Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh My Adidas!

I have this so-called sport shoes for about four years I guess.
Bought it when I'm in Sarawak.  At that time, I'm only Form 4
After all this years, it looks old, a little bit torn out? Kinda dirty too.
Decided to give it a full body treatment and massage on yesterday. :D
I soaked it, played bubbles with it, washed it.
At least it look much more better now. Cleaner. 
Bring it to have a sunbath. Dry faster mer
Too bad it doesn't manage to dry after spending whole day with Mr. Sun.
I put it on my mom's car hood. And here come the adventure. 
Last night, mommy drove to fetch uncle at Medan Kidd while my shoes is on the hood.
Like this.

All thanks to the tissue box that blocked the view. She saw nothing there. ==
Like this. Did you see that shoes behind the box?

Those driver that pass through my mom's car were pointing at her. Horned her.
Yet my mom thought these people was pervert wor. *faint*
Somehow, the spirit of Adidas manage to keep it stick it at the hood for approximately 8km.
It's 8km, man.
At the end, my uncle spot my shoes at the hood and bring it into the car.
My mom went jaw-dropped. 
And me? 
Hohoho. Should reconsider of changing a new Nike sport shoes now. :P
Adidas also not bad mer. Hor? :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Double Decker on Highway. Yes or No?

Not much introduction is needed I guess. 28 people were killed when the Double Decker hits a divider and overturned on its way down from Cameron Highlands. 
There were a total of 37 on board, 34 Thais and 3 Malaysians. Somehow, only 9 out of the 37 survive. None of the Malaysians survive. Not forgetting those that are still struggling in ICU. 

Think again. Who should be blame?

The driver? Some said that the driver has only three years driving experience.
He is the one, to be blame. Tsk. Hello? He himself left this world too.

The tour-company? Guan si mou?
Okay. At some point, it might be their fault for offering a Double Decker to carry all the passengers. And the worst, they use it at Cameron Highland-Simpang Pulai Road, which has many curves and gradients. 

The government authorities?
Please refer to other countries. For example, Singapore.
They only used it at town area or around the tourist site, where the speed of their bus would be much more slower. Unlike Malaysia, the Double Deckers were allowed to speed for 110km/h.

Double Decker on highway? Yes? No?

Sigh. Nothing we can do right now, besides praying for the survivors.
God bless them and R.I.P.

p.s: That's my opinions. purely opinions.  :X

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Masterpiece by 39th Kinta Scout Troop

Into A New Dimension was the theme for this gathering. 
To be more specific, it's their 50th anniversary celebration. Sounds old BUT pro. :D
Saw them preparing or should i say building the pioneering when I was going to sit for my STPM.
Some pictures might do the talking. :)

02 scouts. The first team in marching competition.

The Jit Sin scouts, if not mistaken. 
Everyone look so serious hor? Like meditating.

Backwoodsman. The little hut by Jit Sin's scouts. 

All sorts of creative gadgets. 

The 'house' built by 39th Kinta scouts.

Mai Mai and me. Love the swing. Hohoho.

Four of us. Inside the 'house'. :)

And. The spotlight. Inside the hall.
If you can't read it. It's the scout logo and 39th Kinta Sam Tet Boy Scout.
Impressive huh?

And when the lights are off.

They used UV lights lorh.
No doubt it's jaw-dropped. Cool effect.

And this. The best costume. Won by Poi Lam scouts if not mistaken.
It's like a fusion of Egyptian and Gundam. 
If you watch anime, Gundam should be familiar for you?
And and and. His chest got bling bling like Ultraman. :D
*more photos at fb*

Overall, everything is cool and awesome.
The Jit Sin scouts won the overall champ.
Have no idea of what to criticize. Looking forward for more gatherings.
Good job for the organizing committees. :)

V-E-R-Y Very good.
V-E-R-Y Very good.

Friday, December 17, 2010


It's finally ended. Yay!!
Went to Jusco straight after the Chemistry paper. Geez.
It's been some times for not stepping into Kinta City. And the CINAEMAE too!!
Watched Narnia III with all the girlfriends. 
The movie was awesome! Or maybe it's the excitation that made me felt so?
No idea. Hoho. :D

But seriously, the story is awesome.
Lmao at Eustace, Lucy's cousin. 
But he did make me went 'awwwww' at the moment he change into a dragon.
LOL. Kinda pity though. But, he grew better. 
All those pains, are somehow, worth it. 
Not forgetting that Eustace BFF, Reepicheep, the chief mouse of Narnia.
No doubt, Reepicheep is super duper cute. Small in size, yet he's skillful.  

