Monday, October 24, 2011


Like WHOA.
Been to the debate competition somehow, made me realize that.
I er, actually kinda childish. I mean.
The way I think. The way I carry myself.
No doubt this experience is, I dunno how to describe. Should I say it's great?
But one thing, that's for sure.
Throughout this whole week, saw how the guys prepared themselves.
I know it's not their best condition yet. Still, it's kinda fun to be part of the team. :)
And yea, we took some photos before we went back to KL.
Please bear with the kids. :D

Gotta go lerh. Headache. ><

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Off to Compete!

Will be out to Johor for 4days with the Debate Club.
LOL. Yea. Somehow they sense something in me, where I have no idea how or why they pick me.
I'm not taking part in the competition yet larh.
Still a newbie in debate wehh. And the size of the courage is too small for me to take part too.
Eeee. Still wondering like did I make a right decision.
Though I know it's kinda late to think about this right now.
And and and, hopefully I'm not too blur for them. ><
Seriously, I'm not really that into condition lately.
Blame the PD camp. LOL.
And one more thing, I'll be skipping my Physics and Maths tutorial.
Feel so good to be able to ponteng their class with valid reason! HA!
It's not I'm lazy.
It's just the way they teach failed to channel any lectures/notes/whatsoever to me.
Stuffy brain I have!! ><

Off to pack my stuff larh.
Hopefully I'll get to see them compete in final match larh.
You know what I mean right? :))

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Oops, hyperventilated again.

Like what the heck. Sorry for the rudeness, but then.
I have no idea why it attacks again.

Case 1:
I drank coffee. And I got attacked during marching practice.
Case 2:
I drank coffee. And I got attacked in the middle of Physics class. = =
Case 3:
Empty tummy. And I got attacked during the preparation of sixth form night.
And I still remember how embarrassing it was when my friends offered help.
LOL. Nothing works.

And now case 4?
I wonder, is it cause of empty tummy too?
But then when I'm in the room I'm freaking cold!
Kinda embarrassing I guess when I left my friends in the middle of practice?
Sorry guys. ><

To prevent the case 5.
I went to wiki again. It stated hyperventilation or overbreathing is the state of increased respiratory rate in a person,being inappropriately high in regard to the respiratory drive from carbon dioxide, or causing inappropriate decrease of it.
So did I exhale too much carbon dioxide just now?
Gimme a lighted wooden stick. Will test it when I have that chance. :X
*touch wood*

To be honest,
I never knew carbon dioxide is that important too.
Gahhhhh. Chemistry. Damn.

Monday, October 03, 2011

SHINee - 「LUCIFER」Official Music Video

It's like finally!! After a few teasers were released.
Wonder how's the J-shawol. Like it?
Anyway, it's still a daebak from me. :D
Soooooo love this Japanese version of Lucifer.
Both Korean and Japanese also daaebakkkk. :D