Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The worst dream I ever had

It's started with some serious skin problems.
I always have problems like sensitive or god-damn-oily-skin.
Til' yesterday, there are some patches on my skin turning purplish-red colour.

It got worse when it's peeling off, by itself.
The first layer..
And the second..
And third..
And it goes on and on.. :S

After sometimes, I was kinda glad that the skin did stop peeling by itself again.
Looking at the mirror happily.

Eventually, what I think is NOT what I saw.

I saw a worm in my face.
like this one,

I woke up. And shit.
I don't wanna dream anymore.

Monday, July 19, 2010

To quit or not to quit.

I need help over here, seriously.
I just can't decide over this topic.
Gah. Should I stop drinking this?


I wanted to stop myself from it but ended up having a can of them everyday.
Nar. You see arr, coffee contains caffeine where some people say no good.
But some say it's alright, it's fine, it's good, blahblahblah.

If i quit, 
No more Nescafe at home;
No more mocha at school;
No more coffee at Kopitiam;
No more latte at Starbucks.

Just some ordinary orange juice for me.

If I continue, 
I will still get to drink all of them. :D
Besides, keeping myself awake in class. 
No more fishing when teachers are teaching wor.

How? How? How?

Currently challenge by some buddies that I can't stop myself from drinking mocha.
Hmph. They say imma caffeine-addict wor.
Sounds like drug-addict lorh.  =|

Friday, July 16, 2010

cos θ sin θ

I'm currently trying my very best to be friend with trigonometry.

It's THAT trigonometry that causes me sleepless night.
It's THAT trigonometry that causes my neurons over-twisted. *hang gei. :P
It's THAT trigonometry that made me memorizing all the trigo-equations, again.
It's THAT trigonometry that made me insane when I've half-page-long-solutions but i got nothing right.

It's THAT trigonometry that reminds me of my cha-siew Form5 maths.
It's THAT trigonometry that reminds me of my mom when she said maths is just maths. As simple as that.

But THAT trigonometry make me scream in joy when I solve it.

And now.

I'm loving it. *trying to. :D

p/s: There is just 100+ days to STPM.
It's either to work hard or, to die hard.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The team. My team.

The World Cup 2010 had come to an end.
The Spaniards won while the Oranjes lost to a better team.
Nyah. I'm not going to make a World Cup report for this. 
I'm actually, have more interest at some of these hotties! 
If I have the chance to own a football team. I want all these hotties with me! XD

The goalkeeper, Iker Casillas. Spain's captain.
100% hot. *melting.

Italy's captain. The defender, Fabio Cannavaro.
90% hot.

Germany's defender. Dennis Aogo. He's only 23.
*evil smirks. 80% hot.

The Spain's midfielder, Andres Iniesta.
He's not that hot. But he's 70% cutteeee.

Brazil's midfielder, Kaka.
He look's so.. *out-of-vocab over here. Tee hee.
85% cutteee.

Spain's midfielder, too. Cesc Fabregas. Age 23 only.
90% hott.

Spain's midfielder again. Xavi.
With the cutee smilee. 85% cutteee.

Another hottie from Spain. Fernando Torres!
90% hott!

The Portugal's captain, Cristiano Ronaldo.
100% hott. *drooling.

Last but not least, Argentina's Lionel Messi.
He's cute. Cute. And cute.
Just not this picture larh. :)

And yea. I know this team isn't that balance. 
But never mind.
As long as it's good for my eyes! =P

p.s: I think i have just reach the melting point. Oops. XD

Friday, July 09, 2010


To the God. 
Please bless the poor girl. I mean.
Please, bless me. Urghh. 
Screw the MUET.
Screw the Report Card's Day.
And God, please grant my daddy a superb strong heart.
To resist any of the disappointment and anger.
Could I really talk to you? Or did you hear me from here?
I'm gonna face another world war, in my life larh.
Gah. I should be optimistic man.
Stop praying to the God, perhaps. =X
It's just a new chapter in my life.
A tough one but I'm not going to give up yet.

Life is full with choices but giving up is not an option.
To be or not to be? Hmph.
*ignore me larh. :) você é meu tudo.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Another Whoa-Record

I've just finish my dinner actually.
A very satisfied yet yummy dishes from one of the best chef.
I ate a total of one big bowl of rice with two bowl of soup.
Hehh. Who say girls are always mindful bout their meals?
The least the better?
At least I'm not. Hehee.
The most happening is that I broke Ivy Ng's record.
Tee hee. Few months back before she went to Taiwan.
She had FOUR bowls of soup in my house. Exclude her dinner wor.
A kinda high record as my tummy didn't allow me to eat that much.
Til' lately, my appetites started to grow.
Last week, I had two bowls of rice, a bowl of soups with two big bowls of tong shui!
Total FIVE bowls. *evil smirks.

Looking for the results of Ivy versus Connie?

Connie won! *BURP XP