Saturday, May 29, 2010

Face Saving

Talking about face. Everyone has one.
It's usually a representative of how you are. Some even reflects one personalities.
No matter how pretty or how eye-sore it is.
Washing the face everyday and night is a good way to maintain our good-looking faces.
But, are your cosmetic and toiletries really did a good job for you?
Nyah. I got a solution for you guys. *wink :)
First, use make-up sparingly and,
Avoid excessive foundation, blushers, powder, blablabla. 
Never let your skin felt suffocating. 
It deserve to breath.
Second, not all 'natural' products are really THAT natural. Beware of it.
They do contain some botanical extracts but it's with addition industrial chemicals. 
Some of the discarded personal care ingredients are even found in rivers. 
Hey! Fish don't wash their face.
Third, the best way to keep yourself glow and shine is to eat naturally. I mean fruits or vege.
Citrus fruits, berries, carrots, almonds, green tea and blablabla.
By the way, say 'No' to caffeine and alcohol.
Ate the good ones and watch yourself glow
Last but not least, check your favorite cosmetic brands or products over here.
Is it the right time to change for a new cosmetic products?
Hmph. You decide it. =)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keep It Cross

There's about one more week before I have my mid-term examination
Well, I ain't studying hard but blogging over here. 
Of course, I didn't plan to give up on this freakingly important exams.  
You know. At the age of 19, and I'm still afraid of the Parents' Day.
How pathetic.
I'm just keeping my fingers cross that my form teacher will tell my parents the not-so-honest part, like:
I do pay loads and loads of attention during class. 
I never talk with my friends when he or she's teaching. 
I do all the homework myself, which means no copying. XP
I never fish in class, not even once.

In order to keep myself safe from all the salivary bullets
Most probably I'll have to wear a bullet proof vest to school on that day.
Somehow, this gonna be my very last Parents' Day.
No idea will I miss it when I'm studying in the university.
But I'm not gonna miss it now.
It's a nightmare, for the kids and me. =X

Monday, May 24, 2010


Biggie brother got a job interview!


God bless!

Need You Now

It's been two days.
I never knew two days time can be sucha long time for me.
I never knew that I'll lost you after that moment.
I never knew that you are that important for me.
I never knew that you are actually, part of my life.
I never knew that I'll suffer like hell. 

The pain that you cause, It's indescribable.

You know?
There's this quote,

Human beings are independent animals.

These people are so wrong.
I have another quote that's much more desirable.

To the world, you're just one person;
But to one person, you're his/her whole world.

Yea, you're my whole world. =)

And I wanna dedicated this to,

Marigold Orange Juice. :)
It's just, fantastico
I want you. 
I want you.  
I want you. 
Gonna wait til' daddy is home before I can buy two big bottles of you. =|

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Running into toilet for about four times today.

May God bless that the butterflies will leave me alone by tomorrow. =(

Exam is getting nearer.

Somehow, I have NO exam mood.

Gotta go to library to do some so-called study.

And the study didn't really works.

It gave me a kind of, I-know-nothing-feel.

Even I did flip through.

Of maybe I really study nothing and therefore,

I know nothing?


What's the main reason of exam?

It makes me feel so sick.  =|

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Integration & Differentiation

You know.
Even Cheryl Cole sang this In Fight For This Love

Too much of anything can make you sick.
Even the good can be a curse. 

And I just get to understand it this afternoon.

Excessive maths practices kills.
Even though it's suppose to be done ages ago.


I'm going to conquer you, before I kill myself.
Headache! Headache!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Y For Yay!

Finally, I manage to took a very precious picture him!
The teacher's day celebration was no doubt, a very successful one!
All the teachers came, except that Mr. Tan was a little bit late. 
And a FULL class photo was taken.
Just that both Kai Ning and Keng Soon missed it. =(
Here comes that precious picture!
It's Mr. Tan at left. Miss Tham, Pn. Yap, Miss Chee.
  Mr. Choo, Mr. Wang, Pn, Nava.
Did you see HIM? Cute and broad smile that he has!
*Melting. XD

