Monday, June 28, 2010

A not-so-safe school

I have been studying in Sam Tet for a year though.
Life as an upper six isn't easy after all. But I'm still having some fun.
Til' those long-hand-fella are here again.
Frankly speaking, some may thought that Sam Tet is well known for it's academic and some co-curriculum. The kids studied at there are either rich fella or a future Newton.
Not for me. And the worst case?
There are some kind of theft or whatever-you-name-that, that they took your stuff by so-called accidentally. Or eventually, they steal them.
And if you didn't happen to read my earlier post Oh My God, let me tell you part of the story.
First, never leave your properties near the poach near the basketball court.
I lost my school mag at there. Til' today, I lost my superb important file.
And for some older case, my friends lost her school uniforms, the water tumbler, money, E-card, reference book or even pencil case. They just manage to take anything at anywhere. Even the school library, some of them lost their pencil case and calculator.
See how desperate they are?
Second, the students' car park lots. This job are usually done by the outsider.
Once in a while, some students realize they car just un-startable.
Til' they found out it's the car batteries. It's gone.
I used to wonder. How much does this old car battery cost?
100 bucks? Or less than that?
Seriously, I hope the school are willing to LOOK INTO the matters.
Or is there any rich fella doesn't mind donating some CCTVs to the school? XD

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hey yo.

Hey people. I'm back. :)
I'm kinda sorry that I have been abandoning this blog for sometimes. Hehee.
It's a busy week after the holiday. 
I just enjoyed staring at time to pass during the holiday til' now I wish I could stop the time.
Pathetic. It's really difficult for me to suit myself with the holiday and school day.
I actually went to KL just before the school reopen and I'm still in that KL mood.
Talking about KL trip. I've been to HaiLam Village.
The place where they serve tantalizing seafood! And I love seafood

The view is unforgettable.
  They actually build a temple near the restaurant.

The food are awesomely fresh.
 Fresh fishy.
Fresh LALA's relative. =P 

The kids are cute, too.  Hai Lam's kiddies.

And the auntie speaks HaiLam's dialect where I can't understand at all. =X

And and and, I went shopping! Bought nothing, just a pair of socks.
Pathetic! Went to KL just for that socks? 
Urghhh. Mana saya punya jersey? Sobs.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Amazing Old Phone

Mobile phone is a must have items for people these day.
It's no longer for calling and sending short messages.
Even mailing, Facebook-ing, Youtube-ing, etc.
With all sorts of new phones in the markets, people tends to change their phone more rapidly. Especially the teenagers, showing off their new phone to make their friends jealous.
Unfortunately, I'm the one that was not-so-lucky.
My friends made me felt so jealous. =X
My phone are still functioning after five years plus.
I dropped it numerous time, including an epic fall.
I was jumping all the way to my room, where it's upstairs.
And my phone jump all the way down back to downstairs.
I was screaming. Wondering is it still okay.
*Checking here and there.
Nope. She is totally fine. Nothing's wrong.
I believe it can even sustain from an earthquakes or tsunami.
Well I can showing off my phone too. 
W700i by S. Ericsson.
A well-trained anti-shaking earthquakes phone.  XP
Jealous borh? =X

BTW. Felt kinda pity for Green, yea, the England's goalkeeper.
So cham. =X

Friday, June 11, 2010

There's a BUG in my ear!

It's 4 something in the morning. 
I was in the deep-sleep phase, dreaming over a handsome prince.
He's trying to save me from a big bad dragon.
While he's jumping over some hills, the dragon blast off some fireballs to the him.
And the scene goes on and on and on.
Somehow before the prince saves me, that true love first kiss.
My ears get kinda itchy. *spoiled the mood =____=
I was getting awake by then.
Suddenly, I heard some sounds struggling inside my ears!
Oh My God. What the heck is that THING inside it?
I can't scream for help. The whole street will curse me for that.
And it's so damn disgusting. Can't imagine what will climb out afterward.
I waited and waited. Trying to help that THING with a tissue paper.
And here it came.
A red ant. WTF.