Back to my story. :D All of us went to Karwai's home after the movie. 
Six of us bath there. And play with Jojo Lee. Karwai's poodle. :P
Went to MP for steamboat. And gosh. I saw a guy with his ____ show. 
*fill in your own answer* :X My goodness. 
Six girls. Laugh. Non-stop. Lmao.
And oh my holy cow. I never knew that the price went so damn high.
32 bucks wor. Heck. I thought it's around 28 bucks per person. 
Am I that outdated or what? :X

Went home at 2030 since everyone was exhausted. 
Nyah. This might not a great partay as what you guys think. 
But. For me. It's a great one. After all this time study like a nerd. :D
Kay. I'm not that hardworking. XP

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's getting closer.

It's 14th already. 
Do you get what I mean? Tee hee.
Just one more paper left and booyah! 
No more test til' I'm in university!
Back to today's paper.
I'm so GG-dified. 
Keeping my finger crossed that I didn't screw up my papers.
Nyah. I know it's not the best of me but, it's done. :(
Gotta do some super duper fast, rush-to-finish revision bout chemistry.


I do, really. :D

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Ouch! It's Bruno Mars.

Well, no introduction is needed for today post, I guess.
It's BRUNO MARS. :) 

He's the one who melts thousands and thousands of girls out there.
And the song that's really catch my attention...
Grenade lorh. :)
The lyrics is awwwwwesome. Seriously.

Easy come easy go, That's just how you live;
Oh, Take, take, take it all, But you never give;
Should've known you was trouble from the first kiss;
Had your eyes wide open, Why are they open?

*Gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash;
You tossed it in the trash, You did;
To give me all your love is all I ever asked;
Cause what you don't understand is,

# I'd catch a grenade for ya;
Throw my hand on a blade for ya;
I'd jump in front of a train for ya;
You know I'll do anything for ya.

I would go through all this pain, 
Take a bullet straight through my brain;
Yes I would die for you, baby;
But you won't do the same.

Black, black, black and blue, Beat me til' I numb;
Tell the devil I said hey, when you get back to where you're from;
Mad women, Bad women, That's just what you are, Yeah;
You smile in my face then rip the brakes out of my car.


If my body was on fire;
Ooh, You'd watch me burn down in flames;
You said you loved me, You are a liar;
Cause you never, ever, ever did, Baby.

But darling, I'd still catch a grenade for ya;
Throw my hand on a blade for ya;
I'd jump in front a train for ya;
You know I'll do anything for ya.

I would go through all this pain, 
Take a bullet straight through my brain;
Yes I would die for you, baby;
But you won't do the same.

No, You won't do the same;
You wouldn't do the same;
Ooh, You never do the same;
No, no, no, no.

Where on earth can I find someone to catch a grenade for me?
Maybe in an army training camp. :X 
p.s: Back to maths. Sigh.

Monday, December 06, 2010


It still takes me about 10 days to end all this suffering test.
Screw ya STPM.
Have been praying that time could pass a little bit faster for this month.
Hmph, and daddy ain't coming back for this month.
Pathetic. Another Christmas without him. :(
And for biggie bro.
Shall stop for now.
It's General Paper this noon. 

p.s: Hopefully there won't be any crack-my-head questions after this
*keeping my fingers crossed* :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have this man.
And he's my everything's everything.
And today, it's his birthdayyy! 

He's a pro chef.
Never failed to make my classmates to be jealous at. :)
From breakfast to full-with-loves-lunch boxes.
He made good food. Really good food. 

He's a pro cheerleader.
Never failed to cheer mommy whenever we made her mad. :X
He might not that good in doing stunts.
But he, stun all of us. :)

He's the walking wiki, for me. 
He seriously answered almost all the questions that I've asked.
Ignoring the intensity of lame-ness.
He is awesomely awesome. :D

He's the interior designer, in my family.
From my study table to the tv's cabinet.
From shoes' rack to the wooden lazy chair.
It's all made, by himself.

He's a golf addict.
Since the time when his boss offer him to work in China ten years ago.
He learned to play golf at there.
Since then, even he'd change his job, he is still having a bunch of golfmates.

He's a gourmet.
Concerned with all the fine food and drink.
He'll won't finish his food if it doesn't taste well.
Blame my grandma. She's pro in cooking too.

He's a child lover.
Looking at my little brother and you'll understand it.
Plus, through out all this year.
He never yelled at me. Not even once.

