Tuesday, September 29, 2009

- Min Whui -

Happy birthday la..
Nothing much to say..
Just all the best for you..
Have a blast..
Finally 18 d..
Just enjoy it la..

Monday, September 28, 2009


Can the miracle take place from now on?
How I wish it can..
Will the angel listen to me whenever I'm wishing?
Will the God listen to what I pray?
Will they?
How I wish they could answer me with a yes..
A yes will do now..
I mean..
Just a yes..

Thursday, September 24, 2009


He is getting better d..
Thanks god..
How I wish he will be fine by now..
I miss you, daddy..
I miss you, laughter..
I miss you, the old you..
And the old me..
I'm just another living dead..
I guess..... =|

Monday, September 21, 2009


Ng Connie is a dumb dumb!!!!
A dumb-est ever dumb dumb!!!
Pity on the car... =(
What the heck!!! What happened to me?!?!?!
GOD, save me!!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

- Form6's Life -

I have been study in Sam Tet for about half year though..
Hmmm.. Nothing much to blog about actually..
Can't really understand why are there so much people refuse to enter Form 6..
Hey.. It's just a Form 6..
And somehow there are some people, that might include my friends, you.. =X
He or she make his or her decision..
Went into Form 6.. And.. I didn't care did he or she study in their lesson larh..
But.. The point I hardly understand is that..
Why, those kind of fella, willing to go after so much of tuition classes,
Instead of study by themselves..
After study in school from 7.30 a.m til' 3.40p.m...
Continue with the tuition class at the night, which is 2 hours long..
*Some even 3 hours! How can they survive???
Of course, I didn't mean to challenge you guys larh..
It's just a stubborn brain of mine that can't think of why..
Hmmm.. And well..
Well I think, maybe I can conclude Form6 like....
Erm.. It's actually about the study matters?
You'll actually succeed if you do put in a lot of effort in your studies..
And of course.. I'm not the one that succeed.. Sigh..
How sad..
The year-end-examination is coming very very soon..
Well it's time for me to study I guess..
I don't want my result ended up with all the red scores..
Hmmm.. Study lorh.. X_X

Friday, September 18, 2009

-Holidays, Ivy-

It's holiday!!! A finally for me.. Phew~
Finally I can have my rest, to catch up in my homework and studies too..
And there's actually another big thingy going on..
And I.. Didn't plan to tell you guys at this moment..
Ngek ngek ngek.. =P
Miss you larh.. Sigh..
Miss the every second that we spend together..
Those life was really.. Sigh..
And I have plan for you too..
Kinda sorry larh.. To decrease my heart-pain-moment..
I, have to sacrifice you lerh..
I, will not miss you anymore..
Missing you is soooo torturing..
Can't get my brain off you..
You seems to be inside the brain..
With the active mode ON..
I just hate it, hate myself..
Missing someone is soooo tiring..
I'm so so so sorry..
I guess I'm not a best friend after all..
Hmp.. =X

Monday, September 14, 2009

- Idolisation -

There's a very hardworking and dedicated teacher..
He.. Has both the look and brain..
He even has the.. Erm.. A very very good body figure..
I means he is just fit.. F-I-T..
He is my top chemistry teacher wei..
Mr. Choo.. Wheeeeeeeeee~
Those day.. When i was having difficulties in my chemistry is no longer here..
My second favorite teacher..
Will be- the gap-less, same-category-with-us..
Mr. Wang wei..
Weee wang wang~ Weee wang wang~
A I-believed-50 years-old teacher, that actually have a 18 years-old mind wei..
My third favorite teacher..
Will be..
Or I shall said..
She has to be.. Oops..
Tada~ Pn. Nava..
I just enjoyed myself in her lesson..
Stressless.. Ngek ngek..
Nar.. To K-I-D-D-Y, chuah hui ren..
This post you can read larh..
Not too violence for you..
Wheeeeeeeeeee~~~ =P

Friday, September 11, 2009

=The Show=

I'm just a little bit,
Caught in the middle;
Life is a maze,
And love is the riddle;
I don't know where to go,
Can't do it alone, I've try;
And I don't know why.

Slow it down,
Make it stop,
Or else my heart is going to pop;
Cause it's too much,
Yea, it's a lot,
To be something I'm not.

I'm a fool,
Out of love,
Cause I just can't get enough.

I'm just a little bit,
Caught in the middle;
Life is a maze,
And love is a riddle;
I don't know where to go,
Can't do alone, I've try;
And I don't know why.

I am just a little girl,
Lost in the moment;
I'm so scared,
But I don't show it;
I can't figure it out,
It's bringing me down, I know;
I've got to let it go,
And just enjoy the show.

The sun is hot,
In the sky,
Just like a giant spotlight;
The people follow the sign,
And synchronize in time;
It's a joke,
Nobody knows,
They've got a ticket to that show.

