Friday, July 29, 2011

Wallet bleeding hard right now.

Went to Jusco with Huey Meing, my new partner. :D
It's my first time to walk with her. Only with her.
Sounds pretty weird, but not as weird as I thought. :D

Oh yea, we had our lunch at McD. And that's my brunch with her. :)

She ate fillet while mine is GCB. But I prefer the fries more. :D

And walk around at there. And hey! Jusco having so many sales hor?
50% here. 50% there. Huhuuu.
Shop til very syiok. :D
Bought a few tees and some accessories. Am very satisfied.
Geeeee. Too bad it's only me and Meing.
More people more fun mar. 

Gotta go now. 
Need to drive all the way back to Jusco again, get the wrong size for mommy.
OMG. I'm lazy larh. Hmph. 
Off to Jusco again. :S

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Editor? Producer?

This is horrible. Look at this picture.

Hello? I just couldn't understand why you made Kim Young Joo died?
Duhhhh. City Hunter is seriously awesome but the ending for episode 19?
Hellooooo? Should ask for my opinions when you film for that. LOL. Joking jer.
But still. Not syiok jor lorh. 
Should have make them stay til the very last episode mar.
Like this, friend friend. 

Effing curious for the final episode tomorrow!!

Eh. And it's mommy birthday on next Monday!!
But I'm still working this Sunday, it's my last day. And bossie didn't even reply my message.

Gotta let mommy nag this time.
Sorry mommy. :(

Monday, July 25, 2011

Titans Did It Again. :)

For the second runner up though. Still, it's better than forth or fifth place right? Hmph.
Here's their video. :D

Geeeee. Miss those time when we are in the stadium supporting these girls too. :D
Go! Fight! Win!
Huhuuu. That's why I'm proud to be AMC-ian an ex-AMCian. :)

And oh yea. One more week and I shall be freeeeeeee~
Couldn't wait anymore!! Was waking up with the oh-no-working-again feel. 
Even the salary isn't encouraging me to be that bersemangat. :D
See? Sometimes, money isn't everything. Stop telling me who and who is so rich.
Cause it has nothing to do with me. :)

Mommy birthday is coming soon. What should I buy for her eh?
Gah. She has almost everything. :( 
And biggie bro isn't replying my messages. Duhhh.
Jack Ng~ Check your inbox please!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Shall It Be A Dream?

People tends to wander when they have choices.
And now I'm wandering.
Should I chase after what I have been dreaming for the past few years?
Or back into the reality?

Gah, I dunno.
Gotta talk to daddy.

And hey!! In two weeks time and I'll be free!!
OMO OMO OMO. Can't wait!! 

And and, went to watch Harry today.
Did I tell you that his son is cute? He looks better than his father. :P
Just a super duper short update here. 

I miss my classmates!! I mean my ex-classmates. :)

Friday, July 08, 2011


Booyah people!!
It's me!! Again!! At such time!!
And it's the same reason again, for not updating my blog.
I'm soreee. 
*playing with fingers*  :(
But there's finally a good news!!
I'll quit working soon!! Oh wheeeeeee~Yaya, I have missed damn many gatherings already. And I can't wait to join my classmates!!
Since everyone is going to their uni soon, which mean, I must, MUST at least attend one of the gathering!

I mean my ex-classmates. I miss the girls!!!

And another thing, I just bid something at eBay.
Should receive it within these two days.
Hmph. Haven't tell mommy bout this yet, huhu.
And I can't wait for these 'SHINee THING'. *smirks*

Shall off to bed now~
Annyeong! 안냥? Or is it 안녕?

Should be the 안녕 right? :D

p.s: i'm just a beginner. :D