Saturday, January 30, 2010

what if...

What if,
I'm a good daughter?
What if,
I'm a hard-worker?

What if,
I study harder?

What if,
I talk lesser?

What if,
I'm a good leader?
What if,
I'm not isolated by the others?
What if,
I've crush on you?
What if,
I run away from you?
What if,
I make a full-stop?

What if, what if?

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sukan Tara ( Take 1)

I have so much fun with Xin Yi , Pooi Kuan and Kar Wai today..
Damn fun lorh..
The event-of-today is running 100m and 200m for the girls..
Before we start the 100m..
Due to some of them that doesn't feel like running..
We actually let the kids run before us..
Til' we saw a Form3 or 4 kiddo..
He's a prefect, I guess..
He's carrying his black shoes.. =X
Most of have no idea what he planned actually..
He take off his shoes..
Get into the position..
"Ke garisan.."
* Whistle blowed..
This cute little prefect make all of us laugh til' burst..
He run with his shoes.. Like diving.. XP
Maybe he thought that when your legs can't run that fast..
You can actually use your hand to dug or dive or swim?
And the result?
He got the last place.. =X
I didn't mean to laugh at this poor fella..
At least he did try to run faster, with the help of his hands.. XD

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yes, I can?

Life is full with regretment..
I hate it when it's actually happened to me..
I miss the OLD me.. =|
Where you're always be by my side whenever I cried for help..
And I need your help now..
Do you see this?

Will my life gets better,
I got my brain washed?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Outing (s)

Have been hanging out with Ivy..
For two days d..
Tomorrow is my third day..
It's so much fun to be with her, of course..
The only not-so-fun stuff would be..
My wallet..
It's drying and dying..
My phone's credit will be die soon too..
So, I guess I've to cut down the spending..
Call the B.O.D to help..
B.O.D. = Bank of Dad, which operate under the Mummy Corporation.. =|
I hope my so-called proposal will be accepted by the Boss(es) ..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

- Life -

Lately, I believe that most of the Chung Ling-ians..
Are really not in a mood..
Losing five of the students and a teacher..
Five young kids.. At the ages of 16 or 17..
It should be fun all day with their friends..
Or went to here and there with families..
Or the hard-worker will study as much as they can..
And yet..
This four teens have not even live for two decades..
And.. That's it..
No more..
No nothing..
It's so so so heart-crushing..
And I just get to know that one of them,
Is a scout.. The troop leader..
And the other kid is the Leo Club president..
The backbone for their club and society..
They might be a future leader..
Where this.. Will not be possible after they left..
To the five kids and the teacher..
Please, rest in peace..

Monday, January 18, 2010


对。。我的爱薇。。 =D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Latihan Sukan Tara

After all this time, I manage to run at the school field again..
The winds are blowing softly..
The Sun are shining brightly in the sky..
Just how comfortable it is..
And then..
I got my sports practice after one whole years I live without any PJ lessons..
I like that feel..
Of course, without the sunny sun will be much more better..
I ran with Xin Yi Ha, with another classmate of her..
Three of us..
Ran in a straight line wei..
This scene.. Is totally hard for us to see it at AMC lo..
Whenever they said:' Ui.. Don't run so fast arr..k?k?'
Til' the end.. They speed up and left you running at the back..
I finally find myself a truly faithful friends..
How touching.. XP
Besides, the lammy, Mr. Wang.. =P
Arhhhh.. He'll make everyone laugh til' burst lo..
Of all these reasons..
*can't wait for the next training d..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bless me

Doesn't really feel okay at this time..
Piles of homework..
Dusty housework..
Brand new year with brand new stress..
No idea why there's this kind of dumbo parents that complained their children didn't have sufficient amount of works to do..
What the heck are they really thinking..
They're just going to murder my brain cells very very soon..
And yea..
The school itself got some new jaws-dropping phrases..
For example..


I believe that this phrase..
Might be spoken from the famous 彭子..
*No idea is his name to be written as above =X

Monday, January 04, 2010

- Day 1 -

Today, got assembly lo..
Monday mar..

In my opinion..
The school..
Are either in really serious FINANCE problems..
The school really wish to discipline the student..
And therefore..
The school..
To punish the student with a kiss by the rattan at the student's butt..
Yea~ BUTT..
Besides, you can see..
The eyes of the school..
Are like this smiley..


Fatt chin haun arrrrr~~ =3