Monday, March 21, 2011

Naive, not.

There is two kind of people out there.
The naive and those with naive look yet a devil inside.
I would like to categorize myself as the naive one, without the naive look of course. Someone out there, targeted me as the next bullseye. Believe it or not, I was targeted by a teenager. ==
What the heck is wrong with the kids these days?
I know it would sounds a little bit OLD since I'm no longer a teenager.
But hey, I'm still not that mature to protect myself from your arrow yet, not now.
Blame my brain growth I guess. I'm not that good at tackling all these issues.
I seriously, need to talk to someone.

I need advise.
I need shoulder.
I need help.
I need you.

And I don't think I would like to compete with her or talk to her bout this issue.
Since she is the one with naive look, and I er.
Too old to be naive? FML.

Working life could be so sucks, yet thanks God I still have at least someone I could talk to. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


It's so sad that everyone is trying to save the mother nature and you're not.
To those out there, please bring your own bag everytime you went for shopping.
I came across some customers that complaint why there are no bags given in Saturday and Sunday. I know you shop a lot and so? 
That doesn't means that we MUST give you a bag unless we saw that you are bagless.
Just a single plastic bag can do the mother nature a deed. 
What for if the 50% is saving the Earth and the other 50% is destroying.
It makes no difference.

Forget is never a good excuse, that's what I learnt in school. 

So, say no to plastic bag. 

Monday, March 07, 2011


Like finally, I get myself a pair of contact lens.
It's not my style, I know it.
And the worst part?
It made me dizzy and so damn headache.
Not forgetting, my wallet is bleeding too.
Who the heck that created contact lenses!!
Screw ya!! *jk jer*