And hereby, I would like to wish my man.
Love you, love you to the max!! 

 His golfmates.
Last Christmas in Singapore with mommy. 
Few years back in Sarawak.

Well, all this finish the post of today. 

p.s: Gotta head back to Physics.
Heck. I need help. :(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I felt damn headache.
I felt so lazy to continue my study.
Not forgetting. My addiction to a Korean drama.
My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, a.k.a. My Girlfriend Is A Nine-tailed Fox.
Damn nice lorh. Even though I didn't really get to watch it episode by episode.
Blame mommy. :X
The speed she's watching it is so super duper triple quadruple fast. 
In fact, she finished it already.
Plus plus plus, the songs are super duper triple quadruple nice.
The Fox Rain is jeng. :D
The whole drama is nice.
Gotta rewatch it again after THAT STPM. :(

p.s: Only 6 of us present today. Sien. 
p.s.s: And most probably there's only 3 tomorrow. :(

Monday, November 08, 2010

Time, flies.

Okay. I guess I DID abandon this blog for some times.
Blame STPM. It's just two more weeks to go.
And I shall fight like a warrior, it's now or never.
Conquer it or let it be. The first choice would be far more better.
Hopefully there will be no regret-ment in it. Hopefully.
Somehow, I guess I have just lost that mood to continue my studies.
At this time wor.
Sei mou?

p.s: I don't wanna gg yet.

Learn to survive. Or survive to learn? 


Signing off to face my book.  :(

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bi bi bu bu bu bu

Hey peeps!

Now you see me, 

Now you don't!!

p.s: It's now or never.

Signing off,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I got my MUET speaking test today.
And I'm in the second session which starts at 11a.m.
I prepared myself well and reaches school at 6.55a.m.
Still early I thought. Went to the class. Til' I heard this sentence from my classmates,
Just bring IC and exam slip along right?
Shit!! I said. I forget to bring them along. 
It's my first time to be so absentminded.
I ran to here and there, look for help from the teachers.
At the end, Pn. Ellis allowed me to drive home again, for that dumbo exam slip.
And so I drove all way back to home. Waste petrol. :X
Just before that, went to look for mommy for house keys.
I gotta say she looks kinda shocked and annoyed to see me in my school uniform. Hehee.
I grabbed my exam slip, went to tie my shoes and.
The shoes lace split to two.

Hello? What day is today?

Monday, October 04, 2010

It's A Big Big Dayyy!!

Last week, it's Her Royal Highness birthday!!
Min Whui is now nineteen!! Gahh.
She's crazy~
 Lame too. Likes to play with her eyes, tongue, fingers and toes. :X

Emo memo min whui yo~ :X

While yesterday, it's the future mathematician birthday!!
Mun Yin is now nineteen too!! 

Once upon a time...

And she can be quite sentimental too.
Picture ini manyak jeng. :D
Last but not least, it's my dear Yi Lin birthday today!!!!
Manyak suka gambar ini. 

And the time we spent together, it's memorable.

Miss those time when we work together. :)

And how she got prank by us today!!! AHAHAHA.

Anyway, I miss you guys. Seriously.

Can I march in Sam Tet field? :X

p.s: Gathering tomorrow. WHEE. :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Motivate me, no?

Okay. I did went to that talk.
It's not that bored though. The speaker is so experienced, that he keep on making lame jokes.
Some of it do make sense but most of them, you know it. :D
There are supposed 40 students going to represent Sam Tet, to improve themselves at their studies. 
Ended up?
Only three people turned up to be at there. =_______=
Me, Bear Bear and Joanne. 
The moment the organizing committee asking for the Sam Tet's student,
Everyone is looking around for us, three of us.
Some look at us. Huh? Three only?
Kinda embarrassing though. The committee even forgotten to give us the certificate. lmao.
And the very brave Bear Bear went to ask for it. Bear Bear wor. *roarrr. :D
The talk is fine but there are these some complains words from three of us:
First, we went to two Bangunan UMNO before we reach the final destination.
Ain't the school should gave us clear instruction where should we go?
Second, most of the schools provide transport for their students.
We saw few buses there. But Sam Tet? We drove there. And Bear got her bike's on.
Not forgetting. It's raining at that time. Poor Bear. 
Third, every school got their teacher with them.
Hello? Where is our superb friendly, nice and responsible Pn. Ng? 
And I heard from her that she'll mark our attendance at the UMNO building.
So now? Who did she mark? No one?
Urghhh. If she's going to ask all of us to have a nice chat with her on Monday.
I'll somehow, protest to protect my stand. :P
It's who's fault anyway? 

p.s: LOL @ Bear who drinks ttw's drink. ROFL.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

His Royal Highness

Images of His Royal Highness were running in my mind for the past few weeks.
He looks superb handsome when he got his mask on.
He actually stayed at the Valley of King til' his tomb was found by Howard Carter.
Okay. If you did subscribe National Geographic Mag, you'll know who I'm referring to.

