Saturday, January 07, 2012

A super duper early one!

It's the reunion dinner with seniors!!
Early not? Ha!
Due to the club traditions, I'll get to see some seniors way back into the 2005?
Tsk. No joke. And another point is, they are willing to come. Omo.
Have been in the club for about 2 months plus, about 3 months larh.
Hmph. So far so good I would say. Hehee.
Learnt a lot.
Played a lot.
Enjoyed a lot.
Even Peik said how come I'm like having so many different activities.
Anyhow, to be serious.
I'm kinda afraid of the arrival of the day after tomorrow.
Urghh. Must go through this somehow.
The more I afraid, the more I need to overcome it!
Woosh woosh! I'm giving statement that I have no idea can I make it anot.
Duh. Dumb noob.
Shall care nothing for now.
Just let it be, I think that's the best solution, for now.
so true! ><

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Not The End Yet.

Hello peeps!
Happy New Year heh!
You see, it's now 2012 already. The year-that-should-not-mention by the Mayans is now, here.
Eeee. If it's true, my lifespan would left only 1 year.
And I don't wanna die at the age of 21st! Too young to be dead. LOL.
You see, I haven't completed much of my goals.
At least, lemme finish my uni larhh.
What's the point of study till foundation then say goodbye right?
Leaving the world with a degree cert also can lan si a bit mar. :X Joking larh.
And er, my new year resolution would be er.
Succeed in studies.
Succeed in debate.
Succeed in relationship. I mean among family members one. :D
I dunno. Should be very simple but er, you know.
Without efforts, everything is impossible to reach.
I dunno. Since it's now 2012.
Lemme start my year energetically! Woosh woosh!
회이팅 코니! 회이팅!