Saturday, September 25, 2010

Motivate me, no?

Okay. I did went to that talk.
It's not that bored though. The speaker is so experienced, that he keep on making lame jokes.
Some of it do make sense but most of them, you know it. :D
There are supposed 40 students going to represent Sam Tet, to improve themselves at their studies. 
Ended up?
Only three people turned up to be at there. =_______=
Me, Bear Bear and Joanne. 
The moment the organizing committee asking for the Sam Tet's student,
Everyone is looking around for us, three of us.
Some look at us. Huh? Three only?
Kinda embarrassing though. The committee even forgotten to give us the certificate. lmao.
And the very brave Bear Bear went to ask for it. Bear Bear wor. *roarrr. :D
The talk is fine but there are these some complains words from three of us:
First, we went to two Bangunan UMNO before we reach the final destination.
Ain't the school should gave us clear instruction where should we go?
Second, most of the schools provide transport for their students.
We saw few buses there. But Sam Tet? We drove there. And Bear got her bike's on.
Not forgetting. It's raining at that time. Poor Bear. 
Third, every school got their teacher with them.
Hello? Where is our superb friendly, nice and responsible Pn. Ng? 
And I heard from her that she'll mark our attendance at the UMNO building.
So now? Who did she mark? No one?
Urghhh. If she's going to ask all of us to have a nice chat with her on Monday.
I'll somehow, protest to protect my stand. :P
It's who's fault anyway? 

p.s: LOL @ Bear who drinks ttw's drink. ROFL.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

His Royal Highness

Images of His Royal Highness were running in my mind for the past few weeks.
He looks superb handsome when he got his mask on.
He actually stayed at the Valley of King til' his tomb was found by Howard Carter.
Okay. If you did subscribe National Geographic Mag, you'll know who I'm referring to.

It's the King Tutankhamun
The young pharaoh that died at the young age of 18.
A CT scan in 05' showed that he had badly broken his leg, and the leg had become infected. While some research said that there's presence of malaria in his system. Mosquitoes' fault.
If you can't agree with me that he IS handsome, wait til' you see this. His family tree.

Get it? He has the most good-looking mask than his parents, grandparents...
He ascended to the throne at the age of nine, where my little brother is still playing his toy cars.==
And and. His parents are actually the brother and sister.
Don't be surprise as this is kinda normal and acceptable in Egypt during their era.
And and and. I found another picture of him.

This is how his royal highness should looked like. Handsome, no?
You judge it.

I wanna go to Egypt. 
I wanna have a look at the Pyramid of Giza.
I wanna visit Abu Simbel.
Hmph. Let's dream tonight. :(

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Food Time! !

Holidays are going to end real soon.
Okay. Some of you might already ended your holiday. And some might not.
However, I have an almost two weeks long holiday, that is going to end by tomorrow. 
Pathetic. I felt as if I have studied nothing for this two weeks time.
The butan-2-ol enter at my left ear and ran out through my right ear.
The same goes to the alkane, alkene or whatsoever. Nothing stays.
Planned a gathering with Form5-mates and here it goes.
Seven of us, went to Takahashi Cafe at Kinta City to have our lunch.

Not forgetting, we chatted happily ever after for the past 3 hours. Girls' power.
It got worsen when there is 7 mouths talking, at the same time.
Hor Kar actually ordered a set meals for four, to be share with all of us.
With two pizzas, two spaghetti, four soups with butter garlic bread. Plus, three side dishes.
It cost only 89 bucks. Damn worth it when it is shared among all of us. :D

Yummy soup. *Yummy is not it's name though. :P

But for this butter garlic bread. It's butter-ful
The moment you lay your taste bud on it, you'll know that butter is getting cheaper these day.
As if it's free. :X

The okay-spaghetti. A little spicy but it's just, so-so for me.

The look-okay-but-taste-better-than-okay-spaghetti. Full with the aroma of mushroomsss!
I'll recommend this for the mushroom's lover. 

The Takahashi's blahblahblah pizza. 
Okay, I forgot it's name. But it taste good though. :X

One of it's side dish, fried drumsticks with some mustard sauce. 
The mini drumsticks was rather, not-so-fresh. I would say it's a chickenless taste chicken
And next.

Okay. Three of us isn't on the menu larh. But did you notice something in this picture?

It's the traffic light! :D
Alright, lame ending for today.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Because of You

I love badminton.
Because of him.

Tan Boon Heong.

I love football.
Because of him.

Cristiano Ronaldo.

I love Sesame Street.
Because of him.


I love myself.
Because of them.

M.Y. F.A.M.I.L.Y.

Monday, September 06, 2010

In ♥, with Elmo.

Damn it. Who the heck that came out with the idea of Sesame Street?
And and. Who made Elmo aliveee??
He's so cute.

He's so adorable.

And and and. He's so talented.

And not forgetting, his superb-cute-to-max voice!
As if I'm back to childhood again.
Simply ♥ it.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Conflicts deep down.

A: Go and do some revision. It's STPM, in two months time.
D: Play some games or have some rest. Too much study kills your brain cells.

A: Try your best for it. Make your parents proud!
D: No matter you fail it miserably or pass it with A's, your parents is still happy with it.

A: Stay away from computer, television and hand phone.
D: Did your check that Facebook newest Namewee's video? You should watch it now!

A: Stick your butt on the chair and study is way more better than study on the bed. It'll make you sleep!
D: C'mon. Just study with the way you feel comfort with. Study table or bed is the same.

A: Stop eating snacks. It's fattening and will distract you from paying full attentions.
D: Eating snacks would prevent you to fall asleep! More Oreo please!

A: Off that radio. Ryan Seacrest can't help you in phenylamine.
D: But you'll get to know the latest gossip! And what's new with that Paris!

A: You should sit down and study at least 6 hours a day if you wanna score well.
D: If you're born to good at it. Study nothing make you excel in your studies too.

*That's the conversation of the Angel and Demon inside of me.
I need a gun, seriously.
Either to shoot that Demon, or, to shoot me.
Any suggestions? :S