I'm just a little bit,
Caught in the middle;
Life is a maze,
And love is a riddle;
I don't know where to go,
Can't do it alone, I've try,
And I don't know why.

I am just a little girl,
Lost in the moment;
I'm so scared,
But I don't show it;
I can't figure it out,
It's bringing me down, I know;
I've got to let it go,
And just enjoy the show.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

- Darl Darl -

To my beloved Darl Darl a.k.a. Dark Dark..
Happy birthday ya..
Well.. I was still can't believe that you actually is at Taiwan now..
How I wish that you were here..
With me.. With all of us.. Just to celebrate your 18th birthday..
Since you're now at Taiwan..
Sigh.. Ask LeeHom to celebrate for you larh..
I have already paid him for all the expenses..
So, spend as much as you want..
I'm totally okay with that.. =P
Just to report the latest news to you..
I'm very very fine here..
So is Mai Mai and Yi Lin.. Mai Mai has just recover from her fever..
Erm.. Baba is fine too..
And everyone miss you..

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


How sad.. Sigh..
You guys.. Think that I am silly wor..
C'mon.. Me? Silly?
I'm so sure that my friends, you guys are actually lying lorh..
Hng.. Hng..
Never mind.. As what Hui Ren teach me..
A so called silly equation..
Silly = Cute
So I shall take this as a COMPLIMENT lorh wei..
Ngek ngek..
Never knew you guys is actually that details lorh..
To those that answered I'm not silly..
I shall take it as what you answer..
That Connie, me, isn't that silly after all.. =)
To those that answered no idea..
Well.. Maybe you really have no idea after all..
Ngek ngek..
And to those that said I'm silly..
Which also means I'm CUTE wei..
Ngek ngek..
Thanks for being so supportive ya~
O wheee~ Wheee~ =P

Sunday, September 06, 2009

- Adventurous Night -

Last night.. Phew.. Way too exciting and adventurous..
Mai Mai got sick.. It's FEVER..
And another reason for it..
It's the Bowling Club farewell wor..
She just.. Look ill.. And she IS that ill..
Then, FIVE of us.. Send her to the nearest clinic..
Erm.. Joon Hong HAVE to go with us..
Then, Min Whui is driving.. She has to go with us too.. That's for sure..
Me? Well..Mai is going to sleep at my house.. I have to go too..
Yi Lin?Erm.. We can't drop her alone by there.. She went there too..
Li Yong?No idea.. Maybe he has to go there with his reasons..
Somehow.. I just don't know larh..
And of course.. Mai SURELY have to go there too..
She's the one that need DOCTOR..
6 of us.. Squeeze into Min Whui's car..
We just squeeze all the way from Hillcity hotel to clinic..
Even though Mai is sicked.. But I just can't stop myself from laughing..
Hahaha.. =X
Just to report the latest condition of Mai..
She went home d..
BUT..the fever is still there..
Sigh.. May she recover ASAP lorh..

Friday, September 04, 2009

- Limited Tempered-

I started my day kinda perfectly..
Everything just turn upside down during the first period, the holy CHEMISTRY..
Well.. Mr. Choo shoot us way too quickly.. Hardly managed to breath though..
Hmmm.. Somehow, my mood is still at that particular level, which is H-A-P-P-Y..
Tee hee.. =)
Celebrated Pooi Kuan's birthday in class.. Well, It's all cause of my tummy..
It's just that EMPTY and I HAVE to filled it.. Gastric is a no no for us, especially student like us.. Felt so sorry.. I have to eat in class AGAIN.. Heee..
Everything actually went fine for me..
Until that devil suddenly, jumped out from nowhere but the bowling centre.. Duhhhh..
And after that hours, my mom officially announce that she lost my little brother..
Well.. It's TOTALLY okay for me..
C'mon.. A 11 years-old kid can't take care of himself meh? Huiyoh..
And, both my mom and I actually lost that diabolical fella for TWO hours..
That's the one that make me felt kinda worry..
What if people kidnapped him? He looked so round.. Just like a rich fella's kid..
BUT, instead of looking for him NON-STOP..
I suggested that.. Both Mai Mai and me.. To have our LOVELY break before the search of Devil started again..
The iced caffe mocha~~~
It melted our heart man.. Way too nice..
It was like.. INDESCRIBABLE.. Ngek ngek ngek..
Everything comes to an end when the Devil jumped out from nowhere AGAIN..
Damn.. My mom and I just can't stop scolding him..
Please la Ng Kenny..
Can't you just follow your mom arr?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

-God, save me-

Damn it!!!!
Please forgive for being so rude..
I just..Duhhhhh..
I have no idea how long can I hold myself back d..
It's not about the exam..
Not really that trouble in school..
Just.. Arrrggghhhhh..
Damn it..
Damn it..
Damn it!!!!!!!
I am just..
Feel like releasing all those negative,
Or you can consider it as not-so-positive side of me..
That's all that I can do now..
Sorry for wasting you guys' precious time for this so damn it post..