What the heck it gotta do inside my ear? 
To play my ear drums?
Gotta kill ALL the red ants when I saw them for the next time.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A To-Shop-List

I'm going to KL next Friday. With mommy and lil brother.
Actually, I'm doing the daughter-part to look for my daddy
Sucha good daughter, right? =X
Of course, since we're going to KL already.
We need to shop, too.To release my tension after the torturing exam mar. Hohoho.
These days, I've been busy thinking what should I shop at there. HEEE.
My must-buy-list include this,
Portugal's Jersey! The 7's Cristiano Ronaldo weh!
I want it.
I want it.
I want it.
I have been dreaming for this since Form 2. 
Hopefully I can end my dream with it in my hands. Oh whee.
And and.
I need to change my handphone's... Battery.
I definitely would not want my handphone to explode into pieces. *keep my fingers cross.
Or better still, my B.O.D a.k.a. Bank of Dad doesn't mind to sponsor me a brand new phone. Hopefully my proposal can pass through the Mom's Corporation.
Nyah. My old phone is still functioning by now.
Greedy me.  =X

Gonna be a guai guai lui or good lil girl for this holiday.
Wish me luck! =D

Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Great Start

Yesterday was the day one of the very precious holiday.
Gahhh. I finally have my very own sweet time.
I wanna sleep. Sleep. SLEEP.
Recently the headache is trying to kill me. No idea of why.
I just get it. And it's freaking annoying.
BTW. I try to do some so-called housework so that mommy wouldn't say that I've slack for two weeks. 
I started it with washing my car. It's about six months, I didn't give her a single bath.
It's full with dirt and dust. It has some weird smell too. =X
And so, I started to looks for the car wash detergent and some rags. I want to clean it til' it's shine. *bling! bling! 
I got all of them except that detergent. I just can't find it.
I thought mommy might know where is it. So, I went to ask her.
She asked me to go to the bathroom and use that bottle of blablabla.
I went there and. Wait. 
It's the Dove Straight and Silky Hair Shampoo
No choice. I used it to wash the little red riding deer.
Eventually, it smells much more nicer than before.
All thanks to Dove. =D

p/s: Came back from the Starwalk today.
Gonna suffered from muscle pain for the next few days. =|

Friday, June 04, 2010

Good news & Bad news

Here comes the holiday, where I waited til' my neck started to grow. =X
Felt so terrible at this moment. Attacked by that dumbo headache again.
Perhaps not much brain cells left after the mid-term test.
Sigh. Wish to have a time machine so so so badly.
Just to restart my sixth form life. 
To restudy what I have missed last year.
Most probably no more slacking after this holiday. 
It's STPM man. 
I just wanna finish it as fast as I can, as best I can.
Quoted from my biggie brother:


And I don't want that 报应, seriously.

BTW. I have a good and a bad news.
The good news is biggie brother gonna come back at next Monday!
Whee. But he'll start his new job at mid-June.
And the bad news is,
The only male left at home is that 12 years-old kid.
The one who are afraid of ghost and cry whenever you off his bathroom's light. 


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Drop 'dead'

It's like waking up from the other side of the bed today. 
Erm. It's more or less like one larh.
It's my Chemistry and Maths paper today.
Honestly. I didn't preparemyself well til' I got some kind of, err.
Panic attack during that Maths paper. My palms sweat non-stop. It's like forever wet. Duhhh.
And suddenly.
What's integration huh? 
I can't differentiate that dumbo integration and that sucky differentiation.
Can't help myself from sweating even more vigorously.
There's only about half an hour left and I can't proceed to the next question.
I admit that I didn't do much revision for the Maths. 
But two weeks before this, I did do the exercises.
The same type of question.
And I can't fixed my brain cells in time.
Ruined. All ruined.
At the time I figured it out. It's just 5-10 minutes left.
I didn't even manage to finish writing my answer.
p.s: Can someone please invent a USB port for the human beings?
So I can insert my pendrive to the pea-size brain during exam. =|