Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Colleague, a.k.a. Miss I-Know-Everything

Am here to complaint rant again. 
Read at your own risk. :)
Lemme introduce my FAV colleague, Missy I-Know-Everything.
She told us that:
I knew everything and hey! There's nothing that I dunno. 
My parents know every single Ipoh-ians out there. 
My family tree is so big that I can only show part of them.
I used to be like that too. But now I'm all grown up. Experience tell me not to blablabla.
You can't act like this you know. Or else you'll ended up like me. Last time arr, blablabla.
I think I'm more terrible/ pathetic/ cute/ or whatever it is. *As long as she gets to compare with you.
My body is so seriously weak that I have to eat antibodies everyday. It's 5 bucks per pill you know?
I have to go to the hospital once in a month to have my body check up.
I'll get sick every month. Whenever I get sick, I'll be warded. 
My mom always worry bout me, she even asked me to quit this job.
Don't you even dream of getting married to my family. You'll have to suffer one lorh. It's not easy to live with all my family members.
I'm a professional make up artist. That's what she told the customers and er, manager haven't approve her for that position yet. And she even draw a 0.5cm thick eyeliner for the customer. 
I can sing like a singer one lorh. My brother's gf trained me gah.
Aiyor, how come my sales so low one? Nevermind, I'll call my mom/ brothers to buy something from me. 

Isn't she cute?
Honestly, working with her is effing torturing. 
All the dialogues are repeated and repeated. 
FCUK, why can't you just stop showing off.
I mean, stop telling us how big and how rich your family are, how weak is your body, how professional you are, and how you know everything.
Talking about experience, you are just one year older than me. 
And yet, you think and act like a 19. Sometimes even worst, not even 17.
Am not trying to boost how mature I am but I wish there would be someone telling you this.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Rumusan :)

Here I am, again. :)
Blame my laziness, am only free by now. 
Just to summarize my working life. My colleagues.
Ini dia, Che Kee. :)
Tell her anything, she doesn't mind to help you.
Or at least she helps me, for the most of the time larh.

Next, she's our May. She know almost everything I guess. :D
She do hand massage for me, teach me make up and so on and so on. Hehee.
But, she's leaving this month. Adohai.

And the others? Chu Yee needs to study, Yi Lin lack of transport, Yvonne has some mentally problems, Yuko needs to sleep rest and er, some even escape before they started working. 

There's actually the other two. Due to some privacy issue, no pictures are allow. 
One of them claimed that she know everything too. And nothing would stop her from chasing after her dream. Sounds enthusiastic? Or is it passionate? I dunno.
And the one left er, she's a princess in her own world. Don't try to start a fire or else ended up with your ears bleeding. Did I told you she's only 17? That's the problem. Oh yea, she can't be single. Single life made her jump from Parade, that's what she told us. Isn't she cute? :)

Conclusion? FML. If the other two angels wasn't with me, I guess I have already GG-dified.
One more thing, I don't really enjoy serving customer that are forgetful. 
She made me tried all the lipstick on my hands. Yet, she failed to recall which colour is it. ==
Which made me ended up like this. 

 Handful of lipstick. :X

Monday, April 04, 2011


Guess who's here? :P
I know. I know, I did abandoned this blog for sometimes.
I don't want to. It's er, my job's fault! :P
You see, it's not easy to earn money these day. 
And er, it's not only about working. It include some socialising too.
Thus, me here, ended up spending most of time outside my homie.
Not forgetting all those drama too, with some leng zhai of course.
Get myself addicted to SHINee these day. :P
Especially Jonghyun. Geeee. 

I wish I could be the baby in there. Baby Yoogeun!! :D

p.s: Hyun is right in the middle arr. :)