Wednesday, July 29, 2009


^^ As you can read from the post title, Econsave.. It's just beside The Store..
It's our destination after the school ended.. And I'll buy the class's stuff..
Me, Sze Jie, Kai Ning, Kar Wai, Khai Hong and Chee Wei..
6 of us.. Squeeze into Sze Jie's car.. It's not really that pack actually..
Cause Sze Jie is driving and Kar Wai sits beside her..
Left 4 of us sitting at the back.. Never realize Khai Hong's leg got that long til' then.. XP
And Sze Jie's car is really hot man.. Duhh.. 4 of us is actually complaining for the air-cond..
Even Kar Wai sitting at the front also craving for help.. XD
Actually i do enjoyed the whole journey..
Except the air-conditioned that part la..
Kar Wai screamed kinda often, pointing here and there.. Hahax..
Of course i do shouted over here, screaming over there..
Can't really stop laughing throughout the whole journey.. Hehee..
Chee Wei is sweating as usual.. Oops.. Haha.. =P
How i wish Sze Jie can drive a bus man..
Then we can have a class trip.. Woohoo~
I hardly imagine how happy is our trip going to be.. Whee~
Even this journey is just around 20 minutes..
But it doesn't really sounds like one.. Ahaha..
Duhhh.. I have no idea what happen to me..
But i was so happy today leh.. Ahahaha..
O whee~ Whee~ Whee~ XD

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Woohoo~ Sam Tet manage to win the band competition this year.. Hahax..
Feel way too glad to know that they did it..
And they win the best drum major too.. ^^
Well SMI got the first runner up while the Nan Hwa got second runner up..
I would say or prefer that it's only a real competition among Sam Tet, SMI and Nan Hwa..
In my opinion, others was like........ Okay.. Nothing special like that..
But the annoying part is that.. Why some schools like SMI and Nan Hwa having some students dancing and drama-ing while the other fella is concentrating with their competition..
For me.. Band jau band la.. What for having some fella dancing all over them..
I can't even really have my eyes on the band, as some of the dancers is actually blocking my view.. So annoying leh.. Really..
And the canteen day in AMC was.....
BORED.. Just that i enjoyed having some sweet time chatting with friends..
Well.. Me, Sook Yan, Huey Meing, Wai Chee, CINDY, Jo Ann and Whui..
All of us.. Having our very own sweet time at Sushi King..
We actually chatted happily ever after for about 4 hours..
Ahahaha.. At least all of us managed to get ourselves updated.. Ohohoho.. XP
Too bad some of them isn't there.. Not all of the S8's girls is actually coming back..
Hope to have the next update gathering with Woon, Kuan Yee and the others..
*Excited.. Heeeee..

Thursday, July 23, 2009


_____Well.. On this Saturday, I believes that most of the AMC-ians will be so damn busy with the Canteen day's stuff.. For the ex-AMC-ians, I believes that most of them will going back to there as well.. That's what I'm planning to do.. =) heee..
_____My form6 life has started for about two months already.. I won't say that everything is going fine.. It's just an okay for me.. Most of the cocuriculum has started as well.. Some of the clubs or society even have their farewell party partied.. XD And I'm still kinda.... Struggling over here..
_____Back to academy stuff.. Of course.. No subject is actually in my control at this moment.. XP As usual.. Just that.. Physics is used to be my favorite subject in my Form4 and 5.. And Chemistry is the worst of all.. *Sorry, Miss Lim.. =X But the situation changed for my form6.. I think.. I THINK only la.. I can understand Chemistry much more better than Physics already.. Mr. Choo.. Somehow, manage to twist my neuron.. After he connecting some to here and there.. The result of my understanding towards Chemistry increases.. Maybe AMC should have another Mr. Choo in my form4 life.. XP
_____And the Physics.. Sigh.. I miss that lady.. Miss Wong.. How i wish there is another version for Sam Tet.. How i wish she is going to teach in Sam Tet.. Duhhhh.. Miss her ler.. X(
The band competition is going to be happen by tomorrow night.. Going to support Sam Tet's band for the very first time.. Feel kinda.. Anxious or nervous for their performance?? Feel kinda weird too.. There's some students said that AMC won't compete this year wor.. Duhhhh.. Hope to see them compete actually.. X(
_____Nothing much to drop down actually.. Might be updating the blog after the competition.. Hope to see loads of 5S8 fella on this two events too.. =)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

-Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince-

_____Yesterday, it's just another one fine day for me.. I went to school for meeting as usual..
_____Here come the exciting part..
_____We're going to watch that huge, well-known, and OMG J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince.. Even though I have read it's book.. I still dragged Mai Mai with me to watch it.. Hahaa.. XD
_____Before we manage to buy ourselves the ticket.. Yi Lin, planned to fetch us to Fantasy to have our brunch.. Again, OMG.. She is really going to make you scream in her car.. She can drive kinda well i suppose.. XD Just that, erm.. Maybe you should help her to look around with the cars.. XP I do feel like.. Thanks God, I'm still safe.. Phew.. XD
_____And this is also my first time, to watch movie with Julia~ Ohohohoho.. The cinema is really kinda pack with people.. Hardly senses the air conditional.. It's kinda hot actually, as my palm sweat again.. X(
_____Maybe i should said that David Yates and the crew have done a great job.. Just that i can't really find that feel when i first started to chase after the Harry's series.. And the ending.. Til now.. At this moment, I can't.. CAN'T understand why must Professor Dumbledore die? Why? Why huh? I feel like this episode.. It's just like no ending.. That 3 fellows standing there, looking at the scenery of the mountain or something like that.. The professor died and they still have mood to look at the scene? What a weird ending!!! Okay.. Maybe I'm the one acts or think weirdly..
_____But i really can't find the passion in that movie as compared with the older ones..
_____Maybe it's my problem..
_____Maybe it's their..
_____Who knows..

Friday, July 17, 2009

T.I.R.E.D. (Part 2)

I won't write nor have a long post today..
I'm just too tired for all of it..
The amount that i can sleep is getting less-er and less-er..
The head is so damn heavy for me to lift up already..
My Ivy is going to Australia by tomorrow.. *sad*
Two weeks without her in my life???
And one week to quarantine???
You gotta be kidding.. Sigh..
I'm going to sleep luu..
Sleeping is the last choice available for me ler..
To let my hardworking brainy to have some rest.. ^^
Good night..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


_____Well.. The title explains all.. Yea.. I've been moody-ing for the last few hours.. And of course.. It's not anyone that cause me to be that moody.. Okay.. Maybe there's is someone.. But it's definitely NOT going to be you.. Yea, you.. *Especially you arr, if you're reading my post now.. CHEE ZHI YANG.. =_=
______Actually the so-called story board is that, i felt so damn sleepy during that Pure Maths' lesson.. Oops.. Sorry Mr. Wang.. I can't hold myself back ler.. =P However, I'm not really that sleepy to sleep in the class.. LOLz.. Confusing? Therefore, I've made up my mind to do the Maths homework.. The more i do.. The facial expression of mine, just get more and more.. Serious? C'mon.. I've been facing all those deadly numerical stuff and numbers for that two periods.. You want me to smile for the whole way through? I must have lost my mind then.. XD Even Chee Wei and Xin Jun asked me not to be that hardworking wor.. Haha.. The probability for me to be that hardworking is actually very very low.. I just keep on doing the homework.. Homework.. And homework..
______Maybe i did look way too serious til most of my classmates came to me and ask what happened to me.. Sad.. I feel that sad is not because they're troublesome, or annoying or etc.. But hey.. Who am I? CONNIE leh.. Hahaha.. I think there's actually none of my friends that manage to make my face BLACK-ish for the whole day.. So, to you all that thinks you're troublesome-ing and have that ability.. Please la.. Don't be that confident that you've actually spoiled my day.. XP
_____And i know what you've written bout me, CHEE ZHI YANG.. Too bad i have so many spies all around you.. XD Not to forget.. Why you guys keep on calling me with dozen of nicknames? Is it really that fun? Hardly understand you guys.. Sigh.. Maybe that's the pro's and con's in our class.. All are playable students.. Somehow.. We are too playable?? XP
______Ohya.. Mr. Chee arr.. I'm not angry at all actually.. What for you're keep on telling me you're sorry? Since i said that your apologize is accepted.. What for you're still sorry here and there? You're just causing people to feel much more frustrated la.. And let me tell you something, never repeat the same things all over again.. It'll actually make people feel that you're annoying.. And yea.. The apologize stuff makes me wanna crash you la.. Some more wanna shake hands? =_=
______Well.. That's all for today.. May you all have a nice lesson today.. =)

