Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011


Struggling now.
Heard that result will be release on the 21st.
Am not that worry for it. 
Was rather helpless in choosing university.

Can't help myself to stop emo. 
Heck. Fuck.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

It's nobody but you!

Hello peopleee! It's been a pretty long time that I didn't update my blog.
Busy working out there, if you know where. Hee.
And and and. It's my 10th day working without any OFF DAY.
Damn tiring that I miss my reunion dinner with relatives. 
I didn't even have any meals with my biggie bro and he went back to Singapore already!!
Duhhhhhh. Not even 10 minutes chatting with him. My goodness. I miss him already. :(
Regret to the max!!

And and and. I got my 20th years old birthday present already. Though I'm still 19th, for now.
Hehee. It's mommy this time. She bought me a necklace.

I got so damn surprise when she said it's for me. And the promoter help me with wearing it.
Touched to the max!! It's like tears rolling in your eyes. :X
Did nag her for getting me sucha expensive present.
Honestly, it's not something I expect for. Nor I wish for. 
I would rather hope that she get me something cheaper. 

And and and. Daddy is going back to KL next Monday.
It's Valentines Day.
Mommy say daddy wanna escape from her. *faint*
But er. No celebration for Valentines means no Indulgence.
Not fair to the max! :X

And and and. I'll get to rest at this Thursday! Hehee.
It's like finally. I get to sleep til 12pm and went out with the girls.
A month, that I have not step into Jusco. 
I just can't wait to have all those girls talk and talk and talk. HAHA.
I miss my AMC life to the max!!