Friday, August 17, 2012

Guys? Hehehehe.

It's been some time. It was so like so so so long time ago.
Ain't gonna say I'm sorry this time, cause er. I have said so kinda many times yet er. Not much changes?
Have no idea how long I have been ignoring this little poor bloggie but hey, I'm still here.
So far so good with my life.
Now I have someone in my life. Dare not dream too much. But er, will hope that someone is the one.
It's been two months plus to have him, still adapting with it. :P
Noob him.
And regarding my studies. Hmph. So far so oops.
As usual. It's not consistent. It's not satisfying. But I'm still slacking.
Duhh. That's one the biggest problem when you know your problem but you didn't even try to solve your problems. Aikz! Problematic me.
How about my new toys? Kay, some classmates said so.
Debate is the new thing.
And it is still a new thing.
It's been a year! And nothing improve!
I'm just can't balance them well. Am i?
Nar. Care what. Just do it larh. Ngam? ><

Btw. It's HARI RAYA tomorrow peeps!
Happy holiday and happy raya to all of you!