Prepared by,
Connie with love~ XP

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well..I've went to the state library with Yi Lin, Mai Mai and Ivy today..
Actually we all plan to do our homework there..
Somehow.. Four of us ended up chatting on the other stuff that hardly related with the homework.. We laughed.. We giggled.. But not homework-ing..
Yea..That's what girls do when they're actually plan to do their plan A..Ended up doing the plan B..
Four of us..Chatting happily ever after at the library..
I myself plan to finish my essay, graphs and some pure maths works..
And i only manage to write three paragraph of the essay in that 2 hours time..
Never mind lo..Still can finish it at home, i think.. XD
After that, all of us get ourselves in Ivy's car and headed to Sam Tet..
Why? Just to fetch Mai Mai's dear lo.. Oops.. XP
Four of us chatted happily..
Laughed happily..
Screamed happily..
And Mai's dear just remain silence through out the journey..
Hahahax.. Girls power~ ^^
Til Julia called us.. She has reach Pizza Hut with L. Shui Yan..
So fast? Kinda amazed with Shui Yan's driving skills at first..
But everything changes til you're actually inside his car.. And he's the driver..
OMGosh..Did i say too much? =P
After we've ordered what we want.. And the dishes arrived..
Ivy has her lunch at the speed of light.. Ahahaha.. I didn't bluff gah..
She's rushing for her English tuition mar..
She finished the soup, a slice of bread, spaghetti, a slice of pizza, and a cup of Pepsi in just 20 minutes if not mistaken..
Did you see that? That's actually equivalent to
299 792 458 m / s..

Ahahaha.. I didn't ate much as i have my breakfast at 9 something.. And my lil tummy is not that elastic after all.. ^^
Julia, Yi Lin and Shui Yan just ate 2 slices each..
I ate one and a half slice..
And our Mai Mai.. She ate 3 slices.. O.O
Well.. She actually fed her dear some also.. So she didn't really eat all of that 3 slices..
All of them seems to be so sweet with their partner..
And i do feel relieved to see them to have a sweet ending..
All i could wish at this moment is just that..
May all my friends could have a happy ending.. ^^

Thursday, July 09, 2009

-I.C.C. (part 2)-

L6F3 and L6B4 rocks leh..
Good job everyone..
O wheee~
We actually manage to win in male single and 1..
Male single by L. Keng Soon..
Double by C. Chee Wei and his partner from B4..
And female single, Pooi Kuan gets no. 3.. ^^
Mixed double by the guys from B4 and Kho Li..also came in as the 3rd..^^
We only lost female double..which came in as 4th..
Well..the result of the football is actually..
Where our class is the one that score..
So..we came in as 3rd again..^^
The result is 5-7..
Our class score that 5 points..
Never mind..^^
It's actually very well done.. ^^
And we got 2nd place for it..
This..kinda unfortunate..
But never mind..
The result is around 14-8..
A guy from B4 actually fell down after some pushing here and there..
Cham~ never mind lo..
We got the 4th place as well..
Which also mean last.. =X
Overall..i do enjoy this competition..ahaha.. XP
Everyone is cheering and supporting their class..
not to forget..
Kuan Fei wins the mixed double with Mun Yee leh..
champion leh..
*salute* congrats lo.. ^^
In this competition..
All I've been wishing for is actually..
A happy ending..
And we got it~
Yay~ ^^