It's the King Tutankhamun
The young pharaoh that died at the young age of 18.
A CT scan in 05' showed that he had badly broken his leg, and the leg had become infected. While some research said that there's presence of malaria in his system. Mosquitoes' fault.
If you can't agree with me that he IS handsome, wait til' you see this. His family tree.

Get it? He has the most good-looking mask than his parents, grandparents...
He ascended to the throne at the age of nine, where my little brother is still playing his toy cars.==
And and. His parents are actually the brother and sister.
Don't be surprise as this is kinda normal and acceptable in Egypt during their era.
And and and. I found another picture of him.

This is how his royal highness should looked like. Handsome, no?
You judge it.

I wanna go to Egypt. 
I wanna have a look at the Pyramid of Giza.
I wanna visit Abu Simbel.
Hmph. Let's dream tonight. :(

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Food Time! !

Holidays are going to end real soon.
Okay. Some of you might already ended your holiday. And some might not.
However, I have an almost two weeks long holiday, that is going to end by tomorrow. 
Pathetic. I felt as if I have studied nothing for this two weeks time.
The butan-2-ol enter at my left ear and ran out through my right ear.
The same goes to the alkane, alkene or whatsoever. Nothing stays.
Planned a gathering with Form5-mates and here it goes.
Seven of us, went to Takahashi Cafe at Kinta City to have our lunch.

Not forgetting, we chatted happily ever after for the past 3 hours. Girls' power.
It got worsen when there is 7 mouths talking, at the same time.
Hor Kar actually ordered a set meals for four, to be share with all of us.
With two pizzas, two spaghetti, four soups with butter garlic bread. Plus, three side dishes.
It cost only 89 bucks. Damn worth it when it is shared among all of us. :D

Yummy soup. *Yummy is not it's name though. :P

But for this butter garlic bread. It's butter-ful
The moment you lay your taste bud on it, you'll know that butter is getting cheaper these day.
As if it's free. :X

The okay-spaghetti. A little spicy but it's just, so-so for me.

The look-okay-but-taste-better-than-okay-spaghetti. Full with the aroma of mushroomsss!
I'll recommend this for the mushroom's lover. 

The Takahashi's blahblahblah pizza. 
Okay, I forgot it's name. But it taste good though. :X

One of it's side dish, fried drumsticks with some mustard sauce. 
The mini drumsticks was rather, not-so-fresh. I would say it's a chickenless taste chicken
And next.

Okay. Three of us isn't on the menu larh. But did you notice something in this picture?

It's the traffic light! :D
Alright, lame ending for today.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Because of You

I love badminton.
Because of him.

Tan Boon Heong.

I love football.
Because of him.

Cristiano Ronaldo.

I love Sesame Street.
Because of him.


I love myself.
Because of them.

M.Y. F.A.M.I.L.Y.

Monday, September 06, 2010

In ♥, with Elmo.

Damn it. Who the heck that came out with the idea of Sesame Street?
And and. Who made Elmo aliveee??
He's so cute.

He's so adorable.

And and and. He's so talented.

And not forgetting, his superb-cute-to-max voice!
As if I'm back to childhood again.
Simply ♥ it.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Conflicts deep down.

A: Go and do some revision. It's STPM, in two months time.
D: Play some games or have some rest. Too much study kills your brain cells.

A: Try your best for it. Make your parents proud!
D: No matter you fail it miserably or pass it with A's, your parents is still happy with it.

A: Stay away from computer, television and hand phone.
D: Did your check that Facebook newest Namewee's video? You should watch it now!

A: Stick your butt on the chair and study is way more better than study on the bed. It'll make you sleep!
D: C'mon. Just study with the way you feel comfort with. Study table or bed is the same.

A: Stop eating snacks. It's fattening and will distract you from paying full attentions.
D: Eating snacks would prevent you to fall asleep! More Oreo please!

A: Off that radio. Ryan Seacrest can't help you in phenylamine.
D: But you'll get to know the latest gossip! And what's new with that Paris!

