Thursday, April 29, 2010


scMUET speaking test gonna start at next Monday..
And for our class, the test fall on Tuesday..
In order to make me, myself to speak like a professional..
I was trying to indulge myself in all sorts of music video..
I know, speaking test and music video didn't really have any relation after all..
But frankly speaking..
The music videos produced in these days are really interesting..
No idea what should I use to describe them..
Or maybe they're either meaningful in someway or they really are good entertainment..
Especially when you're stress out..
If you guys are free..
Here is the music video 'If we ever meet again' by Timbaland featuring Katy Perry.. =)
 p/s: Katy Perry is so hot in this video and Timbaland is so cute..
I mean the way he rolled his eyes and playing with his chin.. =D

Monday, April 26, 2010

♥ *Screams!

When I was fourteen..
It was the first match that I ever watched..
Portugal vs. Germany
And hey.. There's is this handsome wearing purplish-red and green colored jersey..
He is the one.. Jersey no. 17.. *SCREAMS
He SHINE, so brightly..
The way he played..
Damn.. I was so damn addicted to football at that time..
All because of him..
Somehow, at that particular match..
The Portuguese lost to the Germans..
2-3.. *heart-breaking..
You should know him by now..
He's one of the legend player in Manchester United.. *SCREAMS
And now..
He is world most expensive player in Real Madrid.. *SCREAMS
Tada~ Here he is..




He is the one and only..
Cristiano Ronaldo..


Sunday, April 25, 2010


I was like so so so many to say..
But I have no idea what to say..
Confusing eh?
Just finish the MUET test..
Didn't even have much high expectations from it..
I forgot to clean my ear wax a day before the test..
Keep the fingers cross that at least I can get something I deserve..
Not in a mood again..

p/s: Ivy, I'm addicted to muscular guys, again..
Any idea to save me? =(

Friday, April 23, 2010


Just received a great great news from DADDY~
And the good news is..

Nyah.. I'm not going to tell you! =P
Please forgive my stinginess..
And even though tomorrow is the MUET exam..
Somehow, I don't feel like reading anythings..
Anyway, may the lady luck be with the us, the MUET candidates..
Gambateh everyone! Good luck too! :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


Warning: The post-of -the-day are strictly not for kids under 12 years-old.

I'm a last minute-er..
Why can't you just do something instead of looking here and there?
I just wish that all of this suckie porblems can fuck off..
And you..
Really need a kick at your ass don't you?
Sometimes I just I can slap you at your face..
Kick you at your ass..
And fuck off..

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Pissed off!!!
Pissed off!!!
Pissed off!!!

So damn disappointed and yet..
I can't say anything..
What the helllll..

I missed Batman and Wolverine today..

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Biggie brother is leaving to Singapore soon..
Feel like kinda reluctant too see him leaving us lorh..
I'm not a good sister larh..
But.. I'll miss the moment where we two bully youngie brother lorh..
Somehow, it's his future..
I would like to see him succeed in his career though..
Gambateh lorh.. =)
The guitar player in church.. =)
The professional photographer.. =D
 The leng zhai.. XD
Last but not least..
The prawn-killer.. XP 
Okay.. He's not that into that prawnie actually.. =P

Anyway.. Gonna miss him loadsa loadsa.. =|
Take great care.. =(

Friday, April 09, 2010

Randomie, me..

1. I have problems listening to people nowadays.. Please pardon me if I request you to repeat what you've just said..
2. I like to see my friends to feel so annoying because of me.. I'll actually laugh at them when they can't resist my retarded look..
3. I'll respect you, if and only if, you respect me as well..
4. I love my friends, each and everyone of them.. And honestly, I can't survive without them..
5. I eat a lots.. My 'a lots' means that I can eat 2 bowls of rice, 2 bowls of soup and a pack of maggi for my dinner..
6. I hate to be emo.. When I'm emo, I'll cry.. However, if I laugh like usual.. That usually mean I'm really emo..
7. I like to watch football.. And I'm proud to say that I'm Manchester United fans.. *please don't boo me.. =X And yea.. Who say girls don't enjoy watching football? I watch it since Form2..
8. I'm afraid that I'll isolate by my friends.. But sometimes, I do that to my friends.. ==
9. I'm silly.. I like to do silly stuff..
10. My mouth talk before my brain think.
11. I like to see my friends laugh.. And I'll laugh..
12. I'm my daddy's girl..
13. I can bath up to an hour.. Don't ask me what I'm doing inside the bathroom.. =X
14. I'll smile or giggle or laugh alone whenever I think of some silly stuff that my friends did..
15. I'm not a good sister.. Don't ask me why too..

More coming next.. =)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Life's suck..

I suck..

Smiling outside..
Dying inside..

Monday, April 05, 2010

A Guide For the Aunties: Dos and Don'ts

I believes that most of the aunties ask the wrong questions at the wrong time..
And hereby.. 
Some guidelines for them to avoid some social disaster..
Especially when they're visiting their long-time-no-see friend(s)..
The Dos:
Do mention how pretty is your friends' daughter is..
For example, you can mention that the daughter of your friends is as pretty as Taylor Swift..
Sweet smile, superb talented, etc..
Do ask her how did she excel in her studies..
Even this girl do not do her revision at all..
Question her as she did study 8 hours per day..

The Don'ts:
Never ask them how old are they..
Girls are born to be sensitive with numbers..
Therefore, beware of the numerical stuff..
Question such as are they studying in Standard Five or Six kills too..
Most of them judge us with our height..
And these aunties might have just started another world war..
Do not describe these little girls using the following fruits..
Pear, papaya, or even orange.. ==!!
Shape like oval or round is not encourage too..
Do not ask them about their relationship..
Silly question such as do anyone chase after you? *chaser = admirer
In my case.. I'll usually answer them that Sports Day has already pass..

I just wish to protect the world like the Batman and Wolverine did..
Tee hee.. =D

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Motivation, motivation..

It's April now..
And I still NOT motivated to study YET..
Maybe I need someone to stare at me when I'm doing my work?
Nyah.. I just need someways to stop my laziness from conquering me..
I was afraid that my dream can only be dream..
Somehow, I never want to start off properly..
Sucha confusing thought I have..?
My lil brother distracted me as well..
I know it will be a little little childish to say so..
But I'm kinda addicted to cartoon lately..
Damn Batman and Wolverine..
I've been busy watching both of them saving the world but not saving me..
I know I'm legally 19 this year..
Just that..
I errr..
Hope the P.A.  paper would ask something such as..
Who is Batman's partner?
A. Robin Hood
B. Robin
C. The Little Red Riding Hood 
I know I'm lame.. I know.. =D

Thursday, April 01, 2010



Yea.. It's you..

All I need..
is you.. =DD

Can't wait for Monday! *wink =D