Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bi bi bu bu bu bu

Hey peeps!

Now you see me, 

Now you don't!!

p.s: It's now or never.

Signing off,

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I got my MUET speaking test today.
And I'm in the second session which starts at 11a.m.
I prepared myself well and reaches school at 6.55a.m.
Still early I thought. Went to the class. Til' I heard this sentence from my classmates,
Just bring IC and exam slip along right?
Shit!! I said. I forget to bring them along. 
It's my first time to be so absentminded.
I ran to here and there, look for help from the teachers.
At the end, Pn. Ellis allowed me to drive home again, for that dumbo exam slip.
And so I drove all way back to home. Waste petrol. :X
Just before that, went to look for mommy for house keys.
I gotta say she looks kinda shocked and annoyed to see me in my school uniform. Hehee.
I grabbed my exam slip, went to tie my shoes and.
The shoes lace split to two.

Hello? What day is today?

Monday, October 04, 2010

It's A Big Big Dayyy!!

Last week, it's Her Royal Highness birthday!!
Min Whui is now nineteen!! Gahh.
She's crazy~
 Lame too. Likes to play with her eyes, tongue, fingers and toes. :X

Emo memo min whui yo~ :X

While yesterday, it's the future mathematician birthday!!
Mun Yin is now nineteen too!! 

Once upon a time...

And she can be quite sentimental too.
Picture ini manyak jeng. :D
Last but not least, it's my dear Yi Lin birthday today!!!!
Manyak suka gambar ini. 

And the time we spent together, it's memorable.

Miss those time when we work together. :)

And how she got prank by us today!!! AHAHAHA.

Anyway, I miss you guys. Seriously.

Can I march in Sam Tet field? :X

p.s: Gathering tomorrow. WHEE. :)