Saturday, August 29, 2009


Just feel kinda lazy lately..
In my opinion,all of the laziness is cause by it..
A holiday is when I suppose to have a short break, do some revision, do all of the left-outed-homework, and so on so on..
All that I have really done is to have that break..
I have no idea how long is this holiday actually..
A week? Or 8 days? But it sounds longer than that..
Or perhaps 9 days? No idea at all..
I'm just way too LAZY to go after that calendar to count.. XP
Even though I did go back to school for days.. Cleaning and painting the old house, too..
But when I'm home..
All I did is just online, facebook-ing, gaming, sleeping and last but not least.. Eat..
Sounds bored huh?
It is bored..
Oh wait.. I forgot that I do spend some time of mine to SEARCH for sponsorship..
Okay.. I didn't really search larh..
I just simply went to ask all my auntie uncle to 'donate' the 60 bucks for me..
Sigh.. I have no idea how is my group's peoples' result..
But for me.. A failure one..
How sad.. Sigh..
Money is all I need at this moment..
Any rich fella doesn't mind to drop some $$? For me?
LOL.. Just joking.. Tee hee.. =D

Monday, August 24, 2009


Miss you?
Yea..I've not meet you for ages i think..
Hardly receive any messages from you either..
Miss your smile..
Miss you laughter..
Miss your singing..
How are you over there?
Everything's fine?
How are you, too?
Fine, as well?
My mind have just bring me to you lately..
Somehow..Dunno why..
I did miss you, that little bit..
Okay, it might not be that little bit after all..
But at least, I did miss you wor..
Did you?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

-Paint & Paintbrush-

Sigh..I have wasted my perfect Sunday today..
Work as a 苦力 gam..
Today is Sunday and yet..
I have to help my mom to paint the old house wor..
Just cause of that stupid fella request for the whole house to be paint..
I have to sacrifice my Sunday for it..
So not worth it leh..
I suppose to sleep til' 10a.m but ended waking up at 8.30a.m..
I suppose to be online-ing for the whole day but ended up with paintbrush in my hand..
I suppose to have my hair cut but ended painting my hair..
I suppose to have my lunch with my mom but ended up skipping it..
I suppose to have the best-rest-ever but..
Working like.....
I won't complain anymore..
As my daddy coming back this Saturday..
Another sad case..
No rest for me tomorrow..
Have to go back to school wor..
Sigh..Pity Connie..

Friday, August 21, 2009


Back in track!!!
Connie is back.. =)
Tee hee..
Just happy..


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mr. Choo..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009



Sunday, August 16, 2009



Saturday, August 15, 2009


Busy, busy, busy..
The to-do-list of today is:
  • Do the research stuff.. Typing is all i have to do..
And i only got Sunday for it.. DIE ler..
  • Do my REVISION.. Next week is the EXAM and yet..
I haven't really get started with it.. DIE ler..
  • Do my homework.. Piles of homework on the study table..
And yet.. I hardly finish them.. DIE ler..
  • Find the sponsorship for the Sixth Form Night..
And again.. I have only got 1 success sponsor out of 4..
How am I going to make those people to vomit that 60 bucks huh? DIE ler..
  • Do the housework, a.k.a. housekeeping..
I haven't vacuum nor mop the floor for a week.. DIE ler..

And the important part is that.. I'm still blogging over here..
What people am I? Duhhhh..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

-Mun Yin-

Well.. Yin arr..
Just to keep you updated..
Maybe i should report some latest baba a.k.a Min Whui's news to you..
Somehow.. Someone is blocking me to do so..
So i was kinda wandering..
Should i do so?
Should i report it to you?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

-Sze Jie-

To those that have no idea what is this post all about leh..
Now you're going to know it lo.. XP
Today, is our very own so called lil girl- Sze Jie's birthday..
Finally.. She is legal 18 la..
Didn't manage to buy you a piece of cake also..*Sigh..
So still wish you all the best la.. ^^
This post is dedicated for you la..
Remain the happy-go-lucky style la.. =)