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Titans in Cheer 2009..
super nice stunts and performance by them!!! ^^


i would like to wish Hor Kar..
happy birthday lo.. ^^
and then..
cham lo..
my class geh account not balanced again..
i have no idea what is happening..
it's actually RM4 lesser than it should have..
which also mean that..
i have to dig that 4bucks from my wallet.. X.X
please pray that this stuff won't happened ever again..
I'm not that rich to dig it from my wallet every time the accounts is not balanced..
this time is 4bucks jek..
what if next time is 40 bucks???
by the way..
can someone teach me how is the accounts stuff arr?
i didn't take accounts in my Form 4 and 5 leh..
*pray pray* ^^

Sunday, July 05, 2009


i have to admit that..
I'm not really good at computer.. =X
and that's actually leads to kinda many problems..
and one of it is that..
i don't think that i get what i search for..
and somehow..
i have to search for some latest disco song for that farewell..
and what i get is all those..sigh..
all in the 80's and 90's..
the newest i can get is 'Just Dance' from Lady Gaga..
cham dou..sigh..
now i might can rely a lil lil bit on Alvin.. ^^
maybe he can help me..
maybe he can't..
of course..i have to be independent also.. XP
hmmm..maybe few days later i will let you know how is it..
BUT..if you're that good to volunteer and help me..
that's all for today..
gotta continue searching for the songs.. =)

Friday, July 03, 2009


nothing seems to be fine today..
i forgot to find Mr. Tan again..
I'm just a eighteen years-old this year..
and i hardly remember this and that..
and i was kinda happy that Joanne..
she can help me to reload my hand phone..
what i asked from her is to buy that 30bucks reload card..
scratch it..
and send the no. stuff to me..
somehow Joanne scratch it..
load it into her hand phone..
and send it to me..
my credit will expired in one week time..
and my hand phone got 42bucks at this moment..
how stupid am i for not telling Joanne about what i want..
how stupid am i for assuming Joanne know about it..
my wallet is all empty now..
how can i save 30bucks in one week time??
anyone of you that need some credits for your hand phone..
i don't mind to send it to you.. *Digi only..*
and of course..
you have to pay it back to me la..
I'm sorry to say so..
but I'm now officially bankrupt..
even though I'm the treasurer for my class..
i don't feel like 'borrow' that 30bucks from there..

Thursday, July 02, 2009

-I.C.C.- damn tired as usual..
but feel kinda happy also..
our class did manage to win over some other classes at some games..
or it's also known as Inter Class Competition..
well..the so-called old uncle, liew keng soon.. totally aggressive in the badminton-man's single..
he just smash..and smash..and smash..well, he do has some skills la..
overall..his match is nice..that's all that i can comment on.. ^^
and the opponent- jason soh..kinda pity for him..
he even fell down twice..cham..
and the another humble player, chee wei..
he is such a..good player?
when he is in the court..fuyoh~
totally different from how he is in the class..
Mr. Choo should have watched it..
they two is really a professional compared with me la.. XP
not to forget kuan fei..
he can play also
most of them that (might, XP) looks like a nerd in the class..
they actually transform to another person during this competition..
at least they have high energy content as compared in the class.. XP
and i have notice that these few fellow..
actually take up 3 out of 4 competitions..
B2's class rep, a.k.a. ah mok..and c. en jun..
they went for badminton, football and basketball..
see?this is what i meant for high energy content.. *applause*
they just didn't join the netball competition..because it's only available for girls..
i was wondering..will they join it as well if guys is okay for the netball??hmmm..
oh class did win for the qualification for the netball final too..haaa.. ^^
at next Thursday, we're going to see them playing in the final..
may keng soon and chee wei..
can wowed us once again in the final..