A: You should sit down and study at least 6 hours a day if you wanna score well.
D: If you're born to good at it. Study nothing make you excel in your studies too.

*That's the conversation of the Angel and Demon inside of me.
I need a gun, seriously.
Either to shoot that Demon, or, to shoot me.
Any suggestions? :S

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Nyah. Happy birthday for Malaysia.
It's rather plain or not-so-happy for me.
Thanks to the childish politicians.
And not forgetting those who enjoy playing with racial issues.
Can't you all grow up, please?
And that Namewee, I'm rather neutral this time.
I'm neither supporting him nor criticize him or what-so-ever.
Seriously, all the Chinese and Indian issues made me feel so,

This National Day.
It's just a little bit, meaningless for me.
Another holiday lorh.

It's not we don't wanna be a patriotic, country-lover Malaysians.
It's, I'm fed up.

Signing off.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Biggie bro

He's currently working at Singapore. As a graphic designer.
Left home for about almost three months I guess.
And, I miss him. No idea how is he lately.
FYI, two of us was rather, not so close. :S
But he's still my brother, the one I respect.
Two of us, are totally different.
He likes anime, and he has a cupboard-ful of mangas.
He likes to play guitar, and he has two.
He likes photography, and he has at least 3 DSLR camera if not mistaken. He bought them without any financial help. *salute
He likes to read. He got loads of Hong Kong's mag and some books that I don't wanna read at all. 
He reads 《英文面试很轻松》, 《如何让老板喜欢你的工作态度》, Des!gn Thinking ... *salute again
He likes Japanese drama, movies and he even learn to write Japanese by himself. *That's why I respect him, a lots.
He likes jogging, and he even take part in marathon competitions.
He study in independent school, and his Chinese is truly fascinating and impressive. *At least I'm impressed.
And me?
I likes shopping, and waste all my daddy's hard-earned money.
I likes to sleep, and sleep is never enough for me.
I know nothing about music. I can't play any musical instruments and I can't sing.
I likes new stuff, and I always want persuade my parents to buy me new sport shoes or bags. But fail most of the time.
I hates reading. Not to mention manga. Only Discovery Channel Mags or National Geographic Mags suits me. 
I don't exercise. It explain why I only take part in Starwalk. For the sake of that cert. :X
I study in public school. My Chinese, English and Malay language are just so-so.

And he weight less than 50kg while I weight around 50kg. And the little bro?
He weight over 50kg.
The body mass would be,
Elder brother < Me < Little brother;
Retarded me.
Pathetic. I should eat less.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Both of you are my darlings. I can't afford to lost anyone of you.
Both of you are long winded, I'll bear with it.
Both of you are good chefs, I have all sorts of simple yet nutrition meals every weeks.
Both of your cooking's are sometimes, over-seasoning, but I'll still finish it.
Both of you are my parents' sweetheart, it explains all your sickness, diabetes.
Both of you are over hundreds, I love you like no others.
Both of you, just simply irreplaceable. 
And yet, both of you broke my heart.
I lost both of my grandpa, and I don't wanna miss you guys like how I miss them.
I just wanna live happily ever after.
Why is it that difficult for us.
Why there's always someone who contribute and sacrifice the most but ended up not even a single appreciation?
Why there's always someone who just look and do nothing but ended up with all the praises that does not belong to them?
Will the situation ever change if grandpa know this earlier?
Maybe I can still have my breakfast with him?
With his favorite teh o', less sugar, that's what I remember. 
And I miss your laughter, your smile, your voice. Everything.

Why is the world so damn not fair?

 For sure, I'm not going to forget how you make us bleed.
How you made daddy bleed, in the heart.

Heck. Hate that I miss you.
Hate that I love you
Hate that I did not keep my promise. Sorry.  


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I felt so hard to start writing a post these day.
Blame the trial that kill my brain cells.
I used to wonder.
Is that me that getting older?
Or my reaction that's getting slower?
Hmph. Any idea?
By the way,
If you get to watch one of the Hong Kong famous TVB's drama, Heart of Greed.
*a.k.a  溏心风暴.
I guess that most of us get to know that ill-treatment by friends is nothing.
Compared to have such mean, greedy or selfish relatives.
Watching at that drama gonna make your blood pressure rise.
Wait til' you have the relatives that really be like one.
It's suffocating.
Once in a while, I wish that I can control my ears.
To hear or not to hear.

And and.
I'm not stress, not at all. :)
See that smiley? I'm FINE
*whack *whack *whack
*bang *bang*bang