Monday, August 10, 2009


In a very very good mood today.. Can't stop myself from laughing..
Ahahahaha.. XD
Laughed til' so damn happy with Kar Wai..
Laughed til' so damn high with Yi Lin..
Laughed til' so damn not-me with Mai Mai..
Ahahahaha.. So high leh.. XP
And yea.. It's not topic-of-the day la.. ^^
I have just, somehow.. Came across with this new word..
Torturisation.. And Kar Wai asked me to define it..
Hmmmm.. Maybe I can refer it as:
-A process where you, are being torture by other people or stuff or etc etc..
And of course, that's chemical reaction will only worked out if and only if..
He or she uses the right ways or the right apparatus and the right formula..
And I have already undergo this process..
The so-called friends of mine.. Has proudly carried this experiment on me..
Both of that two fellow act like a kitty and puppy behind me..
And they just keep on.. I have no idea how to describe it la.. =X
All I can say is just, they're so torturing me!!!
By the way, my mood is yet to be spoiled by them..
Ahahahaha.. So happy ler..
O whee~ O whee~ O whee~
Whee~~~ XD

Saturday, August 08, 2009


In a good mood now.. Daddy just came back from Klang.. Tee hee..
Somehow, he'll leave to Johor by tomorrow.. How sad.. =(
Sigh.. I know I do sound kinda confusing at this moment..
Well.. I am that confusing.. For all the time, I am confusing..
Duhhh.. I think I have just spoiled my mood..
I just.. Well, I think I just like to stick to him..
He'll never scold me.. He just.. Maybe i can consider that my dad treat me like a lil princess..
I know it might sounds kinda weird..
A 18 years-old crying for her dad..
So childish..
So immature..
So not me..
Duhh.. Really hope that he can stay at Klang..
If Ipoh happened to have a suitable jobs for him.. That'll be the best..
How I wish I can spend most of my time with him..
Dinnering or lunching or even breakfasting..
I just hope to spend some time with you..
Can I?

Friday, August 07, 2009

- J.O.Y. -

Joy to the world~
My neck is back~
It's finally with me~
I am so happy~
Singing so loudly~
Because I'm missing it~
Because I'm missing it~
I'm missing it~ XD
Holala~ It's back!!!
Ahaha.. Finally, I can turn my head around d..
Whee~Whee~Whee~ =D
Just a silly post from silly me..

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


It's not a spelling mistake ler.. I am neckless at this moment..
Or maybe i should say that my neck isn't mine..
Or i lost my neck..
Or i break my neck..
Or i sprain my neck..
Sigh.. I still remember the very first time i sprained my neck..
It was two years ago.. And that happened when i went to Miri..
I was sleeping.. Deep sleep.. And it happened just like that..
I sprained it..
Two years later.. It happened to visit me again.. Even though i didn't ask it to do so..
On this Sunday, my neck started to feel/act weirdly.. Kinda pain by the side..
I thought I didn't get enough sleep a night before..
So i jumped to the bed.. And started the sheep counting..
In deep sleep-ing phase again..
An that night.. It's another nightmare for me..
The more i sleep, the pain-er it was..
Til' the next morning, which is this Monday..
I'm lying there half dead..
I can't turn nor twist nor lift my head!!!!
My head is just fixed at that particular part of my shoulder.. Damn!!!
I can't even have a right angle for me to brush my teeth..
To wear my shoes..
To copy my notes..
To eat my dinner.. Arrggghhhhh!!!!
Hate it!!! Here by, I just wanna remind all of you..
Please, Please take good care of your neck before you're going to regret..
No one is actually affordable to lost it..
I want my neck back ler.. Sobs.. X(

Sunday, August 02, 2009

-Sixth Form Farewell-

Overall.. I think it's still okay..
Hmmm.. Have to wait for S. Yi Cong to speak his out his mind first ler..
But my opinion towards my job or duty or whatever, which is the P.A. system..
I burn all 80 songs in a single CD-RW..
And the results is only 47 songs are playable..
Those WMA's songs, somehow.. Can't traced nor read by the DVD player..
How stupid am i.. Duhhh..
And I can't get the songs right for Yi Ru's performance.. Damn it..
At the moment I look at their face.. I feel like..
What the hell am I doing here.. And the CD stuff..
Cause so much trouble to those performers out there..
I'm so so sorry to you all lar..
And Alvin.. Thanks god he does help me.. Phew..
Felt kinda sorry to him, too.. =X
Yi Lin didn't went to the farewell err.. Sobs..
And that Ivy arr.. Haven back from Australia yet.. =(
Sigh.. Did i spoiled the farewell?
Did I? Sigh..

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Really tired..
All of the tiredness just getting more and more..
And more or less,i do feel that it do haunted me..
I need to sleep larh..
I'm lack of sleep..
Lack of cash..
Lack of meals..
Poor Connie~ Poor..
Sigh.. X(