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day

Tomorrow gotta be my very first official Teacher's Day celebration in Sam Tet.
I still remember that last year, all of us just sat in the classroom and chat among ourselves.
We are still new with the school environment mar. :P
The class reps ended up scolding by Pn. Nava a day after that. Why?
Just because we didn't wish her a very Happy Teacher's Day
Well for this year, we have something different than just chit chat.
We plan a class party for it! Oh whee. :)
Every teachers that taught us before are invited. 
Of course, no intruders allowed. XP
The classmates have some diabolical plan behind though.
Since it's diabolical, I ain't gonna tell you guys right now. *evil smirks
Wait til' it's over by tomorrow. Be patience larh.
This Teacher's Day celebration remind me of my Kiddy's Day in primary school, somehow.
Hopefully, everything went smoothly.
And I'm so gonna chew and munch and bite you chicken!!
Eh, I mean the KFC. :P
Mr. Choo, Mr. Wang, Mr. Tan, Pn. Yap, Pn. Nava, Miss Chee, Miss Tham.
Here I come~ XD

Friday, May 14, 2010


The result for the Thomas Cup semi-final.
My main point isn't there.
I actually, found another cutie pie! 
Age only 22.
He is the ever-smiling badminton player.
One of the Malaysia top player.
The one with the world fastest smasher record, 421km/h.
Here he is. :)
The third from left.
In action. :)
Smashing. :)
And God. This CUTE look!
Awwww. *I'm melting. XD
Yea. He is the one and only.
Tan Boon Heong!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Orientation- Day 3

Hot weather.
Mundane and yet long speech by beloved, Madam Ng.
All these. All these.
Made me skipped my Chemistry lesson.
Okay larh
It's because I'm THAT busy body.
Wanna know how's the junior and which class they're going into.
Blame the curiosity.
Honestly, the lower sixes is so rude larh.. 
Their attitude gonna kill them soon.
Well, that's my experience. =X
I, myself is rude enough til' I saw someone ruder than me. *salute
But, I'm glad that everything is over now. *wink

Anyway, I did have some fun with Pooi Kuan and Kar Wai after school. :)
And THAT Tan Kai Ning.
She's leaving to U.S. soon.
Gahhh! I'm so gonna miss her. 
Dia tuu, adorable. XD
Both of us share the same birthday and yet.
Two of us are so different. Totally different.
But there's this similarity.
Both of us are kindhearted. XP

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Orientation- Day 2

Hot weather.
Mundane and yet long speech by BMW, you-know-who. XD
All these. All these.
Made me napped for 2 hours plus! *woohoo
I'm recharged! Fully recharged!
And people. I mean the lower sixes.
Stop complaining larh wei.
Complain these complain that. Urghh.
This game tortures you. That game ain't fun.
Ala. These games torture us as well larh tuu.
Eighteen years-old lorh. Still a kid meh? Issh.
Please, grow up kids!
Six former do not need any kids like, me.. =D

Anyway, biggie brother is now in Singapore wor. =|
Saya mau gor gor saya back in Ipoh larh.
I didn't miss him.
I'm not going to miss him either.
Okay. I miss him. =(

Monday, May 10, 2010

Orientation- Day 1

Hot weather.
Mundane and yet long speech by beloved, Phang Phang
All this. All this.
Contributed to the sleepiness when I was back to my class.
But thanks God
I have Kai Ning, the queen of *burps.
I have Kar Wai, the swine-copter.
I have Pooi Kuan, the panda-of-the-day.
I'm awake! Awake! 
Not to mention. I skip all the lesson.
Except Chemistry of course.
Today he taught electrolysis.
Nyah. Thanks god again.
I have nothing to do at that time.
Sucha right timing. :)
Anyway, tomorrow is the more intensive one.
The station games! *Woohoo!
But, I got my Chemistry practical AT THE SAME TIME.
God. I'm so gonna sacrifice the games for it.
Sobs. I wanna play tuu. =|

Sunday, May 09, 2010


And to my forever young, pretty and lovely mommy.
I you. *mwah mwah

And mommy, 
Everyday is your day.
As long as you didn't ask me to vacuum the floor again..
Mommy you ROCK!

Tomorrow is going to be another big day!
The lower sixes are coming in!
Which means, D-day has arrived.
*evil smirks

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Random, me.

