Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Nyah. Happy birthday for Malaysia.
It's rather plain or not-so-happy for me.
Thanks to the childish politicians.
And not forgetting those who enjoy playing with racial issues.
Can't you all grow up, please?
And that Namewee, I'm rather neutral this time.
I'm neither supporting him nor criticize him or what-so-ever.
Seriously, all the Chinese and Indian issues made me feel so,

This National Day.
It's just a little bit, meaningless for me.
Another holiday lorh.

It's not we don't wanna be a patriotic, country-lover Malaysians.
It's, I'm fed up.

Signing off.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Biggie bro

He's currently working at Singapore. As a graphic designer.
Left home for about almost three months I guess.
And, I miss him. No idea how is he lately.
FYI, two of us was rather, not so close. :S
But he's still my brother, the one I respect.
Two of us, are totally different.
He likes anime, and he has a cupboard-ful of mangas.
He likes to play guitar, and he has two.
He likes photography, and he has at least 3 DSLR camera if not mistaken. He bought them without any financial help. *salute
He likes to read. He got loads of Hong Kong's mag and some books that I don't wanna read at all. 
He reads 《英文面试很轻松》, 《如何让老板喜欢你的工作态度》, Des!gn Thinking ... *salute again
He likes Japanese drama, movies and he even learn to write Japanese by himself. *That's why I respect him, a lots.
He likes jogging, and he even take part in marathon competitions.
He study in independent school, and his Chinese is truly fascinating and impressive. *At least I'm impressed.
And me?
I likes shopping, and waste all my daddy's hard-earned money.
I likes to sleep, and sleep is never enough for me.
I know nothing about music. I can't play any musical instruments and I can't sing.
I likes new stuff, and I always want persuade my parents to buy me new sport shoes or bags. But fail most of the time.
I hates reading. Not to mention manga. Only Discovery Channel Mags or National Geographic Mags suits me. 
I don't exercise. It explain why I only take part in Starwalk. For the sake of that cert. :X
I study in public school. My Chinese, English and Malay language are just so-so.

And he weight less than 50kg while I weight around 50kg. And the little bro?
He weight over 50kg.
The body mass would be,
Elder brother < Me < Little brother;
Retarded me.
Pathetic. I should eat less.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Both of you are my darlings. I can't afford to lost anyone of you.
Both of you are long winded, I'll bear with it.
Both of you are good chefs, I have all sorts of simple yet nutrition meals every weeks.
Both of your cooking's are sometimes, over-seasoning, but I'll still finish it.
Both of you are my parents' sweetheart, it explains all your sickness, diabetes.
Both of you are over hundreds, I love you like no others.
Both of you, just simply irreplaceable. 
And yet, both of you broke my heart.
I lost both of my grandpa, and I don't wanna miss you guys like how I miss them.
I just wanna live happily ever after.
Why is it that difficult for us.
Why there's always someone who contribute and sacrifice the most but ended up not even a single appreciation?
Why there's always someone who just look and do nothing but ended up with all the praises that does not belong to them?
Will the situation ever change if grandpa know this earlier?
Maybe I can still have my breakfast with him?
With his favorite teh o', less sugar, that's what I remember. 
And I miss your laughter, your smile, your voice. Everything.

Why is the world so damn not fair?

 For sure, I'm not going to forget how you make us bleed.
How you made daddy bleed, in the heart.

Heck. Hate that I miss you.
Hate that I love you
Hate that I did not keep my promise. Sorry.  


Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I felt so hard to start writing a post these day.
Blame the trial that kill my brain cells.
I used to wonder.
Is that me that getting older?
Or my reaction that's getting slower?
Hmph. Any idea?
By the way,
If you get to watch one of the Hong Kong famous TVB's drama, Heart of Greed.
*a.k.a  溏心风暴.
I guess that most of us get to know that ill-treatment by friends is nothing.
Compared to have such mean, greedy or selfish relatives.
Watching at that drama gonna make your blood pressure rise.
Wait til' you have the relatives that really be like one.
It's suffocating.
Once in a while, I wish that I can control my ears.
To hear or not to hear.

And and.
I'm not stress, not at all. :)
See that smiley? I'm FINE
*whack *whack *whack
*bang *bang*bang

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here I am, once more.

Ello, people. I'm back. :)
Geez, I have been abandoning this bloggie for THREE weeks.
Thanks to that suddenly brought-forward's trial. 
I heard that only the Ipohians or Perakians have to suffered like this.  
The government gave us three weeks to prepared ourselves for the STPM trial.
It's three weeks you know, so little time for so many works man.
And I expect my result to be all red.
Study at the last minutes is just, so wrong.
And I hardly manage to catch up with my study these day.
Blame my poor time management.
Besides, I came up with a new theory lately.
During exam periods, 
stress α body weight.
That's my opinion larh. Actually it's what happened to me. :X
I told mommy that I need snacks to keep myself awake at night so that I can study without any interruptions.
Eventually, I ended up eating non-stop than doing my revision.
Blame my poor resistant towards Oreos.

Oreos, oh oreos.
Hate that I love you so.

p.s: Elmo is so cute.
He melts me. :)