Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have this man.
And he's my everything's everything.
And today, it's his birthdayyy! 

He's a pro chef.
Never failed to make my classmates to be jealous at. :)
From breakfast to full-with-loves-lunch boxes.
He made good food. Really good food. 

He's a pro cheerleader.
Never failed to cheer mommy whenever we made her mad. :X
He might not that good in doing stunts.
But he, stun all of us. :)

He's the walking wiki, for me. 
He seriously answered almost all the questions that I've asked.
Ignoring the intensity of lame-ness.
He is awesomely awesome. :D

He's the interior designer, in my family.
From my study table to the tv's cabinet.
From shoes' rack to the wooden lazy chair.
It's all made, by himself.

He's a golf addict.
Since the time when his boss offer him to work in China ten years ago.
He learned to play golf at there.
Since then, even he'd change his job, he is still having a bunch of golfmates.

He's a gourmet.
Concerned with all the fine food and drink.
He'll won't finish his food if it doesn't taste well.
Blame my grandma. She's pro in cooking too.

He's a child lover.
Looking at my little brother and you'll understand it.
Plus, through out all this year.
He never yelled at me. Not even once.

And hereby, I would like to wish my man.
Love you, love you to the max!! 

 His golfmates.
Last Christmas in Singapore with mommy. 
Few years back in Sarawak.

Well, all this finish the post of today. 

p.s: Gotta head back to Physics.
Heck. I need help. :(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I felt damn headache.
I felt so lazy to continue my study.
Not forgetting. My addiction to a Korean drama.
My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, a.k.a. My Girlfriend Is A Nine-tailed Fox.
Damn nice lorh. Even though I didn't really get to watch it episode by episode.
Blame mommy. :X
The speed she's watching it is so super duper triple quadruple fast. 
In fact, she finished it already.
Plus plus plus, the songs are super duper triple quadruple nice.
The Fox Rain is jeng. :D
The whole drama is nice.
Gotta rewatch it again after THAT STPM. :(

p.s: Only 6 of us present today. Sien. 
p.s.s: And most probably there's only 3 tomorrow. :(

Monday, November 08, 2010

Time, flies.

Okay. I guess I DID abandon this blog for some times.
Blame STPM. It's just two more weeks to go.
And I shall fight like a warrior, it's now or never.
Conquer it or let it be. The first choice would be far more better.
Hopefully there will be no regret-ment in it. Hopefully.
Somehow, I guess I have just lost that mood to continue my studies.
At this time wor.
Sei mou?

p.s: I don't wanna gg yet.

Learn to survive. Or survive to learn? 


Signing off to face my book.  :(