1. Absent-minded. Yea, I'm always that forgetful. 
Perhaps the capacity for the brain is just like. Pea size?
2. Sleepyhead. I'm good at this since the day I opened my eyes.
Mommy said this is inheritance. Blame daddy. XD
3. Stubborn. Due to the outdated pea-size brain.
Can't accept new facts fast. How pathetic.
4. I can't burp. Which means, no matter how full I am.
All I can do is look at the tummy and cried.
Better still, I fart? *evil smirks
5. I always fight or scold my lil brother.
It's not because I wanna fight with him.
It's because I want him to be better. Better than me, at least. 
6. My friends refer me as one of those asthma patients.
All because of my laughing sounds like one. ==
Of course, asthma and I doesn't really related.
7. I mocha. 
Mocha rocks. :)
8.  Good at slacking. I'm never fail in this subject.
It's part of me. 
9. I miss guiding.
I wanna camp and play with the fire badly.
Backwoodsman tuuu, syok! 
10. I used to have random thoughts.
Like now. :)

Told ya. It's random.
I ain't gonna let the bleakness conquer me.
You sucks.

Friday, May 07, 2010


Good job for you.
Congrats, for sucha good achievement that you have.
I don't mind if you're trying to isolate me.
I'm okay with it.
I don't mind if you're trying to compared me with you, where you're far more better than me.
I'm fine with it.
I don't mind if you're gossiping behind me.
I'm not gonna stop you from doing it.
I don't mind if you're treating as if I'm invisible.
Go ahead. I'm fine.
BUT, there's a limit. 
Everyone has their own limit to endure with all this.
No offense, but you are just more-or-less the same.
I know I ain't polite like you.
I know I ain't hardworking like you.
But at least I didn't change myself just to please other peoples.
What's wrong with trying to be myself?
And hey there, I don't really care for my image in front of my friends.
They are my friends. And yet I have to act as if I'm another pretendo?
Sorry, I am who I am.
And that's the facts. 
I ain't depress.
I ain't emo.
I ain't crying.
I'm just, digging my heart for a better tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


As I mentioned earlier, the 2nd of May is actually my mommy and daddy's anniversary
My daddy decided to bring mommy to Indulgence for the candle-light dinner. 
All of us are excited. Okay.
I am the one who got very excited. It's Indulgence wor. =P
The one that I used to pass by rather than having my meals over there.
It's well-known for it's tantalizingly delicious cuisine or delicacies. 
And it's godly expensive dishes. $_$
I can't stop smiling when I reached there. Sounds kinda insane? XD
As if I have just came out from the jungle, a.k.a. 'sam ba' in Cantonese.
My mommy was like ... , too many candles for both of them.
The biggie brother referred three of us as the spotlight than candles
Nyah. Where got spotlight dinner in this world? =X
Here is the pictures. :)
The starter. Oyster, cheesy baked. 
8 bucks per oyster.  And there are S-I-X. =|
Piece of art. Tenderloin of beef.
Mommy and the lamb ribs.
Little brother has the same steak as mine. While biggie brother has bolognese. 

At the end, I was so so so full that I have to dragged myself out of this restaurant. And mommy said there is NO NEXT TIME. This candle-light cost my dad 450 bucks. =|
All the candles ain't cheap eh?

The MUET test has finally ended. God bless. 
And I didn't face much problems in the speaking test. *clap clap. :)
Another happy ones, this friend of mine said that my English was kinda good wor.
Good wor. HAHA
Honestly, I don't really agree with her lorh. :)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Be Prepared

Woke up at 6 in this morning. 
Even though today is the Labor Day where everyone got their holidays. 
I didn't get mine. *yawn~
How pathetic. I've to blame the incoming Lower Six for this. =D
Anyhow,we have breakfast at Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant.
Gahhhhhh.. The dim sums really rocks. It cost us RM 130+ for 10 peoples.
Here are some pictures by Mun Yee, the Lim. XD
A tableful of dim sums.
Two bowl of black sesame soup? Nyah. I have no idea what's their name in English.
Perhaps you guys know it by 芝麻糊. =)
Group photo after the meal. *BURP~ :P
Note: That uncle behind isn't in OUR group. :D
As for me,this is the picture-of-the-day.
Yi Lin, me, and the Xin Yis. Ha and Chan. =)
And the game testing were okay. I mean, it's fun.
Gonna release all the stress at the Lower Six Orientation.
You know why.
They gonna be torture soon. *evil smirks

p/s: Tomorrow is mommy and daddy's big big day.
It's their anniversary!! And daddy wanna spend their lovely night at INDULGENCE.
Of course, they need some extra candles with them. Or should I say, the light bulbs
Wheeeeee.. XD