Monday, May 30, 2011

Last Day!!

Just to inform you guys that the 50% off for selected items will end soon!!
*Only available in Ipoh Parade's elianto*

Currently,  Miracle White BB Cream, BB Sun Cream, BB Sunblock, Organic Hydra Intensive Mask & Serum and Fresia Eye Shadow is having promotion, which is you can get them for half price when you spend above 30 50 Ringgit!

The BB Cream cost only RM29.50 after discount. And you won't get this price after the end of this month!! Normal price is RM 59.

And you can get whole set of Organic Hydra Skincare set for RM197 only. Normal price is RM271.
The skincare set include a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer and intensive mask. 

The Natural Therapy skincare set cost only RM 82.50 after discount too. Normal price is RM 116.
This skincare set include a cleanser, toner, face scrub and emulsion.

And, you'll get a mystery gift for spending above RM 80 and RM 150.
While stock last!

p.s: i only mention part of the promotion. since im too tired to continue. please come and visit us for further information. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ads' time!

Am doing this simple ads since our lovely May complaint that there's no people request for the hand treatment available at Elianto. That's where I'm still working at. :)

FYI, the hand treatment will include some simple hand massaging, nails buffering and base coat will be apply too .

According to our beloved Nail & Hand Treatment Artist, Miss May said that hand massaging is to aid the effectiveness blood circulation; nails buffering is to clean our nails' surface; cuticle oil be will apply for a healthy growth of cuticle and nails; base coat is for a shiny ending

Well, that's a very simple conclusion that I can provide larh.
To those that would like to have their nails polish, extra money will be charge larh.

Hand Treatment only would cost RM26.
Hand Treatment with $5 nail polish finishing cost RM28.
Hand Treatment with $10 nail polish finishing cost RM30.

Lastly, this treatment would ONLY be available at Ipoh Parade's elianto.

And er, some selected items are having promotions!
When you spend above RM30, RM50

The well-known Miracle White BB Cream cost only RM29.50!!

BB Sun Milk, BB Sun Cream, Organic Hydra Intensive Mask and blablabla will have 50% discount!! 

p.s: I know this post sounds pretty funny. I myself think so too. :X