Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The exam is coming really soon..
Well I guess I have to abandon my lil bloggie for sometimes..
Perhaps I will still update it but..
Maybe not that frequent luu.. =D
Daddy was transferred back to KL..
Shall stick myself to him every weekends..
To be the brightest bulb between daddy and mommy.. =P
Oh yea..
I haven't start my revision yet..
Which means..
I'm so dead.. =|

Thursday, February 18, 2010

To The Teacher's House

Tada.. Yesterday was a tiring day..
As we.. Erm..
The we = Pooi Kuan, Yee Mun, Pei Wah, Mei Yan, Yee Leng, Si Mun, Chun Hua, Chee Wei, Kar Wai and me..
Ten of us..
Went to Pn. Yap and Mr. Wang house..
Of course the main purpose of so-called visit them is for the $$.. =D
Besides, we would like to visit our beloved Pn. Yap too..
She looks much more better I guess..
And we even played hers or her hubby's Nintendo Wii..
We start off by playing some warm-up games, tennis..
Chun Hua pair with Pei Wah to win over the computer teams?
Chun Hua team won by 3-2.. Huuuuu.. =)
Then, when the couple ( =X ) play boxing, everyone is shouting or screaming or cheering for each other.. It's so so so much fun.. No time for any bored moment.. =)
And Pooi Kuan beats Yee Leng for the bowling session..
Next, we went to Mr. Wang's house..
Where his 04' batch students came to visit him too..
The 10' batch versus the 04' batch..
We ended up so so so noisy chit-chatting with Mr. Wang..
Well we celebrated his birthday while the 04-ians brought him a hamper..
I have so much fun with the classmates lorh..
Ohohohoho.. And gosh..
Anyone representing our class to Mr. Tan E.S. house? =3

Friday, February 12, 2010

My 19th Birthday a.k.a Thank You List

Well I guess.. This might be a long thank-you-post..
So.. You guys can actually ignore it..
First of all.. Thanks daddy mommy..
Thanks for that Adidas sling bag..

I like it very very muchie..

Then now.. I would like to thanks those according to the timing la..
Hor Kar Har
Julia Loh..
Si Hoey Tan..
Mun Yee Chek..
Roselind Leong..
Kae Chiam Foong..
Jeffrey Lam..
Eugenie Wong..
Kit Mun Mak.. Thanks for the present.. =)
Kah Hui Ang..
Zi Lin Goh..
Siew Yee Lee..
Chun Yuen Chong..
Jo Ann Teng..
Tien Eek Ng..
Kim Wei Teh..
Shu Qi Chong..
Kar Mun Chin..
Yit Kuan Chew..
Kar Leng Yong..
Pei Pei Too..
Siew Fong Wong..
Pooi Kuan Chan..
June Ling Ng..
Yi Siang Lau..
Xin Yi Wang..
Min Whui Fong.. Thanks for the present.. =)
Ai Vei Ng.. Thanks for the chocolates.. =)
Xin Yi Ha..
Ooi Kuan Woon..
Hui Ren Chuah..
Ji Ching Lee..
Edmund Tan..
Wen Zhee Goh..
Sook Ling Yeoh..
Chee Wei Choong..
Xie Li Wong..
Y-Hung Yap..
Serene Teh..
Kit Mun Chin..
Chee Hao Oh..
Yih Xin Chin..
Priscilla Phan..
Mun Yin Cheong.. Thanks for the present.. =)
Xin Yi Chan..
Sook Yan Wong..
Yi Lin Ng..
Yee Kuan Loo..
Mei Ying Kong..
Li Yeang Chow..
All my beloved U6F3-ians..
Miss Kuan Cheong Chee.. =D
Su Yi Cheng..
Chean Fee Liew..
Anjoe Liew..
Sze Jie Lee..
Wai Hau Chin..
Fiona Teoh..
Mee Yian Foong..
Yee Leng Mah..
Sue Shyan Ling..
Chai Yi Chew..
Amy Chua..
Sabrina Leong..
Chee Mei Khoo..
Annelf Ooi..
Shin Yee Teh..
Xin Kun Tan..
Kit Yee Tan..
Rachel Thye..
Hong Ing Lee..
Yuen Mun Phang..
Jia Anne Lee..
Mun Yee Ng..
Chuan Hong Mok..
Yi Cong Soh.. Thanks for the 100 Plus.. =)
Jia Wei Cheng..
Kai Yan Yeong..
Zhi Yang Chee..
Pei Yee Ng..
Woon Kit Chau..
Pooi Lim Chan..
Michelle Lee..
Wai Jing (Loke?)..
Kar Mun Chew..
Ting Fang Tang..
Fang Sien Ong..
Kuan Yee Yong..
Yen Yee Chong..
Ker Lee Foo..
Eng Sing Yap..
Kar Wai Lee..
Nicole Choy..
Peik Zhi Aw..
Ean Kei Goh..
And lastly..

CHUA WEE CHEN.. Today only wishes me lorh.. =P
A superb long thank you list..
Hereby, I would like to thanks you guys again..
Thanks loads loads.. =]

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

♥ you

Your charming smile..
Melted my heart like the liquids..
Your words..
Uhhhhh.. Ohhhhh.. Arhhhhhhh..
Is just as powerful as the concentrated nitric acid..
The way you call my name..
I just went weak at my knee whenever I think about it..
I shouldn't have reject you for that Ferrero Rocher chocolates..
Even if I didn't plan to eat it..
I still can look at it whenever I miss you..
Okay~ Okay~
I know I sounds a bit too off..
But.. Gosh..
According to Lady Gaga..
He's just simply..

Can you offer me that chocolate again?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010



Saturday, February 06, 2010


As if I beg you..
Can't you just leave me alone?
It's CNY next week..
*gong xi gong xi =D
My big day as well..
Can't you just find somebody?
Why me?
You're really testing my patience..
Don't you trying to break my record please..
I know WHAT are you thinking..


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Oh My God

I've been studying at this school for more than half year d..
This school..
Is just getting God-er and God-er..
I'll tell you why..
Case 1:
Xin Yi lost her lil baby at the basketball court there..
To be more specific..
It's actually beside the jaga's control room..
It's so so so unfortunate..
But fine..
I thought it's just a coincidence..
Case 2:
I lost my school mag..
At the same place..
I have to admit that.. At first..
I was like.. What the heck?
School mag also want arr?
I can't even finish reading it..
Nor look at the class photo of mine..
This lil fella didn't even give me a chance to look at myself.. =P
Case 3:
Which is the most God-est..
At the same place too..
Mai's school uniform got stolen?!
Which include her E-Card, sixth form badge and cash<10bucks..
I got my jaw-dropped..
For the sake of that 10bucks?
Seriously, Sam Tet should have at least ONE CCTV at there..

Monday, February 01, 2010

- whee -

Case 1,
Manchester United won!!
3-1 wei.. Pity Arsenal..
Wheeee.. =D

Case 2,
No idea why..
I'm happy..
Wheeee.. =D

Case 3,
My Chemistry practical didn't really work out today..
Uh.. I know it's nothing much to be happy about..
Wheeee.. =D

Case 4,
I ponteng the Sukan Tara today..
Nar.. I got my very own reason gah..
They want us, to run..
400meters.. WTH?
Well, my feet told me to run..
To run away with Xin Yi to Parade.. =X
Anyhow, we still manage to contribute that tiny 1 mark..
Wheeee.. =D

Case 5,
Last but not least..
I saw Nicole Choy today..
She's still that gorgeous.. =D
I shall meet her again this Thursday..
Can't wait!!
Wheeee.. =D