Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Went to the bank today. And now, I have my own card.
Which means, no more money from B.O.D or M.C.
Good? Bad? I dunno.

p.s: it's Bank of Dad and Mom's Corporation. :(

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First day!

Just started working yesterday.
Learnt so much too. It is pretty tiring but uh, not bad I would say?
Never knew there's so much to learn, since the shop isn't that big.
Got my heels damn pain too, standing for 7 hours plus is not as easy as I thought.
By the way, I got all my TEN FINGERS painted TEN DIFFERENT colours by Chu Yee.
Did I tell you that I have no nail polish remover?


Gotta prepare myself for working d.
Bye peeps. :) 

Friday, January 07, 2011

Dillema. Oh Dillema.

I have a good news and a bad news. Wonder which should be told first?
Hmph. I'll tell you the good news first.
I err, have finally get myself a job, a part time job that is.
It's a job that required me to make up. 

The bad news is, I know nothing bout make up.
I know make up is indeed important. It's not only improve the looks, confidence grows too.
See the difference?

My friends used to say I have failed as a teenage girl.
All because I don't know how to make up. What the? 
Since when it's compulsory for girls to know make up? :(
Even though the boss asked for simple eye make up, but err. How?
Trying to look for all sorts of video in Youtube. 
Xteener, Michelle Phan and the what MakeupGeekTV. 
The more I look, the more confusing I get. :(
I just need a simple simple simple one. Like this?

I guess I err. Need loads of time to practice. But I'll start working by Monday.
Eeee. I need loads of time.
I don't wanna ended up like Mr. Barrack Ovama over here. :X

Three more days to go. Bless me. :S