Monday, March 29, 2010

Memory, memories

Til' now..
I realize..
I was so so so so so..
embarrassed la..
I need a memory card badly..
A memory card for my brain..
How I wish there's a USB port at my ears..
Or a memory card reader is okay too..
My memories seems to be last for about three months and that's it..
No more..
No nothing..
Please, just a 100 GB will do.. =|
I suck..

Friday, March 26, 2010


Finally.. You speak..
All the way back home..
I felt much more better and yea..
Tear glands activated..
I know I'm not a good sister..
Not a good daughter either..
Don't even mention how good I am in school..
I know I'm sucks.. =|

Gotta attend the bowling practice as usual, again.. 
Might have to wrap all my fingers with plaster for the next practice..
Three out of five fingers actually bleed after the itchy-like-hell and superb sensitive skin problems strike back..
The only options available is either chop the fingies off,
OR no more bowling til' the fingies is okay.. ==!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Time flies..
Life is getting tougher and yet..
I'm still slacking as usual..
People grow up and I'm still playing like a child..
I used to wonder..
Am I really that naive or what..
I can't even make myself proud..
And yet dreaming of making my parents to be proud of me?
Maybe I am contended with what I have?
Or fear to learn the new stuff,
as it make me leftout from the others..
Perhaps he's right..
I'm too comfortable with I have..
Not much hard-work from me..
And there's not much scolding from my parents..
I know they are disappointed with me..
But please.. I want you to scold me..
Please.. =|

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

- blablabla -

Nothing went smoothly for me lately..
Nyah.. Never mind.. 
Well I know I'm not that easily defeated..
Maybe I'm not.. =X
Anyway.. I got my worst result ever..
But the exam is over..
So.. F-I-N-E..
Let it be..
Oh yea..
Regarding the question that I've wonder for sometime..
The boiled milk can keep longer than the fresh milk..
The answer is as simple as..
It kill the bacteria.. 
That's it.. ==!!
And I leave it blank at my answer sheet..
TWO marks gone..

Monday, March 15, 2010

Counselor Wanted

Nyah.. A 12 years-old kid..
Need a real professional counselor..
Or else his sister will suffer from mental illness.. =|
This kids..
Can't sleep alone..
Afraid of the dark..
To be more specific..
He's afraid of the GHOST..
Then, afraid of the UFO after watching a TV program..
Til' now.. After he watched the jaw-dropped movie by James Cameron..
He's now afraid of ALIEN too.. 
*Well, I thought alien and UFO are more or less the same..
Somehow he correct me.. =X
That kiddo is my lil bro..
And I seriously can't take much more..
Even my mom was kinda fed up with the alien-thing..
How can he believes that alien do exist..
But he doesn't believes that there are an ULTRAMAN that can fight with the so-called alien?
Can anyone suggest anyway to help this kiddo from this?

p/s: No matter the alien exist or not.. please do not post any alien news over here..
In case he read this.. He'll scream.. =.=

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beep Beep

I'm... Err..
My last hope is.. *sigh..
Well I hope you can mark my our paper calmly..
I'll keep my finger cross that you wouldn't disappointed by my paper..
Even though the probability that you'll get very disappointed is kinda high..
But well..
I do admit that I didn't prepare myself well..
Slacking everyday..
I can't find that feel to study..
Anyways.. That's just a reason to slack..
Getting numb-er to exam.. =|
And.. A very last question.. 
Why the boiled milk can keep longer than fresh milk wor?
The only solution that I have is.. 
Cause when the milk boiled.. The germs are killed.. XP
A so-not-chemistry-answer, I know.. =X

p/s: Leave me alone, please!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Oh Shit..

Something wrong with my lil tummy today..
There are four buttieflies inside the the tummy..
Well I didn't take much care of it too.. 
As I thought that it's just ordinary pain..
Til' I need to get myself to the washroom or toilet after recess..
It's gonna be the roti canai that I ate..
Or the latte and the orange juice that I have..
I conducted a so-called experiment after this..
I went to toilets few more times before I manage to have my conclusion done..
It's the orange juices that I have..
Well I bet no one will ever want to know how I conduct the experiment..
To the constipater out there..
Please try the Marygold Orange Juice..
They should work for your lil tummy.. =3