those pills..
mayb i shud say i was no gd at takin pills..
last time when i take sum pills..i jus cant tahan n vomit..
den i hav 2 take all d pills again..
mayb i jus not suit 2 take pills..
mayb i jus not suit 2 fall sick..

Friday, May 08, 2009

god or doc?

feel like wana sick d..
my grandma started 1st..
she's start 2 cough..den hav a runnin nose..
den my lil bro..he use 2 hav a sensitiv nose..
here cum my big bro..
he even cum bac earlier frm work..
2 c a doc..
den is my mommy's turn..
she jus c d doc 2day..
im d oni survivor at tis momen..
use 2 hear *achi achi* where my bro or mommy is sneezin.. house is so......
full wif viruses?
as lil bro tat vv afraid of death..
keep on ask me 2 brg he 2 c a doc..
c izit swine flu..
wat i cn tel him is oni ==..
haiz..lil kiddy..
bt nw i feel like a lil bit sore throat..
i tink its cause by last nite i eat kacang putih n chat wif yilin thru d house phone..
v2 jus chat 4 an hour like tat..
haha..i din eat much oso..
jus half of it.. XP
c'z u noe kacang putih cant keep too long..
as its not so crunchy..haa..
so i jus tryin 2 help them by eatin it..
if u feel like wana punch me..
erm..go ahead?
haha..shud i c doc?2 prevent it gettin worse..
or pray 2 d god?hmmm..
sum1 pls giv me sum suggestion..

Thursday, May 07, 2009

blue?grey?or both of it?

i feel kinda blue..
dunno y..
mayb its gettin nearer..
d sky is kinda grey nw..
mayb they un hw i feel as well..
i hope it wont rain..
c'z i sked i'll rain wif it..
i miss her le..
she yao not here..
hw i wish i cn continue my study at amc..
wat a cluster skul tat dun hav f6..
i miss my daddy le..
if he can work at ipoh mei gd lo..

Sunday, May 03, 2009

tada~ part2

well..d indulgence plan didn't work as i plan..
sum1 ruined d plan..haiz..
n tat sum1 happen 2 b me..myself..arhh!!
i cook too much rice a day b4 ytd..
den my mommy say too waste if v didnt finish it..
den v hav d indulgence at home..urghh..
bt luckily v stil gt go out..2 jusco..
act v supposed 2 go 2 parade c'z v alr went 2 jusco at friday nite..
bt d milk tat v buy on tat day is spoilt..
my daddy wanted 2 make sum milk shake from it n let us try act..
n my lil bro tot 2 hav sum coco crunch wif milk as lunch ytd..
dim zhi..he say d milk taste sour..
den my daddy smell it..euk..
den i quickly quickly find bac d receipt so tat v cn change 4 a new1 at jj..
v change it wif d same brand of milk..2 make sure d milk is not spoiled..
my daddy wana try it in front of d staff..
n d new packet of amazingly..SPOILED..
den v changed it 2 d dutch lady geh..tat1 is ok..
bt v stil hav 2 pay 2 more buggs 4 it..
c'z tat brand geh is ard 7stg..n DL is 9stg if not wrong..
den v jus hav d window shoppin at there..*sigh*
my mom jus keep on say hw lucky is my dad..
2 hav a thrifty wife.. XP
b4 goin home..v hav a drink at black canyon..
my daddy n mommy didnt hav drinks..they2 share d ice cream 2gether..
sweet dao..
both me n my lil bro hav d mocha i stil prefer ice mocha more..
tat1 nicer..
my big bro hav a cup of hot cappucino if not wrong..
den v jus hav our time over there..
til i ask my daddy..
my big my lil is d cutest..
dim zhi my mommy say..
huiyoh..of c'z is ur wife lo.. ==
fine..jus like 3 of us is invisible..
next year i'll ask again..
i'll ask til d ans is me i'll oni satisfy..

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Poll Result

act im not goin 2 post d poll result as i tot there'll no pp k 4 it..
since yin is request 4 it..
i'll do it jus 4 her..
no doubt..
here d awards goes 2:
best eng teacher is Pn. Tan..
d 1st runner-up went 2 Mrs. Ling..
best malay teacher is Cik Hani..
d 1st runner-up is Miss Hew..
2nd runner-up is Pn. Yap..
best chinese teacher is Pn . Chaw..
1st runner-up is Pn. Low M.L.
2nd runner-up is Pn. Low C.Y.
best sciences teacher is Miss Choy..
1st runner-up is Miss Lim..
2nd runner-up is Miss Wong..
best maths teacher is Miss Cheong..
1st runner-up is Pn. Chew..
2nd runner-up is Miss Chin..
well..tats all 4 d best teacher awards..
congrates 2 those hu win it.. =D


2day is my daddy mommy big day..
it's their weddin's anniversary..
25 years d..
tis year..i'll try my best..
2 make my daddy mommy 2 hav their nice dinner at INDULGENCE..
of c'z i'll b wif them..try 2 b a light bulb..ohohohoho..
even though im not sure wil evrytings went in2 d right place as i plan..
bt..i'll goin 2 try my vv best..
indulgence wo..
few years ago mommy say brg us there..
den after v hav 1 of d expensive-er x'mas dinner at sarawak..
v used 2 pass by indulgence than goin inside..
nvm nvm..
2 those hu read tis..
pls pray tat my plan wil work jus at d right place..
so tat my parents cn hav 1 of their sweetest moment..
n my syok-est time..
tats all 4 2day..
2ml oni tel u did my plan works well.. =P
my daddy mommy joggin..
lum le..

im jus their daughter tat like 2 take they2 sweeeeet geh photo..whee~

Friday, May 01, 2009


2ml is a big big day..
4 me..
4 my dad..
4 my mom..
u wana noe wat izit?
2ml oni tel u..
tats all 4 2day..