Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All the while.

Uni gonna start in 2 weeks time. No joke. :(
No more high school.
No more school uniform.
No more BFF with me. :(
So gotta miss all the time that I have with the girls. :(
Even though I still have some in KL, but er. Distance is sucha huge problem. ><

Must keep in touch!! ><

Monday, August 22, 2011

Steamboat night, without the boat.

Everyone is leaving.
Leaving to somewhere to study something.
And before they leave, we gathered at somewhere to have some meals and some news.
It started at 6. And the girls power made it last for 4 hours plus. Went home at 2030. :)
Min is leaving to Hong Kong by tomorrow morning.
Jo is leaving to Ireland on 0309.
Hor Kar is leaving to UK on dunno when.
Julia is leaving to UCSI. Sorry, she's now in KL already.
Kho Li is leaving to Terengganu or Pahang? Sorry, couldn't remember. ><
Kar Mun will be heading back to Sarawak soon too.
Yin Hui should be leaving to Malacca if not mistaken.
Meing is going to Taylor.
Yi Lin is going to UM.
Xinyi already left to Singapore. Not forgetting those aussies. ><
And whoever going to wherever to study whatever courses.
All the best to you guys.
And some pictures for the September, October and November babies.

The September baby, Ivy. Leaving to Taiwan in 10 days time? :(

And this fella, Min Whui. With Taffy. 

The October one, Yi Lin. And her TeukMinChul. :D
And the same day, month, year twinsy.
Meing and Kho Li.

 And the November one. Yin Hui at the middle.

Gotta miss the girls much much. :(

Monday, August 15, 2011

We both love dolls.

She's my brother's sister. :)

And he's the sister's brother. :)

And we both love dolls, a.k.a. gong zhais. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Captain A-Ma-Ri-Ca

Went to cinema to watch that movie today.
And I went with my mama. As you can see, it's Captain Amarica. :P
Not bad I would say. Love the fusion of action and romance. :D
And Chris Evans is so smexy! Prefer his role as captain than the Fantastic 4. :D
Am not a huge fans of Stan Lee but hmph, his comic is worth reading. :D
From Spiderman larh, the Hulk  larh, Fantastic Four larh and now, Captain.
How much comics did he wrote?
How much superheroes did he created?
I dunno.
The only thing I'm sure is the kids definitely like him.
He's like the father of all these superheroes. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This coming Sunday.

It's the Hungry Ghost festival.
And they are here to remind you to sleep earlier on that night. :)
Snap some pictures before I went to pray pray with mommy.

Almost 2 floor high 大士爷. 
And his assistant I guess.

Btw, I couldn't understand why is 包大人 at there.
He's sitting at the middle with 文判官 and 武判官.
I think it's time for me to do some reading about the Chinese culture. ;X

Okay. Am done with the short updates. 
Hopefully you guys won't found this terrifying. :X

Sunday, August 07, 2011

I think I know why.

Gets kinda moody now. I know it's random.
Couldn't help it. Was thinking of my biggie bro.
Our of nowhere, I felt effing sorry for him.
Yet, I'm just darn lucky to have a bro, like him.
Now I guess I know why some of them always wish to have a biggie bro.

And er, couldn't stop thinking bout the dreams too.
Maybe I'm just too stubborn? Should have stick myself to the ground.
I wish there'll be no regretful choices are made. But er, to give up even before I get myself on it?
That's definitely a no no.

Guess what that made me emo like this?

It's Neopets. Who said it's only for kids? 

Friday, August 05, 2011

Maybe she's right.

Checked my mail this morning and whoa.
I got the reply, like finally.
Was effing relieved. Ran down and told mommy.
I got the offer from UNITEN. And it's civil.
Nar. I'm one step nearer with my dream. *smirks*
Ran back to room again. Sat in front of the laptop.
Shit, now I'm one step further.
I did get the offer, just the the eyes have ignore the word: FOUNDATION.
FML. Should have apply for it before I have started Form6 then.
Went back and chat with mommy. Told her I'm going to waste one more year if I'm going for civil.
I thought she'll blast me with whatever she'll blast.
SOMEHOW, she was so cool.
Replied me, abu why people want you at their uni?
Either you take the foundation and study the civil,
Or you forget bout the dream and study something else.

I guess I will be the one who study foundation at the age of 20.
Bless me. I'll stick with the dream. :)

Monday, August 01, 2011

Imma freeman!!

At last!!
And I'm proud to show you, my little kitty. :)

Nope! The kitty that I mention just now isn't in a red dress. It's beside the red dress Kitty. :)
And nope! It's not a bear, it's a kitty. :)
She came home with me after my last day working. She can meow like other kitty too!
Much much love and